DJ 2-Tone Jones – Buddhists on Beatties Ford (ft. J Scienide & Supastition) (Video)

I love when artists advance hip hop through creative samples, beats and rhythms. DJ 2-Tone Jones travelled to India and when he came back he had an assortment of traditional Bollywood records which he then sent out to various producers to sample from. Ill idea, right? In the end he wound up with the record, Contraband From India.

On the track, Buddhists on Beatties Ford, The Mighty DJ DR gets the nod to create something dope, and that he does with J Scienide and Supastition invited to rock the mic over this Indian infused beat.

Dope concept and execution.

Starvin B – The Wiz (Video)

Damn. Every time I hear Starvin B spit bars I am impressed. Constantly impresses. I look through and listen to his discography over the years and everything seems immaculate, but the truth is he keeps getting better and better, and with The Wiz, he shows not only can he drop those ill flows, but also produce them himself.

The ceiling is high. And you should definitely check out the album this joint hails from, Get Well Soon!

Vursatyl – Secondhand Smoke (Video)

We don’t here enough from Lifesava’s Vusratyl anymore. So when we do, we definitely want to get the word out on the new music. Produced by the legendary, Vitamin D, Secondhand Smoke, just snaps. It’s fun and funky with some really great word play. It also has an old school kind of vibe especially when Lunden Benard goes in first. This is something that is going to stick with me, and if you appreciate creativity, it should you as well.

Spit Gemz – New Scar (Video)

This video has been out for a few weeks, but it’s Spit Gemz, and it’s important to share his music whenever a chance to presents itself. This joint is off of his most artistic endeavor, Pardon My Poetry.

This man has such a tenacity as an artist, and he does it with great intellect. You can hear a microphone slaughter occuring, but inside of that carnage is amazing turn of phrase. Case in point is his Caduceus line.

New Scar is produced by Jazzsoon.

Make sure you check out his new project.

BadFellas (Frank B & The Truth) – Paint Houses (ft. Bobby J From Rockaway) (Video)

Frank B and The Truth are the BadFellas, and as we illustrated earlier this year, they dropped an incredibly dope, self titled, album. This is one of my favorite joints from the track, and the visuals are exceptionally well done. Dope bars are ample on this track, as Bobby J From Rockaway lends a sixteen to the cause as well. I especially like the grisly delivery from The Truth, as he tries to clean the competition from the walls.

Dope material…and stop sleeping on this album.

Termanology & Amadeus – Black Mask Pt 2. (ft Sheek Louch & Lil Fame) (Video)

When someone uses the term “barbarian bars” this should be the case in point, right here! Termanology, Lil Fame, and Sheek Louch spit some lethal bars over this Amadeus production which makes this one of the most savage tracks in the land for 2021. I mean…savage. This is top choice bar fest right. You absolutely can not disagree with me.

New album from Termanology and Amadeus, 360, out now and I am about 10 seconds away from copping, you should too.