Swave Sevah – Wordz 2 Live By (2012)

Artist: Swave Sevah

Album: Wordz 2 Live By

Source:  Team Homi


1. Words 2 Live By Intro
2. Such A Feelin’
3. I Ain’t The One
4. Stab Wounds
5. Comparing Bars Skit
6. Raise Da Bar
7. On Ya Own Two
8. Down (ft. Probe Rok)
9. Step Aside (ft. Killer Mike)
10. Self Defense
11. Cross Hairs (ft. Team Homi)


Brutal.  That is how I would describe Swave Sevah’s style.  It’s hard to gauge whether Sevah brings his warrior’s mentality from battling to his music or vice versa. But no one can argue with how dope the end result is.  He obliterates bars for his musical efforts and his opponents.

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OnlyOne – Cult Classic (2012)

Artist: OnlyOne

Album: Cult Classic

Source: Sandpeople


1. Motion Picture
2. What I’ve got To Say (ft. Theory Hazit)
3. About Where I’m From
4. Scheming (ft. Illmaculate and Epp)
5. Sit Down
6. American Psycho
7. The Nightmare (ft. Onry Ozzborn)
8. Skrillionaire (ft. Illmaculate and Cool Nutz)
9. Follow A Dollar (ft. IAME and Goldini Bagwell)
10. Too Late
11.Open Book
12. Murder
13. Mario Bros.
14. White Republican
15. Zales
16. I Love Chronic
17. G-Shit (ft. JFK)
18. Blood Money


By now, everyone should know that I feel the music from the Sandpeople.  And while my favorite album from the collective is Goldini Bagwell’s, Chainsmoke, my favorite member is OnlyOne.  I am impressed by the way he puts together his rhymes and controls the pace of each track.  He never seems rushed, no matter the tempo of the song.  He always sounds comfortable rocking the mic.  It’s never complex, but rather unique.

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Red Eye – St. Fatrick’s Day (2012)

Artist: Red Eye

Album: St Fatrick’s Day

Source: Artist


1.J-Love Intro
2.Fuck B’n Polite (prod by DJ Qvali)
3.Drawn-n-Quartered (ft. Cella Dwellas x L.I.F.E. Long) (prod by Skammadix)
4.Step Aside (prod by DJ Qvali)
5.FigYa4LegLoc (ft. Critical Madness x Bezerk x Amiam x Illustrate x Shinobi Stalin x Tzarizm)
6.Til I Owe Nada (ft. Born Unique x Godilla) (prod by DJ Qvali)
7.7th Inning Stretch (ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq x Punchline x FT aka Fuc That x El Da Sensei x Phantasm x Nine)
8.Oh Baby Now (ft. Blaq Poet) (prod by Nickel Plated)
9.Definition of Apeshit (ft. Infinity Gauntlet x Dov) (prod by Snowgoons)
10.You Ain’t Ready (Remix) (ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq x King Magnetic) (prod by Res Nullius)
11.Never Relate (prod by DJ Qvali)
12.Click Clack (ft. Streets x Ruff) (prod by Thorotracks)
13.Hardcore (ft. Meyhem Lauren x Blaq Poet) (prod by Nickel Plated)
14.One By One (ft. Born Unique) (prod by DJ Qvali)
15.Unfukwitable (ft. Ruste Juxx x Reks x Reef the Lost Cauze x Shabaam Sahdeeq x Sha Stimuli x Nutso x M-Dot x Midaz)


It gets to a point where I could share every song off this mixtape as a single, but why not offer you guys the full picture of what it’s all about? And at this point I am just going to say it:  This mixtape is top notch.  If you want fifteen tracks that knock speakers with no filler of fru-fru material, St. Fatrick’s Day is the joint you are going to want to own.

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DJ Modesty – Kings From Queens 2 (2012)

Artist: DJ Modesty

Album: Kings From Queens 2

Source: Bandcamp


1. Kings From Queens Intro 2 (ft. J-Love)
2. Kings From Queens (ft. Lord Roc x L.I.F.E. Long x Musik G)
3. Bang On Em’ (ft. Nutso x YB x Logic x Koron)
4. Grand Central Parkway (ft. Junclassic x K-Sise)
5. Something Wonderful (ft. Willie Maze x Thruway)
6. Ty Nitty Drop
7. Hip Hop Alive (ft. Ty Nitty x Scape)
8. Killa Sha Drop
9. To My Nigghuhz On Tha Corner (ft. Easily Crippled x Cognac)
10. Gettin My Weight Up (ft. Satchel Page x Neek The Exotic)
11. Rafeese Drop
12. The Chosen (ft. Rafeese)
13. The Chills (ft. Camiliano)
14. Willie Stubz Drop
15. Narrow Path (ft. Willie Stubz)
16. Murder In The 16 Degree (ft. Reka The Saint)
17. Fill In The Blanks (ft. Verbal Harassment)
18. Starvin’ B Drop
19. Legal Ass Whoopin’ (Starvin’ B x Nutso)
20. Queens Get The Money (ft. Ray Mora)
21. Easily Crippled Drop
22. What I Do To Rhymes (ft. Easily Crippled, Hoffa, and Foul Monday)
23. Taste The Love (ft. Dox Boogie)
24. They Don’t Care About Us (ft. Ruc Da Jackel)


Unfortunately I am not going to have a chance to review this mixtape, but I did want to pass it on as something dope and noteworthy.  It’s a pretty quick listen as there are few drops and freestyles but well worth your time.  I am familiar with DJ Modesty from his previous work with Nutso, so I knew this mixtape was going to be worthwhile.  My favorite tracks are Narrow Path, Murder In The 16 Degree, and What I Do To Rhymes.

Check The Discography: Emilio Rojas

I haven’t done as many ‘check the discography’ segments as I would have liked and was thinking which emcee has put in a lot of work that people would like to get their hands on. I came up with the prolific, Emilio Rojas. The man has undergone a few name changes and a new crowd may not be up on his older material. I am a big fan of this NYC artist and thought some other people might feel the same way and like to check out some of his earlier work.  Unfortunately, the only way to here the album, For Good, is if you want to pay $40.00+ for the import CD at CD Universe. My apologies.

Emilio has another mixtape/street album, Breaking Point, dropping before the end of the year.  He has already released a few singles from that joint.  Also, he and producer M-Phazes have an album that dropped earlier this year under the name Phaze One.  Unfortunately that album is only available in Australia on Itunes.  Here is the link if you happen to be Australian.

(Last Updated:  September 25th, 2013)


Critical – Clinical Studies (2012)

Wow. What a nice surprise this was!  I own most of these jawns from Critical, but to see them all in once place is impressive.  The man has put in work, and this project puts that into perspective.  Critical is a very talented emcee on the Creative Juices roster and has an album dropping later this year entitled, Electrical Tape.  My favorite joints are his collaborations with Little Vic which are done under the monniker, Hidden Agenda.

Check this mixtape out.  You are bound to find some interesting gems.


Big O – The Delegation

Artist: Big O

Album: The Delegation

Source: Artist


1. Grand Entrance
2. Signal Your Team
3. I Rep Myself
4. AnyThing Goes
5. Love Ain’t The Same
6. Class By Myself
7. Let’s Go
8. Make Music 4
9. No Compassion
10. On My Mind
11. Gotta Keep At It
12. 24-7-365


The best part about running this blog is putting people on to new and under appreciated talent.  That segues perfectly into introducing you all (once again) to Big O.  He’s repping out of Cleveland, Ohio  and really giving the city a face for it’s contribution to the independent hip hop scene.

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Creative Juices – Sampler #2

Just trying to quickly put you onto some new music from the Creative Juices Music family.  There are soooo many good joints off of this sampler.  I have already heard most of them from the projects they already dropped on and they are all very dope.  Just check the credits and I think you will find it a necessity to check this out.

If you are not familiar with the Creative Juices’ body of work, this is a great release to start with.  You can check it out for free by hitting the download button below.


UllNevaNo – The Color Brown Part II (2012)

Artist: UllNevaNo

Album: The Color Brown Part II

Source:  Artist


1.Part 2
2.Comes Natural
4.Hand Movements
5.Who You Know
6.Writers Workshop
7.Outer Regions feat. Ahhzel(Late Bloomers)
9.Substance feat.Tay Black, Logic Marselis and Stephen Hicks
10.Horror Flick
11.I Cant Take It
12.Quick Strike feat. Matth Damon
13.Importance feat. Rome Cee
14.Yesterday feat. E-Major
15.Just Listen


The first notable release of 2012 belongs to Baltimore’s own, UllNevaNo.  He releases The Color Brown Part II mixtape where he flows over Apollo Brown instrumentals.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t mention a project where it’s an emcee flowing over another artist’s instrumentals but the quality of the project is incredible.  Also, Apollo Brown hasn’t gotten the credit he deserves as a dope producer and these beats really continue to showcase his talents, as UllNevaNo puts his own lyrical twist to them.

UllNevaNo sounds so comfortable and dope  over this collection of beats.  It’s hard to pick favorites but I really like Who You Know, Importance, and Just Listen.  Just Listen features one of my favorite Apollo Brown beats.  It’s just so beautiful, soulful, and boom bap all at the same time.

There are two things that I hope happen with this project.  1) I hope you download this project immediately, and get familiar with both Apollo Brown and UllNevaNo.  2)  I hope Apollo Brown hears this and he decides they need to do an original project together.   It just sounds like it needs to be done.

Kyle Rapps – On Air Mixtape (2011)

Artist: Kyle Rapps

Album: On Air Mixtape

Source:  Can’t Remember


1. Lost Message
2. Streets Move On
3. Universe Traveler (ft. Talib Kweli)
4. Angel
5. J’ai Dormi
6. Modular (ft. C-Rayz Walz)
7. Lost In Translation
8. Love Love 2  (ft. KRS-One & Homeboy Sandman)


This is my first time noting, Kyle Rapps musical efforts on this site.  I have previously listened to his other releases, Great and ReEdutainment, and while I think those were both good, I think On Air really takes a giant step forward.   I really enjoy listening to Kyle’s flow on this joint.  It’s slow and deliberate but still shows a lot of personality.  His lyrics are also very accessible and relate able.   There are a lot of dope guest shots but none of them really overshadow what Kyle Rapps has done with this project.

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