Single You Out: Skeezo & Whip Beats – Old Habits

I know alot of you are not familiar with Skeezo, but this guy is a consummate emcee who has the complete gift. And in the year 2022 we are seeing a resurgence from this talented artist. Backed with some dark heat rocks from producer, Whip Beats, Skeezo is heading back into your ear drums and staking a claim. This bass line with the guitar licks spells the trouble needed to get our emcee into his “old habits”. This song comes equipped with toe tags as bodies are bound to be caught!

New album, Return Of The Bad Guy, coming next month!

Single You Out: Whip Beats – Word On The Street (ft. Sean Price x Skeezo)

No matter how much time has passed since Sean Price’s passing, it remains refreshing to hear him on a project so many years later, and serves as a ever present reminder as to what a gift he is. Plus you also hear from the homie Skeezo, and it’s been a minute since Ive heard him bless a mic, and he gives it the royal treatment.

The production is handled by France’s own, Whip Beats. And he has a new dropping next week according to sources.

Skeezo – Fouls And Free Throws (2016)



Artist: Skeezo

Album: Fouls and Free Throws


  1. Ice Cold (ft. Juxx Diamondz)
  2. Gun Talk (ft. Masai Bey)
  3. Still Stuck
  4. Between The Lines (ft. Mic Handz and Shabaam Sahdeeq)
  5. Heavy Reign (ft. Napoleon Legend x VVS Verbal)
  6. No Seeds (Venom Remix)


It’s really good to hear some new sounds from the man Skeezo.  And to compliment the fact that the man drops dope music, he is releasing these six songs for free.   If you are not familiar with this man’s talent, now is the opportune time to study up.  Skeezo’s always dropping those tough bars and his choice of production continues to be impeccable.

There are lots of great guest shots on this project as well, but no one is going to outdue the host, bet on that.  Check out the tracks below:

Single You Out: Skeezo – No Seeds b/w Full Moon

A fan favorite, Skeezo, is back at crafting some newness by releasing, not one, but two singles.  No Seeds is a track that is completely smoothed out with some saxophone laced production by Ruen, while Full Moon has a little more bounce to it.  Both tracks feature some very focused lyricism from Skeezo, who seems even more poised then ever to take audio waves by storm.

Skeezo & Rediculous – Watch Ya Step Remix (ft. El Gant and Bekay) (Video)

Oh you were truly not ready for this joint.    Rediculous applied a particular type of funk to make this joint rock while Skeezo, El Gant, and Bekay launch an all out verbal assault on all the skinny jean wearing hipsters who claim to be able to rock the crowd.   These are joints that hip hop heads scream for, so make sure you dowload the album and share it with a friend.  You owe these men that much.

Skeezo x Rediculous – Stuck In Da 90s (Remixed Album) (2014)


Artist: Skeezo x Rediculous

Album Stuck In Da 90s (Remixed)


1. Stuck in the 90s (Rediculus Remix)
2. Pick Up Lines (ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq and Vasnessa Renee) (Rediculus Remix)
3. Party Starters (ft. Nutso) (Rediculus Remix)
4. Hudson Valley Renegade (Rediculus Remix)
5. Watch Ya Step (ft. El Gant, Bekay and DJ Modesty) (Rediculus Remix)
6. The Mission (Rediculus Remix)
7. How You Spit (ft. Napoleon Da Legend) (Rediculus Remix)
8. Stuck in the 90s (Rediculus Head Bang Remix)
9. How You Spit (Rediculus Reflex Remix)



Again, not a full review, just an awareness post.  I don’t know how it happened, but Skeezo linked up with one hell of a producer to remix his Stuck In Da 90s project from last year.  Rediculous lives up to his moniker when it comes to the beats he utilized for this project.  In all honesty, I am loving this entire thing from front to back.  The original is dope, but the remixed version is next level.  Skeezo’s vocals sound perfect over this reworking.  It’s a free download, so make sure you head on over  to the link above and download from DJ Booth.  This will be essential for 2014.