Single You Out: Seven Oddities x B.B.Z. Darney – Sidearmz

Here’s another squad that’s been putting in under appreciated work, Seven Oddities. The team is a conglomeration of unique emcees from different localities with unique skill sets. It all seems to come together over yet another B.B.Z. Darney banger. And if you don’t know it by now, you may never know, but Darney is an elite producer and he’s produced the entire Calamities project. Definitely get acquainted with that, but also check on their other releases. The discography runs deep with dopeness.

Single You Out: D-Rev – Just Me (prod. By B.B.Z. Darney)

I needed to get another project out there for the masses to check out and what I have here for you today is a sampling from D-Rev’s project, Dirty Capital. The project is produced entirely by the amazing B.B.Z. Darney. The beats and music are impeccable and D-Rev is an extremely skilled lyricist who speaks on the evils of greed. On this cut, Darney utilizes somber strings, guitar, an ill sample from Eminem to create his part in the play where Rev illustrates why it really boils down to …Just Me.

Check this album…I guarantee you will love it.

Outpatient – Animal Crackers (Video)

Yeah. Let me put you on to some dope music from this emcee, Outpatient. I was a bit incredulous at first glance but was quickly relieved of my doubts when this guy began to spit. I can’t say that his voice is very distinctive, but that flow is very memorable. He packs an incredible lyrical punch. His entire album is really dope with top notch production, so check out Ascended Basterd now.

Single You Out: DJ Low Cut – De Ja Vu (ft. Rasheed Chappell and Soul The American Dream)

DJ Low Cut just dropped his second album, Dead End, on Friday. And let me tell you, this was all it was built up to be. The production bangs throughout the project, and each guest spot is impeccable to me. Some of my absolute favorite emcees are on this joint.

This cut features the oft requested Rasheed Chappell, as people avidly are requesting a second album from this emcee. His flow and voice are so distinctive in a genre that often lacks that element. He implements intelligence and message in his every bar. And this beat from Low Cut showcases everything…the horns…the vocal sample…the guitar…the drums. You get the full repertoire here

Single You Out: Ohkang & Stryfe – Gunz

Ok. This is one of those times where I am using a song to put you onto some great music. This is not a single that was released by the artist, but it’s too dope not to share. First off, Stryfe, has such an impactful voice and well woven lyricism that you simply have to pay notice. His word play here puts the spotlight on violence and guns. He does it with such a level of complexity, you have no choice but to be impressed with the gift. And Ohkang’s production is equally is brilliant. The vocal sample just transports the listener.

If you dig this song…check the EP, Double OT Buck. you are going to love it.

Oak Lonetree – Spiffy (Video)

Here’s an interesting track from Oak Lonetree. Spiffy sounds like one of this bare-bones jazz joints but with superlative lyricism. The production is actually handled by Mister Jason which really makes sense when considering it’s uniqueness. I am really feeling what they did here. It’s different and in a good way. It’s also pretty addictive. I am not sure if I’ve heard something in this vein before. Really solid work. In this day and age it becomes harder and harder to innovate.

I have on my radar to check out Lonetree’s new album, Bully Mammoth, which just dropped yesterday. I hope it’s as illy as this single.