OnlyOne – Cult Classic (2012)

Artist: OnlyOne

Album: Cult Classic

Source: Sandpeople


1. Motion Picture
2. What I’ve got To Say (ft. Theory Hazit)
3. About Where I’m From
4. Scheming (ft. Illmaculate and Epp)
5. Sit Down
6. American Psycho
7. The Nightmare (ft. Onry Ozzborn)
8. Skrillionaire (ft. Illmaculate and Cool Nutz)
9. Follow A Dollar (ft. IAME and Goldini Bagwell)
10. Too Late
11.Open Book
12. Murder
13. Mario Bros.
14. White Republican
15. Zales
16. I Love Chronic
17. G-Shit (ft. JFK)
18. Blood Money


By now, everyone should know that I feel the music from the Sandpeople.  And while my favorite album from the collective is Goldini Bagwell’s, Chainsmoke, my favorite member is OnlyOne.  I am impressed by the way he puts together his rhymes and controls the pace of each track.  He never seems rushed, no matter the tempo of the song.  He always sounds comfortable rocking the mic.  It’s never complex, but rather unique.

You can really hear his rugged delivery on the track, American Psycho.  The addicting rhythm of the pulsing production combined with Only’s flow makes this track impeccable.  His verse on this track is on par with any verse you can quote from 2012 or for that matter,  any year prior.  This is just some straight ill spitting with no chorus.  Usually, I don’t dig songs without a chorus.  I don’t think they make for good songs.  Well, this particular song proves me wrong.  I can leave this on repeat.  Here’s a sample:

Psycho-sematic / Pyro-Plasitc / Spit Nitric Acid / Skipped all my high school classes / Sipping outta ice cold glasses / I keep the metal with me like a micro magnet / Look at at your medical screen, the line is flattened / You don’t want to open up the missle silo hatches / I will end up in a cell like cytoplasm / The shell will give em’ spinal fractures / The gauge is twelve,  like the disciples in the  bible chapter /I sacrifice the unicorn to Lucifer, told em I would kill an angel for every human born / Then I grew some horns / My life like gruesome horror / My life like a movie, I write the music score…

Those few bars are just a taste of what this song offers lyrically.

On The Nightmare, OnlyOne enlists one of the more high energy emcees in the Pacific Northwest, Onry Ozzborn. Ozzborn reps another ill crew from the area called Oldominion.  The two sound dope over this beat that incorporates some classical sounds and your heart flat-lining.  This is a joint that definitely satisfies even the most fickle of listeners.

Follow A Dollar is a demonstration of dope wordplay.  The synth bass and hi-hats settle in behind OnlyOne, Goldini Bagwell, and IAME.  This track is interesting because of each emcee’s take on what it mean to ‘follow a dollar’.  Only offers you a grimey outlook on where money can lead you.  It could be a drug deal, alcohol, shoot outs, and even murder. Goldini Bagwell gives you a more abstract and intircate view of money.  He incorporates the paying of the bills, illicit under the table deals, and how it can divide people.  But the way he words things is just…different.  IAME invokes thoughts of capitalistic greed and his economic prosperity as an artist.  You have three different perspectives and styles, and this is what makes the Sandpeople a great crew.

Cult Classic is a great way to get to know OnlyOne’s talents.  You get a diverse look of his capabilities in the eighteen tracks offered.   If you like his music here on this free offering make sure you check out Chron, his collaborative effort with Lawz Spoken, and his other EP with Furtado Yuen.  OnlyOne is brash, confident, and most importantly skilled.  Don’t sleep…

2 thoughts on “OnlyOne – Cult Classic (2012)

  1. **lyric correction** “my life like a gruesome horror/my life like a movie, I write the music score”

    Otherwise, dope post!!

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