Single You Out – Marlon Craft – Empathy

I was searching through someone’s Twitter feed for something and I came across this artist, Marlon Craft. There was a picture of him rocking’ a crowd and I thought I would check him out. I am left considering him a force to reckoned with. HIs style is really different and the production he uses has a very jazzy vibe. I think he is a unique talent to be sure. Check out the rhymes on this track.

Token – Doozy (Video)

Token is back with another single showcasing that same creativity and skill that made him an instant favorite here. There are so few artists capable of this level of song, that I can speak enough to the talent. And that creativity isn’t just shown in the song, but the video has got A LOT going on with it as well. Very entertaining.

Album Review: M-Dot – egO anD The eneMy (2017)

Artist: M-Dot

Album: egO anD The eneMy


  1. Intro
  2. Dreamscape
  3. Foreign
  4. Days Are All The Same
  5. Chrissy
  6. Nomads (ft. Krumbsnatcha)
  7. The Empathy
  8. Gleamin’ (ft. B.A.M.)
  9. Give It To Me
  10. Fugazzi (ft. Jaysaun)
  11. No Excuses
  12. Shine (ft. Method Man and Dominique Larue)
  13. Meow Mix
  14. True Lies (ft. Camp Lo and Tribeca)
  15. Reliant
  16. Death To Raquel
  17. 911


It is no secret around these parts that M-Dot is a much respected name. We feature nearly all of his music. But it’s also been a minute since he has released an album and in the end it’s time to take account, because creating an album is a much different endeavor than dropping singles or mixtapes. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

But in the end, M-Dot, met and exceeded expectations with egO anD The eneMy. The album remains potent from track one to track seventeen. There is no “fluff”. There are no trivial skits. There are no weaknesses to be found in the music.

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Single You Out: Illmac – Second Wind (prod. by Chase Moore)

Illmac and Chase Moore team up again and release abounding goodness with the single, Second Wind. And forgive me, but if Illmac needed a second wind, he didn’t show it. He has been killing the game. And if he has gotten a second wind then the rest of the industry should be put on notice. This song is something else. If you are blessed with a nice day today, roll the windows down in the whip, and ride to this. This is certain dope!

Single You Out: Jonwayne – Ted Talk

Jonwayne has received a lot of acclaim from hip hop fans but admittedly I had never heard him. I think this will change after hearing this track, Ted Talk. It’s clearly hip hop inspiration coming at you. The track is not only dark and sinister but exceptionally interesting with the breaks, scratches, and different tones heard through out. Wayne, with a conversational style, actually sounds like he could be on stage giving you, well….a Ted Talk.

The album Rap Album Two is dropping next Friday. I am going to check it out.

Single You Out: Superior – Mastermind (feat. Verbal Kent)

Superior is a producer who is dropping an album on February 17th, entitled The Journey. He has dropped a slew of singles and I haven’t featured them as much as I should so let me share this Verbal Kent joint with you. You can hear that gritty boom bap in his production with the heavy drums, and vocal samples. And Kent is a natural over such productions, channeling the master plans of characters such as Walter White. Really good stuff.

Jigmastas – The Resurge (Video)

The Jigmastas made their long awaited return to the hip hop scene last year and it really was a sight for sore eyes. DJ Spinna and Kriminul have born witness to the deterioration of hip hop over the course of the last decade and heading back to the frontlines to provide the “resurgence” needed. Spinna always provides a smooth and eloquent production featuring pianos and horns, while Kriminul blesses the mic with his distance voice and fresh delivery.

This is what the game needed! Check out their album, Resurgence, NOW!