Asun Eastwood x Finn – Soul’s Mystery (Video)

New video from the ever prolific, Asun Eastwood and producer Finn. Eastwood has been grinding at a torrid place when it comes to creating dope music, but this has a different feel to it. An elevation, where producer and emcee are in perfect sync, fused together for this track. Finn layers the track with various samples lead by a guitar, while Eastwood finds next level comfort in the cut, as his words pour from the music. Really feeling it.

This song is from the duo’s just released project, The S.O.UL., and I am about to check the complete project at some point today. You should too!

Single You Out: Moemaw Naedon x Calig Contra – Witches Sabbath

A dark banger from Moemaw Naedon and Calig Contra! I like the dark synth that cascades up and down through the track. It gives the song a ‘demented’ type of vibe that I am sure the artists were going for on here. The bars are equally slanted to the dark side, and along with Lord Goat, these emcees sound good in the element.

This is lifted off the forthcoming collaborative project, Cult Theatre, due out June 3rd.

CashUs King – GLORY (feat. Jeff Johnson II) (Video)

I’ve been fan of CashUs King since the days he was putting out projects under the name Co$$. I’ve always been infatuated with the flow. The man is just so fluid and in command of his prose. The songs almost sound like natural conversation. The track Glory has a gospel and spiritual element to it as King and Jeff Johnson II liberate some bars to keep the listener uplifted.

Single You Out: Dray Yard – Designated Marxmen (Dango Forlaine x Ronnie Alpha x Iron Lungz x Cochise MC x Primo Jab)

This track is mad nice! I love what Dray Yard did with the production here. The drum pattern with the staccato strings is the perfect backdrop for the bars that Dango Forlaine, Ronnie Alpha, Iron Lungz, Cochise MC, and Primo JAB spit. Each emcee really drops sixteens in strength. There are no weak bars to be found here!

This track can be found on the forthcoming project, Rugged Gems Made By Rusty Razors, Book II

Single You Out: Prozack Turner – Always End Up Hurtin

New single out from Prozack Turner as he touches on relationships and heartbreak. It’s laced with a little bit of soul, and emotion, and a whole lot of skill. Anyone who has loved and lost can appreciate the vibe. I sat and reminisced on a few relationships while rocking this song. Good music…and the following sound advice.

“…never fall in love with potential…”

Revalation & GoD iLLa – I Been (ft. M-Dot) (Video)

A super fresh cut from Revalation and GoD iLLa’s collaborative project, RevILLutionAries. First and foremost, I LOVE this beat from L.O.B. Super dope vocal sample and those drums just knock. Secondly, the lyricism is undeniably potent! Both emcees are dope wordsmiths in their own right, and then you have M-Dot leading off with with his unmistakable sixteen. It’s a great cut on the merits of the music alone, but the video element, really just makes the track fun, and adds an extra entertainment value.

I copped the album but have yet to check it, but if this track is any indicator, it’s chocked full of all the ill stuff we have come to love!

Single You Out: Wrecking Crew – Poets That Last

The Wrecking Crew has a compilation project dropping on June 4th, called Steel’s Kitchen. This is the first offering from that project. PremRock and Curly Castro (ShrapKnel) are joined by Zilla Rocca on the mic as their bars intermingle with an abstract production from DOOF. This is not for the faint of heart, so put your listening caps on for this one!

RedRum – Mark of Da Beast (Video)

RedRum is back with a new video single for their upcoming project, The Messiah Complex, which is due out on May 14th. And they are spitting flames from the dark underbelly of the streets on this new single, Mark of Da Beast. The two emcees will go to any lengths to stop anyone who stands in their way. Nickel Plated is on the boards providing dark ominous shadows. There is a terror on the loose…cop it next week!