Complex Fusion – Verbal Toxin (ft. Shadow The Great) (Video)

It’s great to hear a new group of young and talented artists who are representing Hip Hop in the right way.  The three emcees who flip on this smooth production are EXTREMELY talented and they really gel.   While they have distinct styles, their mentality on the song was the same and really made a cohesive joint.

Good hip hop groups are very hard to come by and these guys from Complex Fusion can do something special.  I can’t wait to hear more.

M-Dot – Give It To Me (Official Little Planet 360 Video)

M-Dot keeps creating and innovating with everything he does.  In this industry, you have to endeavor to be different in addition to be skilled.  In this manner,  M-Dot sets himself apart by giving you another 360 degree video  on top of giving you superlative lycism.  I felt like I should throw my VR Headset on to watch this video.

The competition can’t keep pace and Ego and The Enemy drops 01/27/2017.

Snowgoons – Problems (ft. Locksmith x Skrewtape x Rite Hook (Video)

Problems can sometimes feel insurmountable but these emcees are going to take their best shot over a neuro-stimulating Snowgoons production.   Locksmith, Skrewtape, and Rite Hook each spit some bars about how the odds are stacked against them and each day can seem like a fist fight.  It’s an interesting combination of artists that create a dope and cohesive joint.

Goon Bap drops in four days…make sure you check it.


Code Nine & Purpose – When The Saints Out (Video)

Code Nine & Purpose have a new album that dropped last week, Below Sumerian Skies, that is pretty damn dope.  If you’re not familiar with Tragic Allies at this point, it’s about time you study up, and what better time than now? Purpose has produced some dope projects in the last couple of years and this is no different.  Code Nine is a very formidable emcee with intricate and clever word play.  As always, if you are feeling this cut, check the album.

Dro Pesci – From Da Streets (ft. Ruste Juxx x Nems) (Video)

From Da Streets is a new single from Dro Pesci’s forthcoming album , Groundhog Day, which is dropping on February 2nd.   And here you get what you would expect, some gritty street narratives from Pesci, Ruste Juxx, and Nems, over a beat with a piano riff created by Vic Grimes that makes you think of Halloween the movie.  Ill shit right here!


Jermiside & L-Marr the Star – Ours (Video)

It’s a Cincinnati/Atlanta connection when Jermiside and L-Marr that Star team up for the song/video, Ours.   The song to me is pretty impactful when considering the surrounding world and what has taken from people at the hands of an election, the police, etc.   This is a reclamation of what is owed to the masses.   They can’t take it all away!

New project, God Bless The Child, dropping on December 2nd.

Jake Palumbo – Exoskeleton (ft. Ruste Juxx & Tek of Smif-N-Wessun) (Video)

I forget what cut I heard Jake Palumbo rock on that made me check for him, but here he is with a new cut/video, Exoskeleton, off of his new album, Jake It Till You Make It.   This track is tough featuring heavy hitters Ruste Juxx and Tek.   I copped the album but haven’t given it a full listen, but given the strength of this cut and some of his guest shots, I am expecting a win.


Single You Out: Ras Kass – Amerikkkan Horror Story, Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

Wow. I am so glad Ras Kass dropped something with regards to the election because he is the absolute right person to articulate what happened and what this means for our country. This is not only the most powerful song of this election period, but perhaps for the last several years. He addresses the apathy of not voting in the election. He addresses the hate different segments of the population used when it came to voting. In the end, it was hate that inspired and apathy that derailed.

Trump won with less votes than McCain and Romney who both lost, so blame yourself when your Civil Rights get fucked off!

Claim to be the beacon of the world, Liberty’s Flame, you just a nation of bigots, we should all be ashamed.