Dan Johns – Go Time (Video)

Some of you haven’t been around long enough, and others haven’t been paying proper attention, but Dan Johns has been doing his thing out of South Carolina for a couple of decades now. One of his tracks, Ring Rust, is a staple in my gym workout mixes. The guy is a serious talent, and we are definitely here to share that with you in the form of his new single, Go Time. That pen game is still potent!

New project out, Quiet Mind EP.

Rasheed Chappell – Narcan (prod. by Little Vic) (Video)

Rasheed Chappell and Little Vic linking up once again for their video single, Narcan. “This is more than just art, it’s arson”. Chappell summarized this cut in one line. He stands a man apart with his music, not settling in with any particular trends, and gimmicks and just giving you that raw, yet polished work. And the chemistry with Vic is unquestionable as these two have rolled out a pair of sonic triumphs.

Album, A Portrait Of, drops on December 9th.