Artist Spotlight: PremRock


I am pretty excited…no, let me rephrase, I am very excited to bring you some thoughts from one of the most creative emcees in the game, PremRock.

I have been listening to him for a couple of years now and in an ideal world, I would have connected with him at SXSW a couple of weeks ago.  But that was not in the cards.  Still, I wanted to pick his brain about, his art, his friends, and his perspective.  What I got in reply was well thought out introspection.

I encourage you to read the interview, check the video freestyle (it’s amazing) and make sure you cop all of his music.  If you love creativity in your hip hop, you are going to be an instant fan of PremRock.

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PremRock & Willie Green: Jogger (feat. Open Mike Eagle) (Video)

Is this the first video from PremRock and Willie Green’s self-titled album?  Can’t say for sure.  This track is dope regardless and worthy of the visual treatment.  The conversational style is pretty unique because the pace and length of the track is likened to someone just talking to you.   After watching this video, I really have a new appreciation for Open Mic Eagle’s verse.  It was stalwart.   Be sure to check out my review for the album, and cop it.  It’s great music by any standard.

PremRock & Willie Green – Self-Titled (2011)

Artist: PremRock & Willie Green

Album: Self-Titled

Source: Artist


1. You Love My Intro (ft. DJ Addikt)
2. Diary Of A Dreamer
3. How’d You Get So Fresh (ft. DJ Addikt)
4. Had To Be Me (ft. C-Rayz Walz, Soul Khan, DJ Addikt)
5. The Sound
6. Move
7. Kill Your Idols
8. Jogger (ft. Open Mike Eagle)
9. Johnny Rotten (ft. DJ Addikt)
10. Radio Dial (ft. Has-Lo)
11. You Can’t Go Home Again


Yeah, I am feeling this album from PremRock and Willie Green.  My first impression from the album was how well produced it was.  There is such diversity in rhythm, sound, and tempo that the album always had my attention which was of course helped by the fact there was only eleven tracks on the effort (which I like).  The album also flowed very well for being so diverse.

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