Body Bag Ben x Planet Asia – Heavy Metal (Video)

Yep. Planet Asia. You say the name and with 100 percent assuredness it’s going to get a post here. The man does no wrong. And he keeps on rolling, project after project, and collaboration after collaboration. Here he links up with a pretty prolific artist in his own right, Body Bag Ben, and they proceed to make some menacing music with the single, Heavy Metal.

They have a new project out as well that you should be checking, Heist The Crown.

El Gant – Roar the Lions (Video)

El Gant’s new project, O.S.L.O., drops on this coming Friday and has all the trappings of being a tremendous listen. You have razor sharp lyricism and complete control of his bars. He is able to change cadences and pace effortlessly, all the while launching salvo after salvo of dopeness. It’s on full display here on Roar the Lions, in which producer Motif Alumni takes you to church and DJ Grazzhoppa chops up a new religion!

I’m a one man fight song….

And that sounds about right!

Single You Out: Maze Overlay – Hardbody Arts (prod. by Slang Hugh)

Maze Overlay coming on strong in 2022. His latest album produced by Farmabeats, AZTECAZ, is some straight fire. And on Hardbody Arts, prod by Slang Hugh, he picks right up where he left off. He has a really nice flow that you can really appreciate over this rhythm that just snakes through your eardrums. Overlay is one to watch from here on out, really showing his talent for the world to see.

XP The Marxman – Paint Pictures (Video)

XP The Marxman is on quite the run dropping projects and appearances on the regular and with strength at that. Because why would you do it any other way. From a blogger standpoint, you can just feel the wave getting bigger and bigger for him.

With that said, I love this joint from Pacific Standard Time Remix album which snuck past me and I need to cop as soon as possible. I love this J.Rocc rendition of production. The scratches on the chorus are super dope, as they interact perfectly with the bars our emcee is dropping.

Maze Overlay – Death Valley (Video)

If you are not up on this new project from Maze Overlay, AZTECAZ, you need to stop what you are doing right now and go cop. I feel pretty strongly that everyone needs to give this a listen.

I first caught wind of the project when I head FARMABEATS was lacing the production. And not only did he lace it…it’s his best production to date in my mind. All of his projects are great quality but this is that premium special blend that you only break out once a decade. Vintage.

And Maze Overlay impresses thoroughly with his gritty, yet clever wordplay on top of those ominous beats. And in this case Death Valley is just the tip of the ice berg.

Mic Bles x Level 13 – Chronicles Of Death (Video)

Flames track from the collaborative efforts of Mic Bles and Level 13, with cuts from DJ Mysterons.

Chronicles Of Death is the certified boom bap flavor. These drums snap and Mic Bles delivers the goods bar by bar. And those scratches make this track close to perfection. Lots of skill showcased on this track including the GI Joe video flip by MIDIchlorian

Saints With No Halos drops on October 10th, so be on the lookout.