Artist: Skeezo

Album: Face Value

Source: Artist



When I first heard some music from Skeezo I thought he was decent artist with a dope sound, but now that I have had ample time to listen to Face Value I am left with an entirely different impression:  This guy brings the streets to your headphones in dope fashion.  He is a creator, not a follower.

The perfect segue to set off this review, is to talk about the Bad Guy.  Every industry needs one and none serves better than our man Skeezo.  Skeezo drops a steady does of tough bars over some Alterbeats production.  That production sounds like a troubadour announcing the arrival of some royalty, except with that it is served up with that hip hop flavor.   Skeezo asserts that he’s no one’s puppet.  He’s not here to do the trend of the moment.  He’s going to drop his music the only way he knows how…authentic.

After this track follows the joint, Wish You Would, that showcases production from Alkota and verses from Mondo and Sincere.  This was previously released as a single, and it still remains one of the stronger joints of the album. The beat is like Jack The Ripper in London…straight sinister.   The dark piano keys just take you down into the darkness and the emcees all bring the light.  But no one outshines the host with bars like:

Ice box where my heart used to be / Schooled by the real, a reflection of what they used to be / A few n#*gas wanna read my eulogy /  If death comes in threes now u seeing we the company

Then you get da Beatminerz assist on the track Lost Love.  This track in addition to being dope really typifies Skeezo’s sound.  Instead of going after beats from producers who might be the talk of the moment, he gets the certified boom bap  from mainstays, da Beatminerz.  The beat is  a straight head knocka and Skeezo’s not delivering some sappy love song for an attempt a radio play.  He is writing a candid story of being in a relationship while being a hip hop artist.  This is where so many artists fail, and Skeezo makes it one of his successes.  Check out the lyricism:

No suck for love, but yeah I got some issues / And I ain’t crying either, you can keep those tissues / Official / It’s dapper how I come I across / NY n*&ga but I met her in B’More / I told her I’m a rapper, I’m gonna grind til I G’off / We balancing the scales of relations like a see-saw / I’m trying to see to her but she too scared of heights / When her love come down, I’ll be back next flight / Don’t be listening to friends they be trying to add hype / Talk trash to me, laugh like a joke, it ain’t aight / Of course she was gone when I came back / Left a letter on the dresser said she won’t be back…lost love

This album is all about staying true to one’s vision.  A couple of years ago Skeezo released an album that didn’t get the appreciation that he thought it deserved.  What did he do?  Did he change his sound?  Did he accomodate the industry?  No.  He worked harder at his craft, and honing his sound.  That really shows when you listen to Face Value from top to bottom.  There is no filler material.  There are no skits.   What we have here is nine, absolutely banging tracks from top of the line beatsmiths and a professional emcee.

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