Nine – Killmonger (Video)

Nine has been keeping his name buzzing for a few months as his new project, King, is set to drop on Septemeber 9th.  I am admittedly needing a late pass on this cut/video because it has been out for a moment.  It’s been sitting in my inbox for more than a few days and I just peeped it moments ago, and it’s pretty damn sensational.  Nine sets himself apart on this track Killmonger, produced by the Snowgoons, offering an alternative to the cookie-cutter mentality that abounds out there.   The writing was really on point and the track has an epic sound about it.

Snowgoons – I Walk Alone (ft. Cunninlynguists) (Video)

Two independent hip hop icons link up when Snowgoons and Cunninlynguists unite for the cut I Walk Alone.   The vibe of the track is very soulful and also a very fitting joint for the ‘lynguists to rock over.  It’s a very appropriate joint to utilize as the first single for the Snowgoons’ upcoming project, Black Snow 2.0.

Enjoyable hip hop from some of the best!

Snowgoons – Problems (ft. Locksmith x Skrewtape x Rite Hook (Video)

Problems can sometimes feel insurmountable but these emcees are going to take their best shot over a neuro-stimulating Snowgoons production.   Locksmith, Skrewtape, and Rite Hook each spit some bars about how the odds are stacked against them and each day can seem like a fist fight.  It’s an interesting combination of artists that create a dope and cohesive joint.

Goon Bap drops in four days…make sure you check it.


Savage Brothers – Kill Kill (ft. C-Rayz Walz & Beni-Hana) (Prod by Snowgoons)

This video from the Savage Brothers comes off of their most recent effort, Freedom Or Death. This is probably my favorite track from the album, as the Snowgoons give this cut almost a heavenly vibe while the emcees put in their dirties work on the microphone. It’s a yin and yang thing working here. A definite plus is including the legend, C-Rayz Walz, on the cut.

Single You Out: Rite Hook – The Road (prod. by Sicknature)

Rite Hook is back with a Sicknature produced single as a prelude to his forthcoming album Modify.   Rite Hook brings a ton of energy to the track along with his trademark gravelly-voiced hooks.   And those two things have been his calling card for years.  If you haven’t been put on to Rite Hook releases previously, be sure to check out his albums, Draw You In and From The Wrong.

N.B.S. & Snowgoons – Trapped In America (Video)

This video is the title track from NBS and Snowgoons upcoming collaborative album, Trapped In America.   There’s definitely some poignant imagery and lyricism to be had on this track as it pertains to abuses of authorities upon the Black Community in many different locales.   It’s powerful stuff laced into your daily hip hop dose.  It certainly helps that the Snowgoons laced a real banger.

The new album drops on July 4th and don’t think for one second that’s a coincidence.


Single You Out: Snowgoons – Still Real And Raw (ft. M – Dot, Jaysaun, & Journalist 103)

Snowgoons Black Snow 2 Promo

New single lifted from the Snowgoons’ latest project, Black Snow 2.  I just listened to the album a few days ago and I think its the Goons best work in a minute, so make sure you check that out. Still Real And Raw brings together that vintage German boom-bap with the rhyme stylings of M-Dot, Jaysaun, and Journalist 103.   Everyone who follows HHD knows M-Dot’s prowess.  Jaysaun can spit just a few bars a year and make a headliner.  Journalist 103 has at least one classic album under his belt and severely underrated one as well.  So is that ill enough?  Enjoy this collabo!

N.B.S. – Perm Time (Prod by Snowgoons) (Video)

It seems like N.B.S. just released their album, The Dispensary, yesterday.  But I guess it’s been close to a year since that release, Now they are back again with new material from a new album, The Smokefest.  On this track, the fellas prove great multitaskers dropping hot bars over Snowgoons production, and and getting some haircuts.    There’s nothing wrong with that!