Blaq Poet & Comet – Granite (ft. J Hood) (Video)

New video single for Blaq Poet and Comet, Granite. ,  featuring J Hood.   The cut is off of their project, Mad Screwz, and is produced by Astronote.   If you know anything about Poet and Comet, you can already assume, before hearing the track, that the joint goes hard. These guys don’t craft anything that doesn’t bang.  No weak shit allowed.

Check the album.

RUC aka MR. QB – Catch Your Drift (ft. Blaq Poet) (Video)

This is street mercenary music!     I love this beat.  I am not sure who is responsible for this production but the shit is tight.  (Someone let me know who I can give his due!)  The other part is that RUC and Poet drop a pair of dirty sixteens that will bring even the most uppity of suburban dwellers down to the street level.

Album from Ruc coming soon…


Single You Out: DJ Tray – Fire Power (ft. Saigon, Blaq Poet & GQ Nothin’ Pretty)



Fire Power is an appropriate name for this song.  The beat, samples, and scratches all add the appropriate level of intensity for these gritty emcees.   Saigon, Blaq Poet, and GQ Nothin’ Pretty all bring their unique styles and voices to the track and leave an indelible imprint.   There is an updated version of the track that adds a verse from King Magnetic and that will appear on DJ Tray’s forthcoming album, BWTG.

Blaq Poet – Looking For Trouble (ft. Vinnie Paz, Chino XL & Spit Gemz) (Video)

We dropped the single for this cut not all that long ago.  Blaq Poet now releases the video which is a montage of a variety of flicks to reflect the verses of the song.    There are too many scenes to list.  The song of course stands on it’s own merits.  You can’t go wrong in having Vinnie Paz, Chino XL, and Spit Gemz on your track.   That’s a win every time.   Blaq Death is slated for a November 12th release date.  Make sure you check for that.


Single You Out: Rediculous – Iron Fist (ft. Blaq Poet)


This song hits like, well, and Iron Fist!  Rediculous really shows his chops on this beat.  He’s got an ill bass line and some neck-snapping drums as well as some excellent chopping of the samples.  And what about Blaq Poet you say?  When have you ever hear Blaq Poet come remotely weak or soft?   When this man touches mic he’ going for the jugular.  This is that banger you have been looking for.

Blaq Poet – Looking For Trouble (ft. Chino XL, Spit Gemz & Vinnie Paz)


This is an ill lineup!  Blaq Poet enlists a true army of microphone beasts for this track with Chino XL, Spit Gemz, and Vinnie Paz.  You also get Vanderslice to provide the banging rhythms.   When they talk about tough tracks, this will go among the toughest.   Blaq Poet’s new album, Blaq Death, is slated for an October arrival.