Top 5 EPs (2013)


1) Theo 3Enticement I always agonize over the best EPs, because I think the shorter releases are always going to be more tightly construed then longer releases.   Thusly there are doper, more potent releases, in this format.  But there are was not a doper five songs put together for an EP than Enticement.  It features production from Psycho Les and The Audible Doctor, and some really great lyricism.


2) SupastitionThe Blackboard Don’t call it a comeback!  When Supastition decided to re-enter the realm of making music, I felt uplifted.  He’s simply one of my favorite emcees.  With The Blackboard,  he came back in rare form with some great production, lyricism, and concepts.  The release it the total package and a forbearance of what’s to come.


3) Grey Sky AppealOccam’s Razor  Grey Sky Appeal have such a unique and clever sound and although this EP was crafted on a tour back in 2011, it didn’t see the light of day until 2013.  You can check out our full review of the project HERE.


4) SkeezoFace Value In terms of sheer knockability (yes, that’s a word), no EP hit harder than this one.  This is EP is chocked full of bangers with superlative production on raw rhymes.  There’s also a lot of replayability in this short project.  Skeezo is one of those names that should be at the forefront when it comes to emcees to watch for 2014.


5) Nutso x 5th SealI Plead The 5th – In the end, this EP was impossible to leave off the list even with the stiff competition.   It has one of the best tracks of the year in PAIN and also contains the certified bangers, Blood & Bones and Planet Of the Apes.  5th Seal and Nutso prove to be one of the best producer/emcee collaborations in 2013.

Single You Out: Skeezo – Watch Ya Step (ft. El Gant, Bekay & Dj Modesty) (Prod by Azaia)



Man, I am not going to lie. There has been so little music to be enthusiastic about over the last couple of weeks that I just didn’t feel like posting some of the rubbish that people were putting out.  But leave it to my man Skeezo to set me straight with this record from his new project, Stuck In Da 90s.  Joined by El Gant, Bekay, and DJ Modesty, Skeezo proceeds to air out the competition.   This is a dope record.

Single You Out: Skeezo – How You Spit? (ft. Napoleon Da Legend)


If you’re not down with homie Skeezo, you can simply exit stage left.  This guy continuously drops real bars.  This time he links up with Napoleon Da Legend.  The two exchange sixteens over a dope beat by Ghettoblaster.  The EP that this is coming off of is called Stuck In Da 90s.   With this track you can see and hear why the project earned it’s title.  Skeezo is bringing back to the forefront that boom-bap sound that he loves, and we love too.  The project has a drop date of November 29th and you can preorder it now.

Alterbeats – Class Struggle (2013)



I wish I had more time to do a proper write up of this release but as it is time is short and I want to at least let you know that i’s out there.   I just finished giving Class Struggle it’s first listen and similar to their previous release, The French Revolution, in that it’s chocked full of bangers.  I of course have my favorite tracks:  Brass Knuckles by Halfabrick, Real Talk by Skeezo, and Idol by Bekay are tracks that will be on repeat.

But more than that I love the production that Alterbeats is doing.  He just keeps getting better.  You can cop this album on iTunes, Amazon, UGHH and elsewhere.   You can also stream the album in it’s entirety at DJ Booth simply by clicking the link below:

Stream @ DJ Booth

Alterbeats – Grustle (ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skeezo and Mic Handz) (Video)

Alterbeats’ Class Struggle is dropping on October 29th.   The two songs I have heard from the project have both been fantastic but I expect nothing less from the French producer.  He also only works with some of the most gifted emcees in the game, so the combination of talent is always ill.  This time we have Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skeezo, and Mic Handz, all of whom are ruthless with the verbals.  Mic Handz, in particular, has got the flow going on this track.   Don’t sleep!

Single You Out: Skeezo – The Mission



Skeezo ain’t done yet with 2013…not by a long shot.  After releasing one of the dopest EPs of 2013, Face Value, he delivers yet another banger.   He’s definitely showing without a doubt that his passion for making music is back in full effect.  Crazy DJ Bazarro composes a laid back and jazzy track that enables Skeezo to continue on with The Mission.   However, the mission is just a small sampling of his upcoming project Stuck In The 90s.

Alpha Faktion – Truth, Lies, & Audiotape (2013)


Artist: Alpha Faktiom

Album: Truth, Lies, & Audiotape



I really had to mention this EP to you guys as I find myself bumping this release as much as anything else in 2013.    I have featured some of Alpha Faktion’s material here before but that in itself does not do this project justice.    In many ways, Truth, Lies, & Audiotape is very reminiscent of NonPhixion’s first album, The Future Is Now.  Members, Azwun, Kraze, and DJ Enyoutee really have concocted a phenomenal release for hip hop fans of all walks and, at the same time, give the same people food for thought.

On the first two tracks,  Truth, Lies, & Audiotape and Man Against Machine, you have Alpha Faktion rebuking the systematic indoctrination by the government and the media against the masses.  It is also on these initial songs that you can hear a chemistry that has been building over a significant amount of time.   On, Bodybagz, the team seemingly have no problem just dropping a track that bangs, just for the sake of making it bang.   And yes, that joint definitely will ring some bells.  But right after that they come back and show the ability to show sincere introspection on the cut, Reflection Of Self.   They can tackled many a topic but on each cut they bring a straight boom bap sound and sharp lyricism.  They are not taking any shortcuts or easy way outs.  Alpha Faktion brings the same mentality to whatever track that they are on.

This album should make hip hop purists release a shout of joy and I encourage you to go to their bandcamp and purchase this release to show your support for their art.

Skeezo – Face Value (2013)


Artist: Skeezo

Album: Face Value

Source: Artist



When I first heard some music from Skeezo I thought he was decent artist with a dope sound, but now that I have had ample time to listen to Face Value I am left with an entirely different impression:  This guy brings the streets to your headphones in dope fashion.  He is a creator, not a follower.

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