DJ Enyoutee – The Power Of Words (2018)


Artist:  DJ Enyoutee

Album: Power Of Words


1. Milano Constantine – Flying Saucers produced by DJ Enyoutee
2. King Magnetic & SmooVth – Broadcasting Live produced by Haleem The GodBrother
3. Alpha Faktion – Creative Control “Re-Program” produced by Venom
4. D Strong & King RA – VLAD TV produced by Supreme Da Almighty
5. Realio Sparkzwell – Save My City produced by Plague MD
6. Zagnif Nori & King Author – Head Hunting produced by Plague MD
7. Dirt Platoon – ’88 produced by 3I’sYd
8. Rap P – Make It or Take It produced by Supreme Da Almighty
9. The Bad Seed – What I’m On produced by Tensho
10. Alpha Faktion & Starvin B – Inner Savage produced by Plague MD
11. Planet Asia, Tone Cuff, Krumb Snatcha – Sacred Math produced by Plague MD
12. I.N.F. – The Cycle produced by Plague MD
13. Reap – Who Knows? produced by Plague MD
14. Toxsicpreme Al-Amin – Shine produced by Rebelxgenius
15. D.V. Alias Khryst, Rock of Heltah Skeltah, Lord Have Mercy – Veteran Status Remix produced by DLP
16. Whichcraft – Bring The Light produced Plague MD
17. Born Unique & Milano Constantine – Destruct produced by DJ Spinna
18. UG, Skanks the Rap Martyr, King Author, Nowaah The Flood, DJ Tekwun, The Bad Seed, Zagnif Nori – Strength In Numbers produced by The Custodian Of Records
19. Planet Asia & Goretex – Return To Power produced by Supreme Da Almighty
20. L.E.O. & Last Measure – Ample Time produced by Plague MD
21. Alpha Faktion – Breaking Ground produced by Chess Pain
22. IDE – Mic Hog produced by DJ Enyoutee
23. Planet Asia – Over The Airwaves produced by Plague MD
24. Starvin B – The Flame Thrower produced by Plague MD
25. Planet Asia, Tone Cuff, Krumb Snatcha – Sacred Math Remix produced by Mr. Jack


I have yet to listen to this but I HAD to get it out there.  DJ Enyoutee started releasing some singles months ago, and I had made the suggestion that these should be compiled in some form or fashion and I was told that was definitely going to be happening.  And the Power Of Words is that thought to fruition.

I mean just look at this lineup!   There are so many ill spittas and producers on this thing you can not go wrong!  This is the kind of project that we run this site for!  Awesome lineup and technically you can get it for free.   But if you don’t put something down on a project of this nature…I am calling it right now…bitch move.

Put to the cause and support good music!

Serge Severe – The MC (2018)


Artist: Serge Severe

Album: The MC


  1. Left You
  2. No Debate
  3. La Voz
  4. Say Nothing
  5. Giant
  6. Passport
  7. What The Sayin’
  8. Spat Energy
  9. New Generation
  10. Treat H.E.R. Right
  11. Stay Alive
  12. The Vigil


Serge Severe is back in the lab making music, after a sabbatical of sorts. It’s a pleasure for all of us to see him back in the studio, doing his thing, and creating an album of this caliber. The skills and talent that made him a staple on this site for years are still evident and shine greatly on his latest release, appropriately entitled, The MC.

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Cymarshall Law – The Warning (ft. AceWonda) (Video)

I just listened to Cymarshall Law’s album, Imperfectly Perfect, a few days ago in it’s entirety and it’s really dope!  And The Warning is certainly one of the standout cuts from the project.  This production is on some old Wu-Tang type steez and both Law and cohort AceWonda do the effort justice with some pretty intricate rhyme flows and flips.  This cut and project are definitely a couple of steps above what the masses are doing.

I strongly suggest you check this project out!

Single You Out: The Cult Leaders – War On Drugs


Matlock and Dreamtek are collaborating under the new pseudonym of The Cult Leaders and they are making some great music as far as I am concerned, with their release of the single War On Drugs.  The song narrates the use of all different type of narcotics by the two emcees over this 60s (I am guessing here) rock infused rhythm.  It’s really dope all the way around.

Let’s hope we get more of this!

One Dae – Debut b/w No Daze Off (Video)

One Dae is dropping some new music and I have rocking with him since the Fire For Hire Mixtapes.  He’s always had a great flow and you can hear that in his new music as well.  He hit us with a combo deal video single featuring songs Debut and No Daze Off.

These are off his new project Words As Weapons dropping later this year.  As soon as I have a solid release date I will surely post it.

Single You Out: SageInfinite x Won87 – N.S.A.


Highlighting another dope project that just released a couple of days ago, SageInfinite and Won87’s Sleeper Cell.  The project is a gritty one the details an assortment of terrorist incidents, policies, and restrictions on personal freedoms.  I think it’s a poignant piece of work implemented with a maximum amount of dope.  Certainly, something you should all check out.

The track N.S.A. details how that very government entity has restricted our privacy and our freedoms.  It is a bonus cut that closes out the project and my personal favorite.   I hope you enjoy.

Binary Star – Saturn Rings Sad Turn Around (Video)

New video from one of two recently released Binary Star projects, LIGHTY.   Saturn Rings Sad Turn Around is both jazzy and chill but still indefinitely hip-hop, which alas, the whole point.  The overall sound of the song inebriates you almost, entrances you, but the scratching and lyricism from One Be Lo bring you back into sharp focus.  An emcee, I don’t think you could name three emcees of a higher caliber when it comes to wordplay.  One Be Lo is amongst my favorites.

PT & Fan Ran – AIRTIGHT (EAR*TITE) (2018)


Here’s some more dope that needs to be shared, and apparently it’s coming out of my hometown (Richmond, VA) which is doubly ill.  PT and Fan Ran linked up for a project AIRTIGHT (EAR*TITE) and this is a nice example of boom-bap done right.

My favorite track, IKNOW,  is incredibly fresh, and the production from Fan Ran is just impeccable.  That piano and vocal sample made a definite point with me!  And PT definitely has a mic presence that makes you feel what he’s saying.  The former even joins the latter for a dope guest sixteen.

This is definitely something to pay attention to!


Single You Out: Jarren Benton x Spittzwell – The One (ft. Demerick)


It’s all about sharing with you all the illness that I come across on my internet excursions and one thing I know from previous experience is that Jarren Benton and Spittzwell are a good combination.  Their previous body of work, Luke P EP, had some serious illness.  And when I got an email notification that they had a new project, I jumped at the opportunity to listen.  It does not disappoint.  The album is called The Mink Coat Killa LP.

The track I chose to feature is The One as it features some soul, funk, reggae, and straight hip-hop flavor.   It’s such a dope beat and Benton slays it with creative lyricism and a ferocity to boot!  Check out this project!  You owe it to yourself!