DJ Enyoutee – The Power Of Words (2018)


Artist:  DJ Enyoutee

Album: Power Of Words


1. Milano Constantine – Flying Saucers produced by DJ Enyoutee
2. King Magnetic & SmooVth – Broadcasting Live produced by Haleem The GodBrother
3. Alpha Faktion – Creative Control “Re-Program” produced by Venom
4. D Strong & King RA – VLAD TV produced by Supreme Da Almighty
5. Realio Sparkzwell – Save My City produced by Plague MD
6. Zagnif Nori & King Author – Head Hunting produced by Plague MD
7. Dirt Platoon – ’88 produced by 3I’sYd
8. Rap P – Make It or Take It produced by Supreme Da Almighty
9. The Bad Seed – What I’m On produced by Tensho
10. Alpha Faktion & Starvin B – Inner Savage produced by Plague MD
11. Planet Asia, Tone Cuff, Krumb Snatcha – Sacred Math produced by Plague MD
12. I.N.F. – The Cycle produced by Plague MD
13. Reap – Who Knows? produced by Plague MD
14. Toxsicpreme Al-Amin – Shine produced by Rebelxgenius
15. D.V. Alias Khryst, Rock of Heltah Skeltah, Lord Have Mercy – Veteran Status Remix produced by DLP
16. Whichcraft – Bring The Light produced Plague MD
17. Born Unique & Milano Constantine – Destruct produced by DJ Spinna
18. UG, Skanks the Rap Martyr, King Author, Nowaah The Flood, DJ Tekwun, The Bad Seed, Zagnif Nori – Strength In Numbers produced by The Custodian Of Records
19. Planet Asia & Goretex – Return To Power produced by Supreme Da Almighty
20. L.E.O. & Last Measure – Ample Time produced by Plague MD
21. Alpha Faktion – Breaking Ground produced by Chess Pain
22. IDE – Mic Hog produced by DJ Enyoutee
23. Planet Asia – Over The Airwaves produced by Plague MD
24. Starvin B – The Flame Thrower produced by Plague MD
25. Planet Asia, Tone Cuff, Krumb Snatcha – Sacred Math Remix produced by Mr. Jack


I have yet to listen to this but I HAD to get it out there.  DJ Enyoutee started releasing some singles months ago, and I had made the suggestion that these should be compiled in some form or fashion and I was told that was definitely going to be happening.  And the Power Of Words is that thought to fruition.

I mean just look at this lineup!   There are so many ill spittas and producers on this thing you can not go wrong!  This is the kind of project that we run this site for!  Awesome lineup and technically you can get it for free.   But if you don’t put something down on a project of this nature…I am calling it right now…bitch move.

Put to the cause and support good music!

Theo3 – Double Life EP (2017)

I have yet to see anyone blog about this release, but how could you miss out on some Psycho Les production with Theo3 spitting bars?

I am not sure if you guys remember, but in 2014 Theo3, had an impeccable EP called Enticement. There was production from The Audible Doctor, SCAM, and none other than Psycho Les on that joint.

The Double Life EP builds off of that arrangement. It’s not big on length, however, it is strong in potency. Fresh rhymes and dope production are highly concentrated in these three tracks and worth the meager $3 it will take to purchase them.


Loose Logic – The Vault – Cypher Sessions (2016)


Artist: Loose Logic

Album: The Vault – Cypher Sessions


  1. Don’t Talk About Me
  2. Cold Blooded
  3. Spartans & Greek Gods
  4. UOT Cypher
  5. 10 Man Cypher
  6. A Moment of Clarity
  7. Barfax
  8. Blood Brothers
  9. C.P. Cypher
  10. Rigamortis
  11. Us vs. Everybody
  12. Breathe
  13. Not Expendable
  14. Suicide Squad


I am not sure what’s going on with The Fraternity at the moment but Loose Logic fired this off on his Bandcamp page and it’s loaded with that Fraternity business.  Every cut is a posse cut filled with nothing but bars.  There are too many artists to list and link on here so forgive me.  There are no hooks…just ill lyricism.  You have a diversity of styles from the crew that range from the gritty to the crisp.   I really enjoyed every cut.  As each joint is a posse cut, some of them are pretty long, heading past the seven minute mark, but it’s also something you rarely notice as the lyricism is so good.

Check it out.  It’s free, however, I would suggest dropping a few duckets to contribute to the cause!  Below are my two favorite joints.

Gripz – Heavens Demon (2016)


Artist: Gripz

Album: Heavens Demon


1. Only Time Will Tell
2. Angel Tears
3. Nobody
4. Broken Mirror
5. Pack Up My Bones
6. The Darkness
7. Interlude
8. Ice cold
9. Heavens Demon
10. Physcotic Thoughts
11. Fuck Your Opinion
12. Birds Eye View
13. Not A Regular Jam
14. Never Fold


Heavens Demon is the culmination of years of effort from behind the mic by Gripz.  And while the man is a prolific writer, this is actually the first full length project from the man since 2010, when he dropped Angels vs. Demons.

The time between projects was spent releasing a single here and a single there, but in 2016 the beast is unleashed.  And what you should know is that his pen game has only gotten better since he first began.  When you listen to this album you are going to experience the pain and the angst this man feels in every bar.   You are going to rock with emotion of self-doubt and then build up to the uncompromising confidence he possesses.

Gripz is an artist that needs to have his voice heard and his talent exposed.  Heavens Demon is the vehicle by which he gets that done.  Give it a listen.

The Kracken Vs. The Freestyle Fam (2014)


Artist: The Kracken x Freestyle Fam

Album:  The Kraken Vs. Freestyle Fam


1. Ready to Rumble
2. Wait For It
3. Underdog
4. Kracken Vs.
5. Knock’em Out
6. Hands Up-Bars Up (ft. Keynote)
7. Take Me Out
8. Me and The Music (ft. Ryan Brockington)
9. Go Time


I have been a fan of Freestyle Fam ever since I got a hold of their Unleashed project last year.  They showed and unbelievable array of skill on the microphone on that release, and they continue to demonstrate those skills when they link up with Grammy nominated producer, The Kracken.

Quest the Wordsmith and Mike Testa are grizzled emcees.  Don’t let the “Christian” moniker lead you into the illusion that they are not lyrical or can’t drop it heavy.  Their lyricism is intricate and rugged.  And when you combine that prowess on the mic device with The Kracken’s ability to develop head knockers, you undoubtedly have a winner here.

Make sure you check this release and check out ANY product Freestyle Fam puts out.  They are the truth!




Croup – Circles (2014)


Artist:  Croup

Album: Circles


1. Shredded Cheese (feat. NapsNdreds)
2. The Declaration (feat. Supastition)
3. Banger (feat. Animal Pak)
4. Ring Rust (feat. Dan Johns)
5. Last Hours (feat. Don Cerino, NapsNdreds, Praverb)
6. Dirt Naps (feat. NapsNdreds)
7. Brands (feat. Animal Pak)
8. Definition Of A Man (feat. TWC)
9. War Cry (feat. Dan Johns)
10. Cry Inside (feat. Animal Pak)
11. Shredded Cheese (Instrumental)
12. The Declaration (Instrumental)
13. Banger (Instrumental)
14. Ring Rust (Instrumental)
15. Last Hours (Instrumental)
16. Dirt Naps (Instrumental)
17. Brands (Instrumental)
18. Definition Of A Man (Instrumental)
19. War Cry (Instrumental)
20. Cry Inside (Instrumental)


This is not an ‘official’ review but rather a strong endorsement for you to pick up this FREE album.  Croup is a producer who is repping Germany and whose beats have found homes on several reputable emcees’ albums.  And after listening to this,  his first producer album, you can see why his productions are sought after.

Every song on this project bangs.  There are only ten (plus instrumentals), so it’s short and to the point but every song on here is a winner.  And I mean that…every song wins.

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King Syze – Union Terminology (2014)



Artist: King Syze

Album – Union Terminology


1. Intro
2. Boilerplate Language
3. Injunction
4. Union Goons (feat Lawrence Arnell)
5. Due Process
6. Grievances
7. Fruit Of Labor (feat Reef The Lost Cauze)
8. Mediation
9. Business Agents (feat Planetary and Lawrence Arnell)
10. Last Chance Agreement
11. Work Stoppage


This is not a review.  There is simply no time.  I just wanted to make you guys aware that this joint dropped.  I have King Syze’s entire discography and every album is completely dope.  It’s authentic material and I encourage you all to cop this.

2-Man Cypher – Queen City Bastards (2014)


Artist: 2-Man Cypher (Sleep x Cocaine Chris)

Album: Queen City Bastards


1. A Message From The Fans – Buzzin’ (Intro)
2. Locklandville
3. The Hunted
4. Project 48
5. Ain’t Playing With You
6. Broken ft. Koren Jackson
7. Lady In Black
8. Queen City Bullies (ft. Mike Tombs)
9. Heartless (ft. Koren Jackson)
10.First Born
11.Sad World (ft. Trademark Aaron & Nick Pedigo)
12.Top 5 (Cuts by DJ Madhandz)


The first few weeks of 2014 have been extremely slow for music, especially GOOD music.  But when I heard Queen City Bastards, I got excited.   And it takes a lot for a blogger to get excited about music because we go through so much of it on a daily basis.

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Silent Knight – Holla Burton (5 Year Anniversary Ed.)


Silent Knight release Holla Burton in 2008 and now he’s re-releasing the project which includes the instrumentals to the original twelve song.  Anything, SK puts out is worth listening to and this no different.  You’ve got production from !llmind, Analogic, M-Phazes, Jake One and DJ Vadim.  That’s some of the illest beatsmiths in the game.  It’s Christmas and this is a true gift.  I’ve owned it for a while, now it’s your turn to catch up!


1. Holla Burton Intro
2. Regular Guy (produced by !llmind)
3. Pop Culture Shock (produced by Jake One)
4. Scarlet Fever (feat. East) (produced by Erv Ford)
5. Where Is It Goin? (produced by DJ Vadim)
6. Be OK (produced by M-Phazes)
7. The Journey Continues (produced by DJ Ings)
8. The Wager (feat. 8thW1 & Fresh Daily as Charlie Brown’s Field Goal) (produced by !llmind)
9. What Makes U (produced by Erv Ford)
10. Goin’ Get It (produced by Analogic)
11. Block Justice (produced by M-Phazes)
12. Siren Symphony (produced by Erv Ford)

Download @ DJ Booth

Scuare – Alphabet Soup (2013)


This one of these moments where I am proud to live in the ATX.   There are a few dope artists in the area, but for the most part I could count them all on one hand, and then comes along Scuare.  HHD actually featured his video single, One, back earlier this year.  What struck me was of course the great production from Tom Bombadil, but also the heavy lyricism from Scuare.   I say heavy, because there is an intellectual quality about his music, but also a cadence and flow that keeps things interesting.  It’s vastly different and needed in this area.   In an era where little is remarkable and much of hip hop is standard fare,  Alphabet Soup offers a different approach to hip hop music.  And that’s what we are about here on HHD…innovation inspired in the culture of hip hop.

Now with any album I have my favorites, and here on Alphabet Soup I tend to favor the following:  One,  Gone Away, General Lee, and Recursive.   But give it a listen and see for yourself.