Critical – Quarantine (2012)

Artist: Critical

Album: Quarantine

Source: Creative Juices Music


1. Wreckage
2. Glidin’ (ft. Tzarizm)
3. Time Flies
4. A Vibe Called Stress (ft. Tzarizm)
5. Menace To Sobriety (ft. Madness)
6. The Difference


More than not, talented hip hop acts get buried under the bulk of “hip hop” music getting made these days.  Case in point, a guy like Critical, who has been making dope music for years, can fly underneath the radar while other less talented folks (who will remain unmentioned) get all of the shine.  Well, hopefully his most current release, Quarantine, will change all of that.

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Single You Out: Critcal – The Difference (ft. Tzarizm)


New music from Creative Juice’s own, Critical. The production on this joint is manufactured by Tzarizm. I love the horns on the track and Critical bodies the beat as he differentiates himself from his ‘competition’ or lack there of. This is another artist that heads need to check for off a very talented roster. This is the first single off his forthcoming Quarantine project. Can’t wait…

Red Eye – St. Fatrick’s Day (2012)

Artist: Red Eye

Album: St Fatrick’s Day

Source: Artist


1.J-Love Intro
2.Fuck B’n Polite (prod by DJ Qvali)
3.Drawn-n-Quartered (ft. Cella Dwellas x L.I.F.E. Long) (prod by Skammadix)
4.Step Aside (prod by DJ Qvali)
5.FigYa4LegLoc (ft. Critical Madness x Bezerk x Amiam x Illustrate x Shinobi Stalin x Tzarizm)
6.Til I Owe Nada (ft. Born Unique x Godilla) (prod by DJ Qvali)
7.7th Inning Stretch (ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq x Punchline x FT aka Fuc That x El Da Sensei x Phantasm x Nine)
8.Oh Baby Now (ft. Blaq Poet) (prod by Nickel Plated)
9.Definition of Apeshit (ft. Infinity Gauntlet x Dov) (prod by Snowgoons)
10.You Ain’t Ready (Remix) (ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq x King Magnetic) (prod by Res Nullius)
11.Never Relate (prod by DJ Qvali)
12.Click Clack (ft. Streets x Ruff) (prod by Thorotracks)
13.Hardcore (ft. Meyhem Lauren x Blaq Poet) (prod by Nickel Plated)
14.One By One (ft. Born Unique) (prod by DJ Qvali)
15.Unfukwitable (ft. Ruste Juxx x Reks x Reef the Lost Cauze x Shabaam Sahdeeq x Sha Stimuli x Nutso x M-Dot x Midaz)


It gets to a point where I could share every song off this mixtape as a single, but why not offer you guys the full picture of what it’s all about? And at this point I am just going to say it:  This mixtape is top notch.  If you want fifteen tracks that knock speakers with no filler of fru-fru material, St. Fatrick’s Day is the joint you are going to want to own.

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Critical – Clinical Studies (2012)

Wow. What a nice surprise this was!  I own most of these jawns from Critical, but to see them all in once place is impressive.  The man has put in work, and this project puts that into perspective.  Critical is a very talented emcee on the Creative Juices roster and has an album dropping later this year entitled, Electrical Tape.  My favorite joints are his collaborations with Little Vic which are done under the monniker, Hidden Agenda.

Check this mixtape out.  You are bound to find some interesting gems.


Single You Out: 9th Prince x Midaz The Beast – Thundercats

There were well over one hundred songs leaked in the last few weeks.  I passed on posting a lot of them because while they might have been good, they just didn’t move me. This Tzarizm produced track puts so many other of those ‘leaks’ to shame.  The drums hit so hard and the piano chords make this production beastly.  I have always been a fan of Midaz.  He puts out quality work.  He has an aggressive style and always seems like he is attacking mics.  9th Prince I am familiar with but really haven’t checked for him.  That may soon change.


IMAKEMADBEATS ft. MidaZ The Beast – The Nightlight EP (2010)

Artist: Imakemadbeats x MidaZ The Beast

Album: The Nighlight EP

Source: Bandcamp


  1. Nighlight Sunset
  2. Flyers
  3. Freedom (ft. TzariZM)
  4. Subliminal Diss
  5. Word Of Mouth (ft. TzariZM and MURDOC)
  6. The Response
  7. 7 Years
  8. Nighlight Sunset


This project was released in conjunction with the sister project, The Daylight EP, that featured Butta Verses.   Both of the projects are a prelude to IMAKEMADBEATS’ self-titled album which is dropping, next week on January 18th.   I didn’t comment on the Daylight project mostly because I was involved in the end of the year business but I also must say that I prefer the darker side of things.

The beats on this project are grimey and MidaZ is the perfect emcee to rip over these tracks.    He has the voice, flow, and delivery to turn these dope instrumentals into hip hop gold.

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Sean J – The Ego Egg Mixtape

Artist: Sean J

Album: The Ego Egg Mixtape

SourceSean J Website


  1. Lonely (prod. by Nine Six)
  2. Unstoppable (prod. by Soy Is Real)
  3. The Ode To An Assassin (prod. by Soy Is Real)
  4. Elevate (prod. by Unselftitled)
  5. Devil In New Denim
  6. Talk About (She Says) (prod. by Soy Is Real)
  7. Exhibition
  8. FTW (Big Bulge Music) (prod. by Soy Is Real)
  9. Deadly Medly (ft. Tzarizm and Midaz The Beast)
  10. Parallel (Snippet) (prod by. Mental Abstracto)
  11. The Sh*t (prod. by Soy Is Real)


I heard Some Sean J material earlier this year and I have not stopped listening to him since.  I knew this project was dropping soon but it caught me unawares when I saw the link go live earlier this week.  The Ego Egg Mixtape is a great window for hip hop fans to look through to see what kind of artist, Sean J actually is.   Lets just say he is the one with a ton of talent.   It seems with each project he shows and proves his merit.  I personally like each and every project he has put out and this one is near perfect. Continue reading “Sean J – The Ego Egg Mixtape”