38 Spesh – DARK & GRIM (prod. by 38 Spesh) (Video)

This is my favorite track from 38 Spesh’s project, GunSmoke. This joint is just so dark and ominous, and while it only contains one verse from Spesh, he packs an amazing punch! His sharp bars and wordplay over his own soundscape further solidifies this man’s greatness as an artist. No man, and no thing is standing in Spesh’s way.

…I put your rats in the graveyard…I hate y’all…got your name attached to this bullet like a trademark.

JustMe & Cas Metah – Part Time (Video)

This is an incredibly dope song that is extremely relatable to me as a blogger and supporter of the music. It’s actually incredibly inspirational. JustMe and Cas Metah take a break from their day jobs to show you just how ill they can be on the side. Life has an evolution for the independent hip hop artists. People get married, have families, and have to support that life in a way music may not be able to provide. But, that passion and skill level still remains sharp over the years as when time and space presents itself, these artists continue to show and prove!

I am not sure who produced this smooth beat but that’s a really dope production. And you can find this joint off their recently released album, The New 93′.

O Dawg & Passport Rav – Rogue Rage (ft. Eddie Kaine & Rim) (Video)

Here’s a sizzler from O Dawg and Passport Rav’s latest EP, Rogue Rage, featuring the strong bars of Eddie Kaine and RIM. The title track, from a production stand point, has this ‘ethereal’ quality about it, but don’t get it twisted, this joint knocks. And when you hear this pen game, there is left no doubt. These artists share the way they go about their daily business in the illest of fashions.

I haven’t checked the EP yet but I am definitely going to cop off of the strength of this one!

M-Dot – Pain And Haste (Video)

The emcee’s emcee, M-Dot, is back with another banging single from his album, egO anD The eneMy 2: A Dissolute Paradise.

On his new video single, Pain and Haste, he connects with his listeners on the humanity of it all. He addresses self-doubt, depression, alcoholism, fidelity, community violence, being a father, and an artist. He does this all with adept skill, introspection, and one thing I know he values above all…integrity.

As an artist and a man, M-Dot never tosses stones through a glass house. He does it all from the vantage of his own feeling and experience.

Definitely make sure you check this album!

Production is handled by Pro Knows Music. Don’t sleep!

Single You Out: Ugly Tony – Ya Future (ft. Marvwon)

New music from French producer, Ugly Tony, after a long hiatus, is met with welcome ears. On his latest single, Ya Future, he solicits bars from veteran emcee, Marvwon. The vibe of the music kind of has the cross between a futuristic nature, and an 80s synth rock vibe. And believe me, that’s refreshing, and cool. And Marvwon, puts the listener on notice, with bars serving as a warning to anyone who tries to play him.

New album from Tony drops on June 2nd, and it titled Time Flies. A lot of dope emcees on this project and it’s available for pre-order.

Meeco & DJ Access – Honestly (ft. Dyce Payne)

This track from Meeco and DJ Access’ album, We Run Shit, is one of my favorite tracks this year. Period. Dyce Payne showcases bars, finesse, and bridges it all together with a dope chorus.

And for Meeco and DJ Access’ part they lace the perfect production. The drums knock. The scratches are applied perfect and the Snoop sample just gives this song a classic vibe.

I can’t say enough good things about this song. Definitely an early contender for song of the year a little over four months in.

The Bad Seed – Yall Whylin (Video)

I keep on preaching through this site and other social media platforms on the talents of The Bad Seed. A clear cut case of an artist who just keeps getting better and better as the years go on. The voice, the turn of phrase, and ear for beats make everything this man puts out an auto-purchase. Nam Nitty laces a soulful yet boom bap soundscape for Seed to drop dope bar after bar. Really great track off of is recently released, …Oh and another thing…

They say I got a knack for this rap…agreed, I do

38 Spesh – Crowned King (Video)

38 Spesh unleashes some musical motivation for when it comes to attaining one’s goals. He keeps delivering greatness and great music with each release, and Crowned King off his recently released Gunsmoke project, is no different. He continues to show growth and refinement in his craft, and shows off a powerful drive and work ethic to go along with his skill.

M-Dot – Silver Bullet (Video)

Silver Bullet is the final single before the release of M-Dot’s much anticipated opus, egO anD The eneMy 2: A Dissolute Paradise, which is set to drop on Friday on his bandcamp page. And on this track, M-Dot makes you feel his angst and pressure over production from Pro Knows Music. He articulates on how he changed and adapted as the times changed. When the tours stopped because of covid, M-Dot just sharpened his tools and began producing, and he continues his fight through music while other faces have faded through the years.

I’ve been waiting on this album a long time, and in four days the wait is over!