PremRock & Willie Green – Self-Titled (2011)

Artist: PremRock & Willie Green

Album: Self-Titled

Source: Artist


1. You Love My Intro (ft. DJ Addikt)
2. Diary Of A Dreamer
3. How’d You Get So Fresh (ft. DJ Addikt)
4. Had To Be Me (ft. C-Rayz Walz, Soul Khan, DJ Addikt)
5. The Sound
6. Move
7. Kill Your Idols
8. Jogger (ft. Open Mike Eagle)
9. Johnny Rotten (ft. DJ Addikt)
10. Radio Dial (ft. Has-Lo)
11. You Can’t Go Home Again


Yeah, I am feeling this album from PremRock and Willie Green.  My first impression from the album was how well produced it was.  There is such diversity in rhythm, sound, and tempo that the album always had my attention which was of course helped by the fact there was only eleven tracks on the effort (which I like).  The album also flowed very well for being so diverse.

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