Artist: PremRock & Willie Green

Album: Self-Titled

Source: Artist


1. You Love My Intro (ft. DJ Addikt)
2. Diary Of A Dreamer
3. How’d You Get So Fresh (ft. DJ Addikt)
4. Had To Be Me (ft. C-Rayz Walz, Soul Khan, DJ Addikt)
5. The Sound
6. Move
7. Kill Your Idols
8. Jogger (ft. Open Mike Eagle)
9. Johnny Rotten (ft. DJ Addikt)
10. Radio Dial (ft. Has-Lo)
11. You Can’t Go Home Again


Yeah, I am feeling this album from PremRock and Willie Green.  My first impression from the album was how well produced it was.  There is such diversity in rhythm, sound, and tempo that the album always had my attention which was of course helped by the fact there was only eleven tracks on the effort (which I like).  The album also flowed very well for being so diverse.

The first track, You Love My Intro, was the attention grabber.  It’s like the first chapter of a book that once you read it, you can’t put it down.  Once you hear this initial offering you just want to continue listening to this album.  The beat Willie Green cooks up for this joint deserves as standing ovation.  The bass drum coupled with the brass sounds seize the eardrums and don’t let go.  PremRock, for his part, bodies the beat.   He flips his bars sharply and without pause.   There is no chorus.  In his own words it is …”Cool Hand Luke meets Kool G. Rap“.

How’d You Get So Fresh gives you an entirely different sound that is a little more funky.  It’s something that you can throw on deck as you get ready for your Saturday night.  PremRock details his advancement through music.  He speaks on the advice he was given and the work ethic it took to get to this point in his career.  It’s taken a lot of dedication, sacrifice, and practice to get where he is at.  What’s cool is as he is emceeing, he literally is making all of that hard work come to fruition.

Once again, things change up on the joint, The Sound.  Every good artist has a tormented soul and dark side.  This cut is Willie Green’s and PremRock’s flip side.   They execute a feeling of hopelessness and misery both musically and lyrically.   From a lyrical stand point you can hear those frustrations and disappointments narrated in his verses.  Willie Green, however,  drops the bottom out of your party, and leaves you in deep and dark place with his stark sound scape.

Initially, I felt the album stalled out on the track, Jogger, which features Open Mike Eagle.  The more I listened to it however, the more genius it started to become.   What once was thought of as more spoken word with little movement, slowly became and intricate attempt at conversation with phrases and words carefully woven together.   It really is cleverly done.

When I look to do a review, I crave something different.  I want someone to expound upon hip hop as I know it.  This is what PremRock and Willie Green do with this release.   They take something tried and true and take some risks.  Sure they offer you the boom-bap and the funk but their music also takes you places.  They lift you up and bring you down at different moments in the album.  PremRock offers you exceptional wordplay for your money.  You will make ample use of your rewind button and each listen will give you a second and third chance to catch something you missed previously.  Willie Green offers you production with depth and variety.  Their guests such as Soul Khan, C-Rayz Walz, and DJ Addikt only enhance and lend credence to the project. Together they have contributed what I believe to be one of the quintessential releases of 2011, because it smites the same old same old, and offers you something new and refreshing.

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