Heem Stogied x K-Sluggah – Back From The Dead (2018)


Artist: Heem Stogied x K-Sluggah

Album: Back From The Dead


  1. Polish Meth
  2. Nightcrawler
  3. My World
  4. Just A Reminder
  5. Errbody Wanna Rap


Here’s some really dope material from the combination of emcee Heem Stogied and producer K-Sluggah.  All five of these songs are certified head-knockers and being that the project is free, you should have no objection to copping.  But I would strongly recommend making a donation because it’s really fire!

M-Dot – Before The Enemy Compilation (2016)


Artist: M-Dot

Project: Before The Enemy Compilation


  1. Finish
  2. Smooth
  3. Shine (ft. Method Man, Dominique Larue, and Katy Gunn)
  4. B-Sting
  5. True Lies (Remix) (ft. Camp Lo and Tribeca)
  6. The Rea & The Raw (ft. Jaysaun)
  7. 123 Flow
  8. You Don’t Know About (ft. Masta Ace)



While we all eagerly anticipate M-Dot’s album, Ego and The Enemy, he has released a teaser project once again showing the assortment and diversity of talent.  This is old hat for us here at Hip Hop Dependency, but I am sure there are more than just a few of you who will appreciate these dope eight tracks.

You can see the company he keeps on some of these tracks and let me assure you, he was never out shined on any of these cuts.  I hope you all can appreciate that talent as much as we do.

Stay tuned for more information on the album!

Skeezo – Fouls And Free Throws (2016)



Artist: Skeezo

Album: Fouls and Free Throws


  1. Ice Cold (ft. Juxx Diamondz)
  2. Gun Talk (ft. Masai Bey)
  3. Still Stuck
  4. Between The Lines (ft. Mic Handz and Shabaam Sahdeeq)
  5. Heavy Reign (ft. Napoleon Legend x VVS Verbal)
  6. No Seeds (Venom Remix)


It’s really good to hear some new sounds from the man Skeezo.  And to compliment the fact that the man drops dope music, he is releasing these six songs for free.   If you are not familiar with this man’s talent, now is the opportune time to study up.  Skeezo’s always dropping those tough bars and his choice of production continues to be impeccable.

There are lots of great guest shots on this project as well, but no one is going to outdue the host, bet on that.  Check out the tracks below:

The AbSoulJah & Ugly Tony – Sketched In Outlines (2015)

Ugly Tony

Artist: The AbSoulJah x Ugly Tony

Album:  Sketched In Outlines


1. Thoro Freestyle
2. Get Well Soon
3. Come On
4. Wonder Why
5. War Of The Mind
6. In Between The Lines
7. The Mood
8. Tomorrow
9. Father N Sun


This was a little bit of a surprise to see this project released.   But I am always game to hear some new AbSoulJah and with Ugly Tony on the boards I knew it was going to be better than just a solid project and it is.

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Memphis Reigns – Barangay Captain EP (2014)


Artist: Memphis Reigns

Album: Barangay Captain EP


1. Agnes In Wonderland
2. Gluesticks
3. Button Hook
4. Stephen Jawbs
5. Burn
6. Agnes In Wonderland (Remix)
7. 5 Minutes To Midnight
8. Fam Bam


Yes!  For real…we have the latest project from Memphis Reigns up for your downloading pleasure!

Memphis hit me up out of nowhere with this link for the Barangay Captain EP over the weekend and needless to say I am ecstatic to be able to bring this to you guys.   Memphis has been putting this project together over the better part of three years.  He’s obviously got a lot on his plate being a military man with a family, so consider this project a blessing as it very well may not have seen the light of day.   A few of the tracks we have featured here previously and they were all beyond dope.   My favorite off of this album is still the Agnes In Wonderland Remix.  The beat and the content are unrivaled.  We all deal with addictions in some capacity and the way he puts that in perspective is simple special.

The new tracks are Button Hook,  Burn, Five Minutes To Midnight, and Fam Bam.   You will not be disappointed in the least with the quality of those new sounds.   Memphis continues to lace a variety of  dope production with his outlook on life.

Definitely get this!

Curtessy x The Militia – Expectations (2013)


Artist: Curtessy x The Militia

Album: Expectations


  1. A New Day
  2. What It Seems
  3. One (ft. Khrysis)
  4. Emcee
  5. Expectations (ft. Wally Left x Rome Clientel)
  6. The Lifestyle (ft. MidaZ The BEAST)
  7. All My Life
  8. South Central (ft. Pro Logic)
  9. Aint No Love
  10. End Of The Day


One thing that I have learned for certain in 2013 is that The Militia is an elite production outfit.   They concoct some raw and innovative boom bap for artists, in this case, Curtessy to spit over.

Expectations is an interesting title for this album, because not really knowing what Curtessy was about, I really had no expectations for this release.  But as it turns out, with this release, he’s starting to set those expectations with this release.  And he sets that bar high.

The project of course features spine-snapping drums and soulful rhythms from The Militia but also a very driven Curtessy.  It sounds like he is a man who has been doubted before.   But on this release, he shows that South Central emcees can come with the lyrics too.  He got the nice wordplay but it is derived from his real life experiences and what’s what makes this joint special.

Expectations on the whole is dope but some of my favorite cuts are One, the posse cut Expectations, and All My Life.  These three cuts illustrate the incredible production from The Militia and Curtessy’s complete repertoire.  Give this project a chance and become a fan.

OnlyOne & 9DM EP (2013)



This EP is probably flying pretty low on the radar but I am about to bring truth to the light so to speak.  Anything OnlyOne puts out gets posted on the regular here on HHD.  We also featured 9DM here a couple of years ago with his collaboration with Lawz Spoken,  You’ll Never Be Famous.  That project was impressive.   This one is equally so.  It’s short, sweet, and FREE.  You’ve also got dope production from Hippie Sabotage and Chase Moore.   OnlyOne and 9DM are vets in the battle scene and they bring that combative element to their music as well.   Their lyrics do not compromise and they hit opponents and listeners the same…mercilessly.  The two soundlcoud singles are below although my favorite tracks from the project are the last two:  Robbed A Bank and Stole A Car.   The production on those songs are exceptional.  

If you enjoy Sandpeople music or are a fan of these artists on the battle circuit you should download this.  You can get it HERE

SGT. Over – School Of Hard Knoxx (2013)


True to my commitment to post more projects on HHD (minus the lengthy review) I bring you the newest EP from SGT. Over, School Of Hard Knoxx.  This project is short coming in at under 15 minutes but it’s really meant as a teaser for what is yet to come.   What that is, is his forthcoming album, Big Music, from which we have already showcased cuts featuring, Ras Kass and Ransom.  That album is going to be fully loaded and will drop in early 2014.  But in the meantime enjoy this moment in time produced by Knoxx.   The whole thing is certified but I am especially feeling the track, Sarge.  That one really sets the tone for what I think SGT Over is about.

AG Da Coroner – Crushed Grapes (2013)


Artist: AG Da Coroner

Album: Crushed Grapes


1. Welcome To My World
2. Problem (ft. Lord Nez)
3. Not Gonna Cry
4. Ghetto Love (ft. Lord Nez & M. Reck)
5. Luca Brasi (Sleep)
6. Stars Are Born (ft. M. Reck)
7. What We Have (ft. Meyhem Lauren)
8. Live From Cheeta (ft. Lord Nez, Nutso, Spit Gemz, Realm Reality & Termanology)
9. New York Never Left


I saw AG Da Coroner make comments on Twitter a few weeks ago suggesting that some underground fans didn’t like Crushed Grapes because it wasn’t all just “hot bars”.   I couldn’t fathom it when I read it, so I feel obligated to set people straight.  This project is full of not only  top notch bars, but also production, guest shots, and content.  There’s really no other way to put  it.  I have never heard the Coroner make anything remotely soft or borderline and to suggest this project is less than stellar seems sacrilegious in the house of hip hop.

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Theo3 – Enticement (2013)


Artist: Theo3

Album: Enticement


1. Clouds (w/ DJ Riccachet, prod. by The Audible Doctor)
2. That’s Why I Came (w/ DJ Grouch, prod. by Psycho Les)
3. Outlive, Outshine (prod. by SCAM)
4. In A Heartbeat (prod. by Phat Tony)
5. So Mind Your Bizness (prod. by SCAM)


It’s amazing what you can do with a mere five tracks.  Theo3 was an unknown emcee to me prior to three months ago.  Now, with just the work of those five tracks, his music and sound is ingrained in my mind.   That’s what we shall call a deep impact. 

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