Check The Discography: Reks


I have been a fan of Reks since I first heard the album, Along Came The Chosen.  He’s  a real man, a real emcee, who is creating real music.   There are no smoke and mirrors.  There’s no fancy cars and glamorous women in the videos. There’s no flashing of the cash.  When the game changed, Reks remained true to himself and the foundation of hip hop.  He kept on doing him and making music for those who could appreciate that. He’s worked with some of the most renowned producers and illest emcees.  In return for his great musical contribution, HHD wants to repay the favor and highlight his illustrious career thus far.  This Check The Discography is  for a man who is more than deserving.  So Reks, we salute you, your work, and all the energy you put into it.  As a fan, if you don’t have any of these albums, or mixtapes, make sure you do yourself a favor and cop these.  A couple of things before you start clicking: The majority of these releases are sold in online stores, so please follow the links and support the man.  Secondly,  Happy Holidays was released as a mixtape almost a decade ago and I can find no working links so if you have access, holler at me.  Lastly, the link to the Rekless album is to CD Universe where you can only buy the physical album for approximately $60.00.  I say go for it!

R-1672654-1263470299  R-1773750-1242456822img_1_prR-1407684-1268650453R-1688085-1237008948R-2155166-1268093560

R-3668644-1339606861-6445REKS CD_DP_ RLX_6 panel center trayREKS-In-Between-The-Lines-Volume-2R-3844162-1346612446-7429reks-revolutioncocktailAll Eyes on REKS



Check The Discography: The Narcicyst

The Narcicyst is one of the most relevant artists in hip hop right now.  As a good portion of the world shudders at the terms ‘Muslim’ and ‘Arab’, The Narcicyst embraces his heritage and attempts to dispel stereotypes and misconceptions.  He addresses today’s issues in speaking engagements, books, and not to be forgotten…music.  Never to be lost in the mix is that The Narcicyst is a gifted emcee.  He couples socio-political view points with ill lyricism.  He is one of a very few who continues to use hip hop as a vehicle to reach and teach the masses and his work really bares mentioning.

He has a lot of material, much of which is offered for free on his blog, Iraq Is The Bomb.  I have also put these releases all in one place below so that you can check them out.  Previous to a solo career, The Narcicyst was in a group called Euphrates.  The group released two projects, A Bend In The River and Stereotypes Incorporated.  I have included those as well as they are out of print and impossible to find for sale.  His self-titled album from 2009, and best work to date, is available on Itunes and that link is also included.  Please click the album or mixtape you are interested in so that you may download or be taken to a link to purchase.    If you have a question about something , don’t hesitate to ask.

Here are a couple of videos that I really enjoy.  The first one is for P.H.A.T.W.A. which is one of the most poignant political and social commentaries set to music. Hamdulillah is the second video and shows you the many faces of Islam.  Both are excellent visuals for extraordinary songs.

Check The Discography: Has-Lo

It’s time to feature another artist’s discography and who better to showcase this month, other than Has-Lo?

In my mind, it’s originality and his introspective nature that allows people to connect to Has-Lo’s music but what people may not know is how much music the man has available.  You can find these releases strewn across the web (most of them on his bandcamp site) but I thought I would showcase his body of work here for you to easily check them out.

Also, many may know Has-Lo as the accomplished emcee but may not be aware of his various production credits.  Here you can listen to his original production and some of his remix work.

As is always the case with these ‘Discography’ posts.  I am not intending to post every track Has-Lo has ever been on, just showcasing his major works!

Some of the releases below are are offered for FREE download and others are purchasable.  Bottom line is support an artist like Has-Lo who really embodies the spirit of what hip hop is all about.  Also feel free to connect with Has-Lo his social networking sites:

Tumblr         Twitter        Facebook

Check The Discography: Chaundon

For this rendition of ‘Check The Discography’ I wanted to highlight the releases of one, Chaundon.  Chaundon has been hard at work on his craft for quite some time and I don’t think that effort gets the recognition it deserves.  Chaundon cut his teeth in this hip hop game much the same way Skyzoo and Torae have, as they are his contemporaries.  He has been incredibly resilient in a very hostile industry and continues to craft ‘his’ music the way ‘he’ wants.   His albums and mixtapes are sure to appease even though most fickle of hip hop heads.

My personal favorite album is, No Excuses.   That album is chocked full of big beats and personality.  In terms of my favorite track…I am going to go with 7even off of Black Dynamite.   That is such a creative track in which he lays out the Seven Deadly Sins as his children.  Really dope!  So check his discography, give it a listen, cop the albums you want, and raise your glass to the man, Chaundon.

Chaundon-ATG-By-the-WayThe JammingtonNo ExcusesBlack Dynamite's RevengeBaby Making MusicBlack DynamiteAmbitions Of A WriterThe PrefixCarnageVenomLive From The 718


Check The Discography: Emilio Rojas

I haven’t done as many ‘check the discography’ segments as I would have liked and was thinking which emcee has put in a lot of work that people would like to get their hands on. I came up with the prolific, Emilio Rojas. The man has undergone a few name changes and a new crowd may not be up on his older material. I am a big fan of this NYC artist and thought some other people might feel the same way and like to check out some of his earlier work.  Unfortunately, the only way to here the album, For Good, is if you want to pay $40.00+ for the import CD at CD Universe. My apologies.

Emilio has another mixtape/street album, Breaking Point, dropping before the end of the year.  He has already released a few singles from that joint.  Also, he and producer M-Phazes have an album that dropped earlier this year under the name Phaze One.  Unfortunately that album is only available in Australia on Itunes.  Here is the link if you happen to be Australian.

(Last Updated:  September 25th, 2013)


Check The Discography: E.M.S.

There are just a few collectives out there that put out consistently dope hip hop.  E.M.S. is one such collection of artists.  This group of artists out of  Massachusetts have put out an incredible amount of material and I wanted to give the readers an opportunity to give some of these releases  a listen.  A big shout out to Rev from E.M.S. for compiling all of these releases.

I have personally heard 90% of these albums/mixtapes and I can attest for their dopeness. Now, remember,  I wasn’t trying to put out every mixtape or guest shot these artists have ever been on.  This is just their own releases.  Please enjoy this late holiday gift…





Strick 9


Explizit One


Seven Soladin

Check The Discography: Leedz Edutainment

I awoke this morning to Leedz putting it in the air via Twitter that eight of the albums/mixtapes put out on his label were being offered free.  I am assuming this is a recent development, though I could certainly be wrong.  I know I paid good money for them and now you can DL some of them without spending a dime.  These releases are chocked full of dope beats and raw lyricism.  You are going to find something among the collection that you will love.  Heck, I love most of them.  My favorites of the bunch are  Rite Hook’s A.ssume D.amage and the Write Off Mixtapes Vol.1 and 2.  You will see tons of guest shots on these releases, including Slaine, Amadeus The Stampede, Reef The Lost Cause, J The S,  Ill Bill and many more.  I realize this is not an ‘artist’ discography so to speak but I wouldn’t sleep on this  collection if I were you!  Also, make sure you remember to drop some dollars on one of these artist’s shows or retail products if you like what you hear.  It’s essential to contribute financially when capable.    Meanwhile, enjoy….

You can click the cover of the particular album you wanted to check out and be linked to the Bandcamp site where you can stream the music to see if it’s for you, but for my part it is a no brainer:  Pick them all up!

The Write Off: Volume Two Cover ArtUnforgivable Blakness Cover ArtFear Of A White Muslim Cover ArtThe Write Off: Volume One Cover ArtSacred Defense Cover ArtMass Movementz (The Album) Cover ArtThe Trump Card Cover A.ssume D.amage Cover Art

Check The Discography: Cyrano aka Cy Yung

This is a new series that I am launching.   With all of these free downloads (no one is complaining) being offered from so many dope artists sometime releases get lost in the shuffle.  I can think of several artists off the top of my head that would fit in this category.

(Disclaimer) Check The Discography is not meant to be a comprehensive look at an artists’ breadth of work.  It is meant to give you an idea, and level of appreciation for what these artists have done and allow new fans to get in contact with older material.  I can not look for every single track forever this category will represent available and downloadable Mixtapes/EPs/LPs

I find it fitting that our first entry be Cyrano aka Cy Yung.  He just released The Bayou Blue project a couple of weeks ago but overall it seems like the man is relentless.  He continuously puts out dope music.  I need to give a shout out to Khal over at the Rock The Dub for putting me on to this artist.  I am an avid reader of  Rock The Dub and thusly I am now an avid listener of Cyrano.  Most of these albums/mixtapes can be found over at Rock The Dub but I have compiled them in one post for your listening pleasure.  If you are asking me my favorite.  Soul Train Dancer:  A Tribute To Rosie Perez.  Just click the artwork to download that particular release and enjoy.