Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers – Shoot The Piano Player (ft Has-Lo) (Video)

Few people are as innovative as Zilla Rocca and Has-Lo.   These guys just ooze creativity and not settling on the current standard as being good enough.   That creativity is on display when it comes to their video, Shoot The Piano Player.   It’s unique to see a video show three different scenes simultaneously.  It’s something you may have to watch a couple of times which is a good thing.

If you like your hip hop stamped with skill and nuanced in innovation, check out Zillar Rocca’s No Vacation from Murder.


Curly Castro – Brody (2014)



Artist: Curly Castro

Album: Brody EP


1. Going Back To London
2. All Bets Are Off (ft. Zilla Rocca and Has-Lo)
3. Livery (ft. Castle)
4. David Rodigan (ft. Hubbs and Armand Hammer)
5. A Wake
6. Daisy Swallowed A Diamond


Curly Castro offers the world a little something different with his latest release, Brody.   The EP is short and succinct but proves the point that just because the project is short on run time doesn’t mean that it runs short on character.   Now, I will say that if you are not familiar with the movie, Snatch, you may have to watch that first before you start indulging in this release.  The creativity for Brody stems from Castro and company using the characters and storyline  from Snatch in the story of this EP.  So being able to truly appreciate this EP requires a little study in film.  That’s not to say that you can’t just appreciate the music for music’s sake but you will miss some of the creativity.   I digress.

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Single You Out: Curly Castro – All Bets Are Off (ft. Zilla Rocca & Has-Lo) (prod. by Zilla Roca)


The Wrecking Crew represents on this Curly Castro single from his (now out) project, Brody.  Zilla Rocca laces the camp with something extra funky and some scathing drums.  And the crew is not unfamiliar to rocking over said production,  the each contribute dope verses to complete the trifecta.

Artist Spotlight: PremRock


I am pretty excited…no, let me rephrase, I am very excited to bring you some thoughts from one of the most creative emcees in the game, PremRock.

I have been listening to him for a couple of years now and in an ideal world, I would have connected with him at SXSW a couple of weeks ago.  But that was not in the cards.  Still, I wanted to pick his brain about, his art, his friends, and his perspective.  What I got in reply was well thought out introspection.

I encourage you to read the interview, check the video freestyle (it’s amazing) and make sure you cop all of his music.  If you love creativity in your hip hop, you are going to be an instant fan of PremRock.

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Single You Out: Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers – Young Blood (ft. Roc Marciano) (prod. by Has-Lo)



First off, Has-Lo out did himself with this production.  What a gem!  The resonating guitar is different and absolutely perfect.  Zilla Rocca and Roc Marciano absolutely wreck shop with their verses over this piece.  They take aim at the hot heads on the corner of the block and how the city will eat it’s young.

I have always been a fan of Zilla Rocca and given a silent nod to Marciano’s work.  But this is next level right here.  Roc Marciano sounds as though this beat was custom made for him.

This is the first single off of No Vacation For Murder.

Curly Castro – Fidel (2013)


Artist: Curly Castro

Album: Fidel

Source: Artist Rep


1. Call Me Castro
2. Starch (ft. Has-Lo x Boogieman Dela)
3. Minefield
4. Coaine Blues
5. Winter Too
6. Coal
7. Mesrine (ft. Yung Yorrisey)
8. Fenster & McManus (ft. Zilla Rocca)
9. The Spook Who Sat
10. Colored Water Fountain
11. The Letter M
12. Kintro
13. Libertad (ft. Ari Lourdes)


I was working on this review before I had to take a brief hiatus and I am obligated and intent on finishing it.  This album is too good not to mention and it’s imperative you give it the time to listen to it.  I first heard of Castro from his affiliation with Zilla Rocca.  We had actually previewed several of his previous singles.  This is his first musical offering as a recent signee of Man Bites Dog Records.   And what an offering it is…

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Single You Out: Curly Castro – Coal (ft. Has-Lo)



I was privileged enough to get an advance copy of the album, FIDEL.  And let me tell you…whooo-whew!  This is going to be a true gem of 2013.  There’s some classic material involved.   Coal is also one of my favorite tracks from the album.  Georgia Anne Muldrow’s beat is subtle yet somehow hooks you.  Curly Castro and Has-Lo alternate verses with an interesting concept at hand.  I think it’s something you need to listen to…