Pull The Fuckin’ Trigger – Until It’s My Time To Die (2018)


Artist:  Pull The Fuckin’ Trigger (Sutter Kain x Donnie Darko x Apollo Valdez)

Album: Until It’s My Time To Die


  1. Moments OF Death
  2. Cocaine Rap (ft. Sutter Kain x Danny)
  3. Nigh Vision
  4. Power
  5. Raw Rap (ft. Sediztikk)
  6. Jedi (ft. Lavar Ave)
  7. New Jersey Drive Pt. 3
  8. Trigger Music (ft. Taino)
  9. Knights Of Doom (ft. Taino)
  10. Pull The Fuckin’ Trigger (ft. Taino)
  11. Until It’s My Time To Die (ft. Sutter Kain)
  12. Slums (ft. Sabowtaj)
  13. Street Poems (ft. Sabowtaj)
  14. Bloody Snow (ft. Rhythm Writers)
  15. Everyday Stuggle Pt 2 (ft. Mike Sanders)
  16. Cocaine Rap Hanover Remix (ft. Charles Clear x Kaot Kraftsoff x ATRX)
  17. 2004 (ft. Conway x Black & Dirty White)
  18. Street Tales (ft. Jakk Frost x Black & Dirty White)


I have always been a fan of Never So Deep Records.  So much so, that they even have their own category on this website.  But 2017 was a very quiet year for the team musically.  Actually it could be said the last couple of years it seemed that there was little music making coming from the camp.  As they resume crafting the music that have endeared themselves to so many fans across the globe, it was important for the team to make a big splash in 2018.  Hence we have the collaborative effort from Sutter Kain, Donnie Darko, and Appollo Valdez, known as Pull The Fuckin’ Trigger.

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Single You Out: Cage & 2Ugli – Eye for an Eye (prod. Trillian)


Here’s something new from 2Ugli’s bandcamp featuring someone I hadn’t heard from in a long while, Cage.  The track is produced Serbia’s own, Trillian, and he is lacing the two emcees with some deep darkness.  DJ Danetic on the the cuts.  I hope you guys enjoy this treat.

Single You Out: Apathy – The Order (prod. by DJ Premier)


Apathy is back with his third single, The Order, from the forthcoming album, The Widow’s Son, which drops on March 2nd.  This time he is backed with that prometheus type fire from the one and only DJ Premier.  Demigodz and the gawd unite for some serious man business.  It’s a great union, as Ap sounds really fluid over the legend’s production.  If you aren’t looking forward to this project, then you probably aren’t welcome here.


Single You Out: DJ Rybe – Ambrosia (ft. Code Nine and Smoovth)


Here’s a new DJ Rybe produced track featuring rhymes from Code Nine and Smoovth.  The resulting product is definitely some head not effect.  Rybe gets the horns blowing  and the emcees put in some excellent work.   Not sure if this is off of an future project, but I hope you checked out Rybe’s Channel Zero from early last year., as that was some serious dope.

Single You Out: ArtOfficial – Back On My Sh*t


It’s been a while since I have heard from ArtOfficial but I had all of their previous releases and know how dope they are.  The new project, Doers & Didn’ts, might be their be best music to date.

My favorite track from the project is the jump off, Back On My Sh*t.  It’s a true head nodder accompanied by a thick bass line, some flute, and a jazzy chorus.  The rhymes are also full of flavor.  You are not going to want to miss out here.

…these slumbering giants sleep lighter than you think…

True hip hop!

Jamo Gang – Welcome To The Golden Era (Video)


Ras Kass, El Gant, and J57 are giving the kids a glimpse of the Golden Era on their latest single from the incredible Self-Titled EP.  Remarkably,  the project is available for FREE.  I mean, I would have bought this project like five or six times over, so the fact you get it for free should speak volumes.

This project is impeccable.

Single You Out: Cloud City Projects – Menace (ft. Try Bindope x Revalation x Bunsen) prod. by Bast.The.1

Cloud City Projects - No White Flags

Here’s a single from Cloud City Project’s album, No White Flags, which has been out for a couple of months now and remains exceptionally ill.  If you love that hardcore boom bap, this is going to be right up your alley.   This beat is like street gospel right here and all of the emcees really deliver the goods on the quality of bars, plus you get that EMS flavor when Revalation knocks out his sixteen.