Ugly Heroes – Daisies (Video)

Ugly Heroes release a video for the track Daisies, from their much vaunted album, Everything In Between.

The realness in this song, this album, and this group, really relates to people.  There is such a human element to everything they do.  They are humbling and at the same time motivating.  As a listener and a fan they always inspire me especially during difficult times.




Ras Beats -Wit No Pressure (ft. Roc Marciano) (Video)

Ras Beats just released his dope producer album, Control Your Own, on Friday.   Wit No Pressure, featuring Roc Marciano was the first single from the project, and it makes sense to make it the first video.

Everyone I have talked to about the album thinks very highly of this album, including myself.  It has really deep production and features some uniquely dope talent on the mic.

I suggest you check it!

Eff Yoo – Chinese Super Ninjas (ft. G.S Advance,Skanks The Rap Martyr and Spit Gemz) (Video)

So I have a post with Spit Gemz today and one with Skanks but why don’t we tie them together with this cut from Eff Yoo and Rediculous’ album, The Eff Word.   Chinese Super Ninjas is a dope posse cut that also includes bars from G.S. Advance.

There’s a really good mix of bars and styles on this cut, but my favorite line comes from Skanks:

…I never served time, I always made my time serve me…

Man, I like that wordplay.

Skanks and Endemic Emerald – Trouble (ft. E Class Wright)

Skanks and Endemic Emerald are doing their part as artists to address the brutality that is plaguing the United States currently as we hear of countless stories where police are acting indiscriminately with deadly force in the black community.

What I like about this video is that it was done with a lot of thought and the message remains prevalent throughout the music.

This is a video single from the collaborative project, Rapsploitation.

Spit Gemz – Al SweearenGemz (prod. by Junior Makhno)

Man, this song is tough, and even takes on a new appeal with video.  In this way you can see Spit Gemz expressions while spittin’ his ridiculous wordplay over this Junior Makhno beat.

You can find this dope cut in two places, Spit Gemz released, Godly Features, and Makhno’s recetnly released, Clandestinity.  Now all we need is a fully collaborative project between the two because this track sounds so good!


Slant – I’m Still Good (ft. J-Tronius and L. Bean) (Video)

Slant from the Heddshotts crew has a new single in prelude to his album, MCMLXXXIV, which is due out on July 19th.  If you are a fan of that boom-bap, then you are going to want to pick that up.  Slant has put in some serious work over the years with the crew, and it’s time to shine.  This song combines a little soul with a little rugged…so feast on that.

Single You Out: Red Pill – Fuck Your Ambition (ft. P.O.S.)


Red Pill (Ugly Heroes) has got a new project, Instinctive Drowning, that has a release date for late August.  Fuck Your Ambition, again has the listener seeing life through the lens of Pill.  So all you strivers and motivators…you can stuff it.   It’s Pill’s unique take on ‘ambition’ that really gets those thoughts moving.