HHD has never done  a Producer Of The Year accolade in our previous two years of existence but this award is warranted in 2013.  No one is responsible for more ill beats in my iTunes collection from this past year than producer extraordinaire, Alterbeats (Twitter, Website, Facebook, YouTube).  He has made bangers for some of my favorite artists along with crafting his album, Class Struggle.   He is one of the hardest working producers in the game, and emcees know that if they need some heat, they can check in with this Parisian Producer.   Be sure to check out Alterbeats’ projects and song credits.  You can check many of them by checking this LINK.  So please congratulate Alterbeats on this inaugural award on any of his social networks and be sure to check some of his favorite hand picked tracks below:


I am from Paris, France. I have been doing beats since a few years now. I have always been a hip-hop addict ‘specially 90’s NYC hip-hop. I’am a part of ALTERPROD it’s a team of three persons who do graphic stuff, Ben for the videos, and me for the beats. We’ve been working together since a few years now and we are really trying to deliver good work in the independent movement. I have been influenced by a lot of producers. I love the work of Alchemist, Havoc, Large Pro, Dre, Eric Sermon….

Alterbeats Handpicked Joints

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