Interview Series: Taboo – Question 5

Taboo is back with the fifth part of our ten part series, this time going in on his writing process and how he constructs his bars.   The man is just so gifted as a writer.  He has the ability to make you think, set the mind adrift, and get you contemplating.  He also has the penchant for just delivering you raw and unfettered destruction.


Interview Series: Taboo – Question 4

We are back to continue our video interview series with Taboo.  Here we are on question number four where Taboo goes in on the things that challenge him as an artist.   Enjoy, we are going to be completing this discourse  over the course of the next couple of weeks so enjoy.

Also enjoy this track from his Bookowski project!  We didn’t go into this particular project for the purposes of this interview but there is mad depth to be found there.


Single You Out: DJ Zid – Frequently (ft. Awon and dkay)


I LOVE this EP from Switzerland’s DJ Zid, called Shadows.   It’s only a few tracks long but there is so much dopeness packed within.  Finding producers who can articulate that jazzy hip hop flavor are just a rare breed, and Zid just laid an impactful claim to that role.  I mean this EP is perfect.  It’s a 10 out of 10 in my opinion, but this cut featuring Awon is an absolute favorite.   Just a GREAT song from the production to the chorus.  I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

N.B.S. – Where They At (ft. Onyx) (Video)

Where They At is the Onyx featured track on N.B.S.’ new album, SwissVets2.  This is a great natural pairing as both groups have a raw flavor about them.  I copped the album on the strength of the duos strong discography but have yet to hear it in it’s entirety.

This track is subtle when it comes to the production but all ruggedness when it comes to these bars!  Fury!

M-Dot – Ricochet (Video)

M-Dot jumps on the mic over this superior production from Whatson out of Germany.  The two have collaborated on a couple of occasions before and you can really see the mutual appreciation in the craft  they way emcee and producer go hand in hand.  DJ Access on the cutz pushing this song to the penultimate.  Other emcees are served an eviction notice for not paying their dues!

This song is coming off of Whatson’s forthcoming album which has yet to be named but we should all be checking for it!  More information will be passed when I know.

Benny – Man Of The Kitchen (Video)

Who is hotter than Benny right now?  If you can name him, then I am listening.  He just has the “it”.  Flow with realism on lock plus a good ear for beats makes him one of the top artists in the game right now.

This short but dope track is the solo joint from the collaborative project with 38 Spesh, entitled Stabbed & Shot. The production is handled by Chup The Producer.  I highly recommend.

Single You Out: Ill Conscious – Capital Investements (ft. DJ Grazzhoppa)


Here’s a project and artist that needs to be mentioned in the form of Ill Conscious and his lates venture, The Prerequisite.  The flow on this track, Capital Investments, is nothing short of lyrical surgery on the track.  Conscious’ wordplay on this tracks sophisticate with lots of noteworthy lines.  Plus, DJ Grazzhoppa is on the cuts, and when he is involved on a track, you know his touches are going to put it over the top.

This is a standout cut not only from the project, but for the year thus far. Check it out!

“…fascinated with catching these bodies like necrophilia…”