Coal Cash – Unsung (2017)

Artist: Coal Cash

Album: Unsung


1.Narcolepsy (The Cosby Effect)

2.Cure and Maintenance (Priests of Baal)

3.Lord of the Flies (Robots prt3) Feat. Ayedeal

4.Skinner Box (Saturn’s Cube) 04:41

5.Unsung (hero) 03:36

6.Need To Believe (Kline Bottle) 03:55

7.Whatever Dreams May Come (Birkeland Current) Feat. Tabs One (Taboo)

8.Illusions Of Reality (Schrodingers’s Cat) 03:05

9.Spoils Of War (Sept 23??) 04:07


These days I only speak on albums, that in turn speak to me, which necessitates bringing up Coal Cash’s latest album, Unsung. It has been out since August and I just couldn’t let it go any further. This album is too good to not feature and highlight the talent that lies therein.

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Single You Out: Pete Sayke x Longevity – Hole In My Pocket (ft. Selina Carrera)

Every once in a while you hear an album that makes you want to shout from on high about how good it is and here my friends is such an album.

Pete Sayke and Logevity’s new joint, Heaven Can Wait is a soulful, clever, and engaging release. My favorite track features songstress Selina Carrera and a real smooth flavor that I can listen to over and over again. I hope to be able to feature more music from the album, if not do a full review in the near future.

Single You Out: I.N.F. – Bad Blood (ft. Coal Cash x Taboo)

This track just goes! The sample that is used for this song is nothing short of brilliant. It turns out that it was a song used off of The Walking Dead by Allison Mosshart and flipped to perfection by producer Edd Bundy. And then you’ve got guest bars from Coal Cash and Taboo. Ill bars. Ill production. And that can be said for the entirety of I.N.F.’s most recent album, Bourbon Barrel Bordello.

Check this project out. I am a fan!

Single You Out: Godilla – Sheep (ft. Mister Voodoo)

It can be said that another mainstay on Hip Hop Dependency is the emcee, Godilla. He always pumps out a premium product with solid rhymes and a keen ear for beats. He also has an uncanny tendency to link up with some ill emcees. On the track, Sheep, you have him connecting with Natural Elements’ emcee, Mister Voodoo aka AGU.

The production is ill with snapping drums, coupled with a piano, and spaced out rhythms. The lyricism is impeccable.

This track is found on Godilla’s newly released EP, Cerveza, which is a collection of loosies. But let me tell you, everyone of these tracks goes hard and you will not be diasspointed.

Single You Out: Words Hurt – World’s Worst Life Coach

First, what a great name for a song! Really great and fun concept throughout the cut’s execution. Emcee Alaska’s life changing advice in the form of rhyme grace a deliberate pace and soundscape set by producer Lang Vo.

You could be the man with my plan for success…”

Life hacks from Words Hurt…pay attention and check out the complete project, Soul Music For The Soulless, which just dropped.

Single You Out: Rock Mecca – Killa (ft. Vast Aire, Mach Hommy & Kool Keith)

Here’s the second single from Rock Mecca’s forthcoming project, Ironworld, produced by Jake Palumbo. The track is distinctly different than the first single, Gladiator School. The vibe is a little trippier and spaced out which illustrates some of the diversity that we will hopefully see in the full project. Guest verses come courtesy of Vast Aire, Mach Hommy, and Kool Keith.

Ironworld is due out in December.

Single You Out: Solo For Dolo – Powdered Toazt Man

I’ve been waiting for some new Solo For Dolo material to make it to me and here we have it the form of his new album, Last Call For Apathy. The track Powdered Toazt Man has an understated funkiness to it. And Solo For Dolo, may not have been someone on your radar before, but he should be a rather large blip at this point. This guy has flow for days and I can point you to several projects that indicate that over the years, but why don’t you just check this song and then his most current album offering.

Single You Out: John Jigg$ – Pull Up

Here’s some new hype music from John Jigg$. The production from DJ Six3one is uptempo and almost feels like something you could hear at club. I can definitely see this song rocking a party or something to get your evening going.

Jigg$ has a natural ease about him when he rocks the mic. Everything just meshes perfectly in his flow and when mixed with the production, it makes this track a high energy endeavor.