Ty Farris – Pain For Ya Vein (Video)

Ty Farris is back with the video single for the title track to his new project, Pain For Ya Vein. And if you don’t know by now Farris has bars for days. This song is relentless in his abilities, and shows why he’s one of the most sought after features in the last few years. Definitely cop the new project along with his discog. Ill without fail.

They used to laugh when I was loungin in last but I outworked them and I polished my craft now these rappers talking about a collab

SoulRocca – Toil (ft. M-Dot) (Video)

M-Dot and company fired this video single off to me, and it’s super fresh. German production team, SoulRocca, provide and excellent and energetic backdrop for one of our favorites to sink his teeth into. I say this all the time, but the track Toil again hits this note for which M-Dot is famous. It’s that hard work infused with talent that sets him apart bar by bar from others. Love this joint.

And you can hear more from SoulRocca off their new album, In Good Company. A lot of dope features on there and you can hear the talent from behind the boards.

Dan Johns – Go Time (Video)

Some of you haven’t been around long enough, and others haven’t been paying proper attention, but Dan Johns has been doing his thing out of South Carolina for a couple of decades now. One of his tracks, Ring Rust, is a staple in my gym workout mixes. The guy is a serious talent, and we are definitely here to share that with you in the form of his new single, Go Time. That pen game is still potent!

New project out, Quiet Mind EP.