Tug McRaw – Bacon N’ Eggs (Langauge Arts Vol 4) (2015)



Artist: Tug McRaw

Album: Bacon N’ Eggs (Langauge Arts Vol 4)


1. Intro
2. Ride With Me
3. Im a Hater
4. So Sick (ft. MB)
5. The Real
6. Need The Pain (ft. Mani Nigatar)
7. Deal With It (ft. J-Breeze)
8. Vulcan Death Grip (ft. Chip Raw)
9. The Call (ft. L-Perfex)
10. Love Song (ft. J-Breeze)
11. Once Upon Crime Pt. 2
12. Rewind


Tug McRaw does not drop material all that often but when he does you had best take notice.  This is the fourth installment of his Language Arts series and if you have not had the opportunity to check the other efforts, now is the opportune time to give yourself a swift kick in the ass.  This guy has bars and all those intangibles.  When McRaw hits the mic, you know him by the voice, it’s that distinctive.   There really are no skippable tracks on this release (as in previous releases as well) so enjoy.


Little Vic – Loosies Collection Pt.1 (Mixed By DJ Mickey Knox) (2015)



Artist: Little Vic

Album: Loosies Collection Pt. 1


1. Phillip Morris Intro
2. The Squeeze
3. Bad Blood
4. Endings
5. Reach For The Stars
6. One More Song (ft. CP)
7. Boulevard Blues (ft. Mann95)
8. Free Fall
9. One Take Jake
10. Ash Tray
11. Pardon Me (ft. Eddie Nash)
12. Winston Interlude
13. Peace Keepers
14. Gemini (prod. by Sly Vest)
15. Mount Olympus
16. Go So Far
17. Blind Melon
18. All Work & No Play
19. Crockpot (ft. Mann95)
20. Let Alone
21. Camel Outro


While it’s been almost eight years since Vic has dropped an official album, he has turned out a mixtape or two during that time span and still remains sharp with precise lyrical wit that keeps the listener’s brain cells moving.   Loosies Collection Part 1 is just that…an assortment of songs that Vic has done in the past couple of years assembled in one mixtape and blended together by none other than DJ Mickey Knox.

And while I hope that eventually we will get something official in the way of an album from Vic, I am content to hear some new joints not heard before and excited to share them with you.

DJ Low Cut – Dusty Robbery (2013)


DJ Low Cut was the first producer we ever highlighted here on HHD and it’s only right that we continue to show our support.  This project is interesting because it focuses on the samples and music that Low Cut procured for a particular song.  Each track gets a brief reference point, so that the listener can hear the music he drew inspiration from.

This is the word from his PR Team:

As a retrospective of what DJ Low Cut released this past few years, Dusty Robbery brings the light on the dusty vinyls he dig to produce every track. What you’re about to hear is a mix of original music DJ Low Cut used and songs he did with those.

Swerve – Best Of So Far (Compilation) (2013)


This is compilation put together by a gentleman at www.no-buzz.net of the artist Swerve (kudos to you, sir).  Now I am a big fan of Swerve myself so I think this worth sharing.  He’s a really talented artist with whom the audience really connects.  I hope that you all enjoy!


1. Love, Loss, Interlude (prod. D-Rock Melodeez)
2. ‘Til The Sun (prod. D-Rock)
3. Don’t Judge
4. Yesterday’s Gone f. Co$$ (prod. DJ Mentos)
5. Wasting Away f. Ridla (prod. DGS)
6. LyfeGoes(Cycles) (Prod. Rav.P)
7. Tryna Get Paid
8. The Getaway (prod. J57)
9. True Story (prod. Ops)
10. No Lifeguard On Duty feat. Rav.P (prod. D-Rock)
11. So Many Days f. Sene (prod. D-Rock)
12. Gotta Be More(Than)
13. Rav.P & Swerve – Have(nots) (prod.Soulful)
14. I Have Love (prod. Heikki Hoo)
15. 2023 (prod. Vanilla)
16. Different Shades
17. Life, Once Again. (prod. Ridla)
18. Cold Winters, Warm Whiskey (prod. Ops)
19. Long Blue Dreams (prod. Ridla)
20. You Trippin’ (prod. D-Rock)
21. Not So EZ
22. Love. (prod. DJ Mentos)


Natural Elements – NE Definitely Mixtape (2013)


Artist: Natural Elements (A-Butta x Swigga x Mister Voodoo)

Album: NE Definitely Mixtape

Source: Web Browsing


1. Mister Voodoo ft. KA – Relax Your Mind
2. L-Swift – How Itz Going Down (Remix)
3. L-Swift x Mister Voodoo – Yes Yes Y’all (Radio Edit)
4. Nightbreed – Dark Day
5. Raidermen – Top Dollar
6. Natural Elements – I Got Your Heart
7. L-Swift – Don’t Sleep
8. Nightbreed – Who’s Spot Must I Take Now
9. Natural Elements – Wishing On A Star
10. Nightbreed – Don’t Question Why
11. 2Face – DJ 279 Freestyle Choice FM 1996
12. Natural Elements – Every Day (Instrumental)
13. Natural Elements – Life Ain’t Fair (Original Version)
14. Natural Elements – Tri-Boro
15. Mister Voodoo – Regulation Time
16. Natural Elements – Bust Mine (Instrumental)
17. Nightbreed – Two Roads Out The Ghetto
18. Natural Elements – Second Hand Smoke
19. L-Swift & Mister Voodoo – Stretch & Bobbitio WKCR Freestyle 1995
20. L-Swift – Relax (Demo Tape Version)
21. Natural Elements – Shine
22. L-Swift – Live The Life
23. Mister Voodoo – Pen Hits Paper
24. Natural Elements – By Nature
25. Raidermen Feat. Mister Voodoo – Gettin’ Over
26. Natural Elements – The Promo


I obviously missed this mixtape or else it would have been front and center on HHD much sooner.   This is a compilation of rarities that showcase the crews come up in the mid-to-late 1990s.  These are tracks that they performed as a crew, solo artists, and some guest spots.  I have been an avid listener of NE throughout the years and there are a few tracks on here that I haven’t even heard.  It’s going to make for some good listening mixed by Bad Cop.

One of the reasons that this project is being released now is that A-Butta, Swigga, and Mister Voodoo are back at it making music as a collective again. The one track they have released, All Hail NE, is truly dope and definitely bodes well for their forthcoming projects.  Really excited about this one folks so make sure you give this a listen and get yourself familiar with the crew.  They will be hitting you with some new material shortly.


OnlyOne – Cult Classic 2 (2013)



Artist: OnlyOne

Album: Cult Classic 2



No.  I haven’t listened to it all yet.  I just saw it was available and immediately wanted to share it with you.   The three singles that were released earlier and OnlyOne’s previous works alone merit that you download this FREE release.   So stop hemming and hawing and get this one on are your hard drive immediately.   I will do a more proper write up later, but for now just enjoy the music.


Freestyle Fam – Unleashed (2013)


Artist: Freestyle Fam

Album: Unleashed


1. Bar Fights
2. We Ain’t Down
3. By Your Side
4. Beauty
5. This Ain’t No Party
6. I’ll Get There
7. Beauty 2
8. The High I’m On
9. 5am In Staten
10. Sketch Art
11. True Rap


This is not a full blown review but rather a strong recommendation for you to check this project out.  Now, typically, I wouldn’t advocate a project like this.  Freestyle Fam is for the most part rocking over instrumentals from the very accomplished AraabMuzik.   I usually post original rhymes over original beats, but I am going to make an exception here.  The rhyme skill here is so good, it just can not be ignored.   I seriously believe Freestyle Fam  is in the top five percent when it comes to writing end executing rhymes.   What’s even more exciting is that they can write some of the hardest bars without cursing and with the Armor Of God intact.  That’s right.  They are Christian men who happen to rap…really, really well.  But this isn’t your typical preachy “religious hip hop”.  This is very different.   It just has to be heard…so bear witness.

I have posted their video Bar Fights on here before, but I am going to embed it here again so you can feel it, and then I want you to DL this project (above) .  You will not be disappointed.

Ayatollah – Me, Myself & Akai (2013)


Artist: Ayatollah

Album: Me, Myself & Akai

Source: Elementality


01. Talib Kweli – The Proud
02. Sean Price – Spliff-n-Wessun (feat. Rustee Juxx)
03. eMC – Four Brothers
04. eMC – Borrow U
05. Black Star – Bright As the Stars
06. Wordsworth – Evol (feat. Justin Time & Masta Ace)
07. Rakim – A Cold Feeling
08. Talib Kweli – Joy (feat. Mos Def)
09. Inspectah Deck – The Movement
10. P Dap, Matt Fingaz & Nature – The Big Hurt
11. Saigon – Do You Know
12. Cormega – Rap’s a Hustle
13. Wordsworth – Right Now
14. Mos Def – Know That (feat. Talib Kweli)
15. Ghostface Killah & Mos Def – Ms. Fat Booty 2
16. Mos Def – Ms. Fat Booty
17. Masta Ace – Hold U (feat. Jean Grae)
18. Ghostface Killah – Odd Couple (feat. Cappadonna)
19. eMC – The Grudge
20. Ilacoin, Labba & Black Rob – By a Stranger
21. Silent Knight – Verbal Assault (feat. Tiffany Paige)
22. Okai – No Question (feat. Vinia Mojica)
23. R.A. the Rugged Man – Chains (feat. Masta Killa & Killah Priest)
24. Inspectah Deck – Vendetta
25. B-1 – Put Yo’ Self In My Place (feat. Large Professor)
26. Tek (of Smif-n-Wessun) – All Massive
27. Styles P & Pharoahe Monch – The Life
28. DJ K.O. – 3 In the Chamber (feat. O.C., Torae & Kaze)
29. The Dwellas – Game of Death
30. Royce da 5’9″ – Life (feat. Amerie)
31. Corgema – Bring It Back
32. Sean Price – Jesus Price
33. Masta Ace – 2’s and 3’s
34. Tragedy Khadafi – Lift Ya Glass


This release serves to wet the listener’s appetite and get you ready for Ayatollah’s forthcoming album Avant Garde which is going to drop on March 5th. As you can see from the track listing, Ayatollah has worked with some of the industry’s biggest names.

Elementality has released this collection of songs in a continuous 40 minute mix to showcase some of the highlights from his body of the work.   My hope is that you will DL, throw it in the iPod (or like device) and get familiar or re-familiar, whichever is the case.

DJ Connect Presents “Creative Juices Mixtape”


01. Dj Connect – Intro
02. IDE & Alucard ft. Killah Priest – Deadly Fang (Remix)
03. IDE & Alucard ft. Respect Tha God – Porcelain Gods
04. Nems, I Am Many, CF, Swave Sevah, Destruments -Free Form
05. IDE & Dj Connect – 1043
06. Jise – Never Afraid
07. IDE & Alucard ft. Critical, UG – For Fuck Sake
08. IDE – Reconstruct Your Design
09. IDE & Dj Connect ft. Creative Juices – Nation Of Goons (Remix)
10. UG – Portals
11. Nems – I Get Down
12. Critical & Dj Connect ft. Little Vic, Roc Marciano – I Want It (Remix) / (Original Version)
13. Nems – Keep Bangin
14. Alucard – Loose Screw
15. Critical ft. IDE, Jise, Alucard – Surgeon Generalz
16. Steele, UG, IDE, Alucard – Grimey (Remix)

This is a yearly musical synopsis from the fam over at Creative Juices. The crew over their has been one of my favorites for three of four years now. They are always cranking out dope jams, and this mixtape gives you a taste of more than just a few of them. Again, this is a great way to get you caught up with the crew or get put on as a fan. Obviously this is mixed by the skilled talent that is DJ Connect. They have loads of great music in store for 2013 as well. Enjoy!