Artist: Demigodz

Album: KILLmatic

Source: I Knew This Was Coming!


1.  Intro (Giants On The Earth) (produced by Apathy)
2.  Demigodz Is Back (produced by Apathy)
3.  Dumb High ft. Open Mic (produced by Apathy)
4.  Never Take Me Out ft. Termanology (produced by Teddy Roxpin)
5.  Just Can’t Quit  ft. Scoop Deville (produced by Apathy)
6.  Worst Nightmare (produced by DJ Premier)
7.  Can’t Fool Me  ft. Eternia (produced by Apathy)
8.  DGZ x NYGz  ft. Panchi of NYG’z & DJ Premier (produced by Chumzilla)
9.  Dead In The Middle  (produced by Apathy)
10.  The Gospel According To…  ft. Planetary of Outerspace (produced by Skammadix)
11.  Raiders Cap  (produced by Apathy)
12.  The Fallen Angels  (produced by Apathy)
13.  The Summer Of Sam  (produced by The Snowgoons)
14.  Tomax & Xamot  (produced by Will C.)
15.  Captain Caveman ft. RA The Rugged Man (produced by Teddy Roxpin)
16.  Audi 5000  (produced by Marco Polo)


I was modestly excited about this project. I say modestly because usually when a collective like this comes together for an album the expectations far exceed the product.  With that being said, that is not the  case with this album.  This album is incredibly refined with proper production and scintillating rhyme schemes.  KILLmatic is a complete project.

When you go through the album a couple first times the first thing that you will notice is the production (to be fair that’s the first thing we notice with any album, good or bad).  And from there you will notice that Apathy’s own production are the tracks that stand out the most and that’s really saying something because there is production on here from the likes of DJ Premier, Marco Polo, and Teddy Roxpin.  But I think many people will agree, the most memorable cuts are the ones produced by Apathy himself.

There are loads of dope songs on this album but I am going to pick out the cream of the crop to discuss and on first listen I just could not get enough of the track, Just Can’t Quit.  This is the best beat of the album in my humble opinion.  Apathy hits the nail on the head right away with that Biggie sample and rounds it out with a dark cascading piano that serves as the bass line.  But Apathy isn’t done yet.  He then combines the Biggie sample with Redman’s Time 4 Sum Akshun sample that completely blew my mind.  The blend of those two samples is perfect.  The song almost serves as an introduction (or reintroduction) to various crew members and is incredibly fresh.  In saying it’s incredibly dope I am severely understating the listening pleasure involved here.

Next on the list for  discussion is the Black Moon inspired, Can’t Fool Me.  I say this because once again Apathy utilizes a classic sample from the 1990s to incorporate into a new fresh cut.  It’s from Black Moon’s I Gotcha Opin. The flavor of the track is like a raw cypher with the emcees coming equipped with their best flows and rhymes.  Joining the crew is Eternia who supplies one of the freshest verses:

You cannot attempt to meet me at the mountain I’m on / I climb higher than the rapper you just smoked out to get on your song / Thinking you’re on / You’re more off than a circuit that’s blown after a storm / I’m that verbal hurricane, then I’m gone / Don’t pretend that you matter….you don’t / Why flatter yourself? I’d rather speak the truth than leave you out there to choke / And besides you need some lessons, my suggestion is…NOPE / Don’t do it…your intentions a mess and I see through it!

And you really can’t talk about the album without talking about, Raiders Cap.  It’s a song that’s taking you back to 1988 and the days of NWA.   It’s actually a tribute back to the group that featured Eazy E, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and MC Ren.  There’s quite a few references in the varying verses.   The beat, once again by Apathy, is remarkable.  He uses horns and drums to drive the track but again his use of varying sounds and samples is what sets this track apart.  The lyricism and imagery are all on point.   I think you could easily call this classic material.

The album assimilates that classic 1990s sound into a more contemporary boom bap.  Apathy utilizes classic samples to inspire a resurgency of hard hitting production that I haven’t heard in what, ten years?   KILLmatic is the perfect blend between new and old and is a must have for any hip hop fan.  This is an album without any fluff or filler.  It is chocked full of all that is good and dope.  I merely mentioned my favorites.    If you are still among the few people who insist that hip hop is dead, I encourage you to listen to this album.  Your mind will be changed instantly.

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