Rome Streetz x Futurewave – Bible or the Rifle (Video)

Rome Streetz and Futurewave link up for another album that I am anxious ot hear in the Razor’s Edge. Physicals went available to purchase yesterday, and next week streaming begins. I may just have to cop a CD to get the digi. I don’t think i can wait a week to listen.

Rome Streetz has an elite flow and Futurewave has composed some of the illest records of the last, let’s say, three years. This particular cut delves into the choices that are made on the street. Do you keep it on the stright and narrow, or do you make moves to make money?

Don’t sleep!

Skanks the Rap Martyr – Burn it Down (ft. U.G.) (Video)

Skanks unleashes some block brutality with the help of U.G. for his new single, Burn It Down. When you listen to The Rap Martyr get on a tear, it becomes quite apparent that you don’t want to be in the way of this man’s path. He will shame you out of existence with these bars. And this production is nice, not sure who is behind it, but the vocal sample rounds it all together nicely.

Don’t forget to peep the new album, M.O.S.T (Minister of Severe Torture).

Craig G – Let Me Down (Video)

Craig G dives into his experiences in the hip hop music scene and the music industry in general. He also relects on how music was made in past years, and what’s happened to it in these days and times. It’s a track that’s a soulful memorandum and brief insight into how our emcee feels the game has evolved and how he in turn has been treated by it.

And as always, the legend delivers…this time over a production from DJ VR.

GeneralBackPain & Flu – Zebu’s Theme (Video)

GeneralBackPain and Flu link up for a new song from a new project, Bovine Too. You get the emcees unmistakable voice and flow, with one hip hop’s best producers lacing a dark, stalking rhythm.

In all honesty, it took me a while to get into GeneralBackPain’s flow, but I have really come to appreciate his unique styling, in the same way I appreciate say, KA’s. He’s a superb rhyme writer and can’t wait to hear the new project.

Recognize Ali – Why (Video)

Recognize Ali let’s the mind spray with an assortment of questions with his single, Why. Produced by DJ Malefactor, this song has a soulful vibe, but also hit’s hard, much to do with Ali striking on a lot of key points and offering thoughtful inquiries. This artist is a beast on the mic, and this is one of his best if you ask me. He keeps on impressing. This song is a major win.

You can hear this and more when his new album, Recognize Tha Light, drops on July 30th.

BP – Gunsmoke Remix (ft. RJ Payne x E Class) (Video)

BP remixes one of the best songs from last year and this one sounds just as good, with a completely new feel. The vocal sample he uses gives this track a soulful vibe along with a hard edge. And RJ Payne and E Class drops some amazing bars on this one. The flows are are sick.

And unbeknownst to me, BP, remixed the WHOLE project and I can not wait to check that out because he’s been in a league of his own as of late with his work with John Jigg$ in addition to this.