Grand Tapestry – 2 Sides (Video)

This video has been out for over a month now, but I am just now getting familiar with the Grand Tapestry collective (Eligh, Alam Khan, and Salaf Nader), and this song is so artistic and really beautiful.  Eligh and the team have created a sound unlike any other and this song is an amazing testament to beautiful molding of genres.  At this point, it’s rare to see something different in hip hop.  Sure we love the boom-bap…but there’s not too much different going on.  This is not just different…it’s dope.   The cello…sarangi…tell a much needed story along with Eligh narrating the duality of man.  There is a devil on the left…and an angel on the right.

Check the album if you love this song as much as I do!  I am making my way through it now.

Loose Logic – The Vault – Cypher Sessions (2016)


Artist: Loose Logic

Album: The Vault – Cypher Sessions


  1. Don’t Talk About Me
  2. Cold Blooded
  3. Spartans & Greek Gods
  4. UOT Cypher
  5. 10 Man Cypher
  6. A Moment of Clarity
  7. Barfax
  8. Blood Brothers
  9. C.P. Cypher
  10. Rigamortis
  11. Us vs. Everybody
  12. Breathe
  13. Not Expendable
  14. Suicide Squad


I am not sure what’s going on with The Fraternity at the moment but Loose Logic fired this off on his Bandcamp page and it’s loaded with that Fraternity business.  Every cut is a posse cut filled with nothing but bars.  There are too many artists to list and link on here so forgive me.  There are no hooks…just ill lyricism.  You have a diversity of styles from the crew that range from the gritty to the crisp.   I really enjoyed every cut.  As each joint is a posse cut, some of them are pretty long, heading past the seven minute mark, but it’s also something you rarely notice as the lyricism is so good.

Check it out.  It’s free, however, I would suggest dropping a few duckets to contribute to the cause!  Below are my two favorite joints.

Single You Out: Serge Severe – Shots Fired (prod. by Zapata)

Serge Severe and Zapata reunite once again to add a classic hip hop touch to their social commentary.  The country is at it’s most divisive point in the 21st Century and the fellas are here to lend some perspective to it. Zapata and Severe have always been an amazing combo.  I appreciate their past collaborations perhaps more than any other recent partnership.  They just sound so in sync.  This soulful landscape along with truly poetic observation, make this cut one to hear.

Single You Out: K-Hill – The Ride (ft. Precyce Politix)

a2647373492_10K-Hill is back with some new music rocking over a production from D.R.U.G.S. Beats.  There’s so much dope content packed into just over two minutes from both Hill and Precyce Politix.   Check out just a segment of these bars. The Rolling Stones reference is so on point.

When your people try to tell you  that your time’s up, it’s ego pain / Hoping years of writing for y’all weren’t done in vain /  And promoters don’t want to pay you but they rape your brand / Then they talking shit about you because you force my hand / When you disrespect your own, how you taking shots at Macklemore? / One cultures’ trash is another cultures’ opens door / Only genre with an old school category / Jagger gets the money Keith Richards getting gory

U.G. (Cella Dwellas) – The Mystic (Video) 

Well after waiting approximately three years, today was the day that U.G. (Cella Dwellas) and IDE released the magnum opus, Portals.  I honestly thought this project was never going to drop.   So today I am proud to spread the word on something amazing! Portals is an incredible endeavor in the crafting of boom-bap.

This video is just the tip of the iceberg for what you have in store when you cop this album.  The lyrical diversity of U.G. and IDE’s sterling production make this a must have.

Slim One – Respect My Name (ft. Lil Fame x Termanology) (Video)

Slim One invites ‘Fizzyology’ to rock over a banger.  I mean there is some serious english put on this cut.   Everything is done emphatically on this track…the production and the bars put down by Lil Fame and Termanology.  It’s all top notch.  It was dope enough to make me pre-order the album, Ready For Whatever on iTunes.

Single You Out: Cloud City Projects – Guilty (ft. Don Streat x Gatsby The Great x Revalation) (prod. by DJ b-Able)

This is an instant hit!  The beat by DJ b-Able is one of the finest productions this year.  The way he works in the soulful hook and the samples makes the song feel like a mesh of soul, blues, and boom-bap.   The verses by Don Streat, Gatsby The Great, and Revalation are the proverbial dynamite.  Rev in particular has some serious zingers in his verse make this track a monumental eulogy.


Blaq Poet & Comet – Granite (ft. J Hood) (Video)

New video single for Blaq Poet and Comet, Granite. ,  featuring J Hood.   The cut is off of their project, Mad Screwz, and is produced by Astronote.   If you know anything about Poet and Comet, you can already assume, before hearing the track, that the joint goes hard. These guys don’t craft anything that doesn’t bang.  No weak shit allowed.

Check the album.

Single You Out: Gotham Green – No Hard Feelings

Gotham Green has been featured here numerous times, but it has been a minute.  As a matter of fact, it has been two years since he has dropped some new music.  But he truly hasn’t lost a step which is noted on this new Don Korto produced track, No Hard Feelings. The track’s tone is casual, yet definitive.  Green is back but he’s not here to join the parade, he’s here to continue to carve his own path.

Don’t sleep!