Artist: Kyle Rapps

Album: On Air Mixtape

Source:  Can’t Remember


1. Lost Message
2. Streets Move On
3. Universe Traveler (ft. Talib Kweli)
4. Angel
5. J’ai Dormi
6. Modular (ft. C-Rayz Walz)
7. Lost In Translation
8. Love Love 2  (ft. KRS-One & Homeboy Sandman)


This is my first time noting, Kyle Rapps musical efforts on this site.  I have previously listened to his other releases, Great and ReEdutainment, and while I think those were both good, I think On Air really takes a giant step forward.   I really enjoy listening to Kyle’s flow on this joint.  It’s slow and deliberate but still shows a lot of personality.  His lyrics are also very accessible and relate able.   There are a lot of dope guest shots but none of them really overshadow what Kyle Rapps has done with this project.

There really aren’t any songs that I dislike but there are songs that I really enjoyed.  Angel is one of them. I like the drums that were used on this track along with the electric guitar sample that is utilized in the background.   The subject matter is that of a man in pursuit of a woman but it’s more than that peep:

She from Salt Lake City, so she float a lot / She done had her heart break plenty, now it’s  broke apart / I just want to fix it, keep her warm, show her light when the soul is dark / Help a chick make it through the storm like Noah’s Ark

It’s dope flows like that which you will hear throughout the album.  It’s his cadence in the rhyme that also separates Kyle Rapps from the rest of the emcees out there.

I also am really digging this Love, Love Remix featuring the almighty KRS-One and Homeboy Sandman.  I like the more ambient feel of this track as opposed to the original. The same clever verses remain with the reworked beat.  Homeboy Sandman is the one who really shines on this track.  His verse is introspective and so very original in it’s content.  He’s not relying on metaphors and similes but rather a very conversational style.  He puts another perspective of what’s going on in the ghetto.  I won’t try and quote a Homeboy Sandman verse because it would be sacrilege to try and capture that flow.

Kyle Rapps also exhibits a little humor on the track, Modular, which also features rhymes from C-Rayz Walz.   The beat is a little spaced out which is perfect for these lyrics.   It’s nothing increibly advanced but it is fun nonetheless.

…my cock hard, my jeans don’t like me / I see clear, visine don’t like me / I’m so lightning, grease don’t like me / I’m drugs, fiends don’t like me / Catch so much buzz, bees don’t like me / So much love, my heart don’t like me / Get so much ass, farts don’t like me

The On Air Mixtape is full of dope joints and it’s a project that will wind up pushing Kyle Rapps further and further from the pack.   I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.  Be on the lookout for more of his music to be posted on this site!


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