Pawz One & Robin Da Landlord – Sell Me A Dream (Video)

Pawz One & Robin Da Landlord lace us with the visuals for the title track to their new project which dropped last Friday.  The project is dope in it’s entirety,  and as a matter of fact I am working on a review for it, because of how much I enjoy it.

Listen to the drums Robin Da Landlord uses for the backbone of the track?  If your head is not snapping back and forth, I am not sure what to tell you.   This track is the embodiment of what hip hop should be.   And the dream here, truly is hip hop articulated in it’s purest form…and that’s what happened on their latest effort.

Single You Out: Nomadic – Quite Like This


Who possibly isn’t going to like this joint here?   Nomadic channels the Golden Era of hip and drops more than just a little gem here.   He has crazy flow and lyricism and when you combine this beat which is reminiscent of Pete Rock, you have audio gold.

I can tell from listening to just half of his album, The Journey, that Nomadic is a super talented artist and someone we should be watching out for in the future.   But for now, enjoy his present endeavors.


Left For Dead – Buzzard (ft. ILL Mascaras) (Video)

Left For Dead is the re-emergence of west coast emcee and artist, Capitol I-Man.   Hip Hop heads are going to remember Capitol I-Man as part of the group The Mexakinz.  And what we find here with this new song, Buzzard, is that even though it’s been a long time between projects, his lyricism remains sharp.   It’s a party, and don’t you dare be a buzz kill.

New project, Company Head Change, is available as both physical and digital.