Artist: Red Eye

Album: St Fatrick’s Day

Source: Artist


1.J-Love Intro
2.Fuck B’n Polite (prod by DJ Qvali)
3.Drawn-n-Quartered (ft. Cella Dwellas x L.I.F.E. Long) (prod by Skammadix)
4.Step Aside (prod by DJ Qvali)
5.FigYa4LegLoc (ft. Critical Madness x Bezerk x Amiam x Illustrate x Shinobi Stalin x Tzarizm)
6.Til I Owe Nada (ft. Born Unique x Godilla) (prod by DJ Qvali)
7.7th Inning Stretch (ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq x Punchline x FT aka Fuc That x El Da Sensei x Phantasm x Nine)
8.Oh Baby Now (ft. Blaq Poet) (prod by Nickel Plated)
9.Definition of Apeshit (ft. Infinity Gauntlet x Dov) (prod by Snowgoons)
10.You Ain’t Ready (Remix) (ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq x King Magnetic) (prod by Res Nullius)
11.Never Relate (prod by DJ Qvali)
12.Click Clack (ft. Streets x Ruff) (prod by Thorotracks)
13.Hardcore (ft. Meyhem Lauren x Blaq Poet) (prod by Nickel Plated)
14.One By One (ft. Born Unique) (prod by DJ Qvali)
15.Unfukwitable (ft. Ruste Juxx x Reks x Reef the Lost Cauze x Shabaam Sahdeeq x Sha Stimuli x Nutso x M-Dot x Midaz)


It gets to a point where I could share every song off this mixtape as a single, but why not offer you guys the full picture of what it’s all about? And at this point I am just going to say it:  This mixtape is top notch.  If you want fifteen tracks that knock speakers with no filler of fru-fru material, St. Fatrick’s Day is the joint you are going to want to own.

With so many dope joints, that are legitimately all of the same caliber, it’s difficult to narrow it down to a few to discuss.  Every track here is worthy of being mentioned.  I will focus on just a few of my favorites.

Fuck B’n Polite is that ‘pull-no-punches’ joint that takes shots and names names.  Red Eye is unafraid to lyrically mix it up with the likes of crowd favorites (someone’s favorites) Young Money and Mac Miller.  DJ Qvali comes correct with a head nodding beat and chops the track up proper.  It’s unabashed and shameless, but I will let Red Eye’s verse tell it:

I know y’all gonna going to accuse me hatin’ / And I’ll accuse you of selling your soul to satan /Young Money…y’all a bunch of free agents, that wouldn’t been signed if the game wasn’t flagrant / And Mac Miller Hobbit ass / Spit a lot of trash  / Think you blowin’ up on E?  But it means he’s out of gas / Ni#&a Term cosigned…now he got a pass / Think we won’t eat his food send him broke back to class / Haul ass til the guns go blast / Someone loses an eye, now mine, I’m so brash / All wack emcees that pick up the mic / Wars on pussy bitches fuck being polite…

Unfukwitable and 7th Inning Stretch are a couple of the album’s longest cuts, but they are by no means to be considered monotonous.  They epitomize what a posse cut is supposed to be.  They both feature a grip of dope emcees and the beats are sure to snap spines.  The former (Unfukwitable) features production from Never So Deep’s Sutter Kain.  This man’s style of production is right up my alley.  He does incredible things with rock samples and makes remarkable hip hop music.   On the lyrical tip, it also features another personal favorite of mine, M-Dot.  His spittery (real word) is second to none.  But Red Eye, on a mixtape that features many indie heavyweights, always holds his own with quick wit and sharp wordplay.

7th Inning Stretch is on that ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ type steez as the organ is pervasive throughout the cut.  It’s somewhat maniacal which goes well with lyrical lunacy that occurs. Red Eye has this nice line that incorporates crucifying the competition with thumb tacks that you just have to hear.   But for now feast your eyes on it:

Don’t start to bust guns if you can’t handle the bust back / Me to you is like a crown to a dunce cap / Before you spit shoulda check the one stat/I’m undefeated when it comes to the punch rap / Fuckin’ with me, you shouldn’t done that / A hole in your throat is where they’ll find your tongue at / I’m bad news for all attempting to come back / Smoke so many emcees no wonder why my lungs black / This young cat make a hit with one track  / Nothings outta my power…crucify you with thumb tacks…

Ummm…yes, that’s all pretty unfuckwitable.

Every verse, beat, and guest spot is solid.  Truly one of the best mixtapes to drop in the last couple of years. The quotables, punchlines, and dope flows are in endless supplies.  This is a project that will fly by as you are listening to it because it is so enjoyable.   You just let this joint play from start to finish then appreciate what you just listened to.  This my friends is a MUST HAVE.

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