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Revalation & GoD iLLa – I Been (ft. M-Dot) (Video)

A super fresh cut from Revalation and GoD iLLa’s collaborative project, RevILLutionAries. First and foremost, I LOVE this beat from L.O.B. Super dope vocal sample and those drums just knock. Secondly, the lyricism is undeniably potent! Both emcees are dope wordsmiths in their own right, and then you have M-Dot leading off with with his unmistakable sixteen. It’s a great cut on the merits of the music alone, but the video element, really just makes the track fun, and adds an extra entertainment value.

I copped the album but have yet to check it, but if this track is any indicator, it’s chocked full of all the ill stuff we have come to love!

Single You Out: Wrecking Crew – Poets That Last

The Wrecking Crew has a compilation project dropping on June 4th, called Steel’s Kitchen. This is the first offering from that project. PremRock and Curly Castro (ShrapKnel) are joined by Zilla Rocca on the mic as their bars intermingle with an abstract production from DOOF. This is not for the faint of heart, so put your listening caps on for this one!

RedRum – Mark of Da Beast (Video)

RedRum is back with a new video single for their upcoming project, The Messiah Complex, which is due out on May 14th. And they are spitting flames from the dark underbelly of the streets on this new single, Mark of Da Beast. The two emcees will go to any lengths to stop anyone who stands in their way. Nickel Plated is on the boards providing dark ominous shadows. There is a terror on the loose…cop it next week!

Single You Out: Mickey Diamond – Choose Wisely

I was really just leisurely browsing Bandcamp for some new music and I had heard some stuff from Mickey Diamond before so I thought I would give it a listen. I picked this track, Choose Wisely, randomly and struck gold. This joint right here is an absolute banger. The beat is dark and grimy and Diamond just has that natural gift of voice and flow that is so compelling. After hearing this joint…I picked up his last three projects. It was that strong of a performance to me. What do you guys think?

This joint can be found off of his recently released joint, Bangkok Dangerous 2: Deluxe Edition.

Bronze Nazareth & Recognize Ali – God Aura (Video)

Bronze Nazareth and Recognize Ali have this new album out that you need to get familiar with, Season of the Se7en. Both of these artists have established themselves as ‘elite’ in their own craft and they unite to bring you something rather spectacular. As you can hear on the track, God Aura, both artists are bringing that energy to the craft as Nazareth laces a banger with horns orchestrating the way, while Ali fires gritty line after gritty line at you. You certainly need to peep.

Beneficence & Confidence – Jerz To The Jugular (feat. El Da Sensei & DJ Kaos (of The Artifacts) (Video)

Beneficence and Confidence have a collaborative album out now entitled Stellar Mind. I just copped it last night and while I have yet to listen to it in it’s entirety, if it’s anything like this cut in it’s consistency, I am in for an audible treat. Hip Hop in it’s purest essence with El Da Sensei dropping a guest verse to round out the verses. Check it out!

Single You Out: Double Life (L*Roneous x Gennessee) – Return Of The Kings

L*Roneous and Gennessee are indeed Double Life. And if you’ve been listening to independent hip hop for as long as i have, you are probably going to recognize the name. These artists were at the forefront of music scene we see today…they released their vinyl single, Revolutions, in 1997. That was literally at the precipice of the independent movement as I know it. But as it looks now, Double Life stands the test of time. These guys sound brilliant together. L*Roneous captivates me with his wordplay every time and I stay waiting for him to drop some new music. He is simply unique and his style stands out effortlessly. And Gennessee has a more raw delivery and owns his sixteens from beginning to end. The two sounds really nice together.

To be honest….I couldn’t even make it passed the third cut on the album before I was determined to make this post. This isn’t just good…this is superior music. I am not sure how many of the songs were in the vault, or how many are new, but the energy and quality are on full display. Check out the album, SHANTARAM, and peep the cut, Return Of The Kings, below….you will NOT regret this recommendation.

Ty Farris x Machacha – Slave In The Night (Video)

Not many are grinding harder than Ty Farris, right now. He’s dropping an assortment of dope projects with talented producers. Slave In The Night is off of his most recent venture with producer Machacha called, Dark Nights & D Fitteds. This one has a very dark vibe to it and is night stalking music if you get my drift. But the constant here is Farris’ command of the language, and constructing bars in death dosages. This is an artist who can flip on any assortment of production and illustrate what is means to emcee. Check out that project above!