Nutso – Head Shot (Video)

It’s been a minute since I have heard Nutso deliver a joint like this. THIS is the kind of banger this artist was known for and I love to hear him rocking the mic this relentless. Wow. You can hear his tenacity. He’s coming for heads…and what I love is that he also produced this joint. He created a legit neck snapper here with the keys, drums, and that chorus.

I can’t wait to see how he builds off of this. Hip hop needs Nutso.

Nutso – Red Light (Video)


Nutso releases the video for his dope single, Red Light. Nutso makes regular appearances at HHD because he is sooooo consistent as an artist.  Year after year he drops straight bangers.  He and his team also have a level of professionalism when it comes to marketing their craft that not a lot of artists have.

That’s an aside.  Ride with Nutso on this video and bang this in your whip on this solemn Sunday!

Single You Out: Nutso – Red Light


Nutso releases his lead single for the new year in the form of the track Red Light.   And you know he is delivering that heat in the coldest of seasons.    These bars are tough over some high speed production from G’Sparkz.

Always been a fan of Nutso and expecting some more fire from him in 2018.

Whatson – The Cycle (ft. Nutso x Robb P x M-Dot) (Video)

Oh man a couple of my favorite emcees, Nutso and M-Dot link up over this KNOCKIN’ beat from Whatson. This production is off the Richter Scale. The drums hit with intensity and the samples are so on point they could draw blood. All of the emcees drop some true verbal insanity. The one emcee I was not super familiar with, Robb P, really impresses when rocking alongside accomplished emcees. There are lots of quotables to be had in under three minutes!

The Cycle is a single off of Whatson’s, album which has yet to receive a title but is guaranteed to smack.

Nutso – Catchin Wreck (feat. Tony Born x Kon Boogie) (Video)

I didn’t see it coming but it indeed happen. Nutso dropped his collaborative project with producer Domingo yesterday, REDSunday.  That’s great news for all hip hop fans, as I am a huge fan of both the emcee and producer.  I copped and listened to the album last night and you will not be disappointed.

This particular cut, Catchin Wreck, features Tony Born and Kon Boogie, with my man Chinch 33 on the cuts.  You want bars?  They got bars flipping over a Wu-Styled production from the legend himself, Domingo.

Go get this album!

Nutso – Block Boy (Video)

Fan favorite, Nutso, is back with a new video single for his forthcoming EP, Divided Soul, which is dropping tomorrow.   Those familiar with Nutso (and you should be if you have followed this site at all) knows that he always keeps it authentic and true to the boom bap style.   So watch him fire up the burners and put in that work!