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Single You Out: Kool G Rap – Running (ft. Termanology and Saigon) (Prod MoSS) (Video)

Who better to echo the codes of the street than the one and only Kool G Rap, Termanology, and Saigon? Everyone is gunning for the spot…for your spot. So stick to the protocol, ya dig? This song is tough. MoSS has got the horns blowing and the drums a snapping on this joint.

There’s so much more from G Rap, and you need to check out his album, Return Of The Don.

Nasty P – No Tellin (ft. Reks x Ed O.G x Termanology x Akrobatik) (Video)

Nasty P out of Scotland has assembled a who’s who from the Boston Hip Hop Scene for his track No Tellin. The stairwell in this video has never seen so much illness! This is one of those tracks that just goes. The beat is hype and the cuts on the tables are precise.

If you look at this lineup you know you are going to get an intense lyrical salvo. Ed O.G. drops this line with Chechens and Russians that should keep even the most ignorant heads up on global dynamics.

If you are feeling this track, Nasty P has an EP out where this track is featured. There is also a remix for this song that is completely sick. Check that out!

Single You Out: Epsilon Project – Prayer (ft. Rae Edmond)

I have followed Epsilon Project for quite a while, but it has been a minutes since they have put out any new music. I was pleasantly surprised this week when I saw this new project from member Verb, MIDRANGE drop.

Prayer is my favorite cut from this project. I love the vocal sample and the production overall. The emcees each add a personal element to the track making this song something that will tap into listener’s consciousness.


Single You Out: Adam Bomb x Big Sproxx – Sister Bessie

I lifted this dope cut from Adam Bomb and Big Sproxx’s latest project, Live From Larstone. It’s just too nice not to share with you all. The production from Sproxx is sharp and soulful, the vocal loop he is using is what differentiates this song from being just ‘good’. Adam Bomb does an incredible job taking us through his questions for God and religion as a whole.

Really meaningful stuff from an all around dope project that I think heads should be checking for.

Single You Out: Sideways – Raindrops (ft. Coin Banks, Elodie Rama, and Mr. J Medeiros)

Man, you may not be aware of any of the artists on this track, but you would be hard pressed to find a smoother hip hop joint in 2017. It’s super-mellow and super-dope.

Sideways is a producer collaborative featuring the talents of Ghostnaut (Montreal) Dualib (Brazil). There is something very melodic about this piece right here, and while the production stands out, the emcees and singer are also considerably talented. The track features Coin Banks, Elodie Rama, and Mr. J Medeiros.


C-Rayz Walz & Dear Derrick – Be Yourself (Video)

C-Rayz Walz is one of the dopest and most consistent artists in hip hop. He is about to release another album entitled, The Black Arts. Be Yourself is a single to this upcoming project and features Dear Derrick and production from Tom Delay (who is a very gifted producer). Sharp bars and crisp beats…what else would you come to expect!

Sons of Silverton – You Know Them As… (Video)

This song is dope in a big way! Sons Of Silverton are making a deep impact with this production and these dope rhymes. The two emcees, CITOAK and KyleDavid, have a great chemistry with each other and their voices, delivery, and content are on point. All of the aforementioned happens while the the snare drums from producer Prospek reverberate in your ear drums.

If you ain’t feeling this track…something is wrong with you. The Sons Of Silverton have an album out now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace, that is looking like a must cop after we have featured them twice on this site. It could be the sleeper project of the year.

Don’t sleep on new artists…