Single You Out: Maze Overlay – Hardbody Arts (prod. by Slang Hugh)

Maze Overlay coming on strong in 2022. His latest album produced by Farmabeats, AZTECAZ, is some straight fire. And on Hardbody Arts, prod by Slang Hugh, he picks right up where he left off. He has a really nice flow that you can really appreciate over this rhythm that just snakes through your eardrums. Overlay is one to watch from here on out, really showing his talent for the world to see.

Single You Out: King Ralph – Vietnam

I don’t think enough people talk about King Ralph in the music biz. Everything I hear from him as an artist is really dope. So here I am trying to shed light.

I have elected to share the track, Vietnam, from his recent album, Fuck Babylon. It’s short but he takes this bass line and just runs it for a little over a minute. His flow and wordplay are spot on and I hope people start to see this skill level.

Check out his most recent and past project if you are an unbeliever.

Single You Out: Lunar Heights – Immortals (ft. Casual)

This is definitely a track that should garner more attention across the board. Lunar Heights teams up with Hiero legend, Casual, over some sonically special production from Reverb.

Casual is one of those emcees who just sounds timeless. He sounds just as good today as 1994. And he demonstrates barbarian bars on this joint. But Lunar Heights members, Spear Of The Nation and Jern Eye each drop some truly spectacular verses. Very impressive on every level.

A joint that every hip hop head can enjoy.

Single You Out: Old Man 80zz – Gunsmithz (ft. Phat Kat x Asun Eastwood x Recognize Ali)

Damn this is one of the toughest joints of 2022 with Old Man 80zz on the boards lacing lava rocks. The drums and vocal sample set a perfect stage. And the emcees, Phat Kat, Asun Eastwood, and Recognize Ali all show up in a big way with their bar work. Asun however really stands out to me. His flow with this beat has such a vicious sound. Tell me I am wrong. This record gets maximum rotation.

Single You Out: Eto x Futurwave – Poetry Is Dead

This is another great collaboration of talents when Eto and Futurewave link up for the track, Poetry Is Dead. The two artists seem tailor made to work with each other. The song is just over two minutes long with the first half dipping into spoken word, a segue, and then the second half going into more of a traditional hip hop flow.

There is something very fluid and almost ethereal about this track and proves that the power of music and the word is still very much alive.

Single You Out: Apathy x Stu Bangas – No Time To Waste (ft. Jadakiss)

A heatrock from Apathy and producer Stu Bangas coming off a forthcoming project. No Time To Waste is ominous. The strings that Stu Bangas puts to work on this track are damn menacing, and made more so with Apathy’s razor-sharp lyricism, and bar work from guest emcee Jadakiss. And his last line, “funerals on zoom” was definitely a way to close out a track. Mic dropped.

This is a favorite.

FRD FRLN – Street Disciples (ft. ft Joe Clark & DJ Spictakular) (Video)

Some new dope shot over from producer Endemic Emerald regarding a new project he has coming out featuring emcee FRD FRLN. Street Disciples is that melodic street dope for your headphones that features guest bars from Joe Clark, and scratches from DJ Spictakular. Got some pretty clever bars intermingled on this track with that raw hip hop feel.

“feng shui with gunplay…flip your couch turn your living room into a runway”

Definitely something to check for. Thoughts Illustrated dropping on September 23rd.

Single You Out: Brando Bambino x Pyramid Tapes – Maxell (ft. Hus Kingpin)

New dope from an unfamiliar artist, Brando Bambino. Teaming up with producer Pyramid Tapes and receiving an accomodating verse from Hus Kingpin, Bambino impresses with this single, Maxell. The first thing you will fall in love with from this track is this organ driven production from Pyramid Tapes, coupled with the catchy chopped up sample used in the backround. That cumulative sound really drives the the uniqueness of the track. Bambino and Hus each deliver strong, yet contrasting lyrical performances.

Definitely worth checking out their forthcoming album, Bandito, which is dropping on August 12th.