So here is a list of my favorite EPs from 2018.   I easily could have extended this list to 25 projects and been really comfortable about that.  However, I really wanted to showcase what I consider to be the best projects in a year where there was so much greatness to consider.  In the end, there were no votes, judges, or etcetera.  This was simply a matter of personal preference.  I hope you enjoy these projects as much as I did.

Jamo Gang


#1 – Jamo Gang: Self-Titled

Jamo Gang dropped their EP in early 2018 and it remained in the top spot despite so many dope releases.   J57 on the boards with El Gant and Ras Kass on the rhymes proved to be an incredible combination.   Every track on this project has that special blend of hip-hop necessity with even a little extra to go along.




#2 – DJ Skizz: High Powered 

Skizz put together one hell of a lyrical lineup for his EP, High Powered, which was highlighted by the track, Wild Cats, featuring Milano Constatine and Nems.  But not to be missed is the fact that the production is prone to snap necks.  The combination of the two was enough to hold down the #2 spot on this list.




#3  – Mooch x Farmabeats: Heroin Farms

The duo linked up and made that audio addiction, (pun intended) with their project Heroin Farms.  It’s not that long but it is potent, with tracks like Ruin Ya Life and Aunty House leading the pack.  Both of these artists delivered something really special here with boom bap flavor and potent lyricism with a sharp tongue.




#4  Waterr x Dirty Diggs: Wizard Of The Crystal

Speaking of great combinations, this duo put in some beautiful work for this collaborative project. Diggs crafted some really great production this year but this to me was the finest blend of sounds and a triumphant pairing.   I also don’t think there was an artist who made a better first impression on me this year than Waterr.  So unique in his gift!




#5 OnlyOne x Illmaculate: Only & Ill 2

Illmaculate and OnlyOne were at the top of their game with this one.  I could listen to Only & Ill 2 every day and it would never get old.  The production and lyricism is great, but the vibe and chemistry on this project is the crucial element.  Color Me GoldDe Nada, and Once Upon A Time In LA are all standout tracks from this project.




#6 Milez Grimez x Swann Notty: Murderous & Venomous

This project is too dope to be ignored or excluded from this list.  It got extended play from me throughout the year and Sound The Horns produced by Marco Polo is one of the best tracks this year.  It was all grime and grit and I loved every minute!





#7 – Staalin: F.R.W.L. 2

Staalin is a lyrical beast and he displays this prowess…over…and over again on his project from earlier this year.  The title track and Phoenix are among my favorites from the EP but overall it’s superlative and is a great listen from the first to the last.






#8 Pawz One x Robin Da Landlord: Flowstalgia: Sell Me A Dream

This EP is so good for so many reasons.  First, as I said in the initial review, these drums just knock so hard.  The production is so overtly well done.  Secondly, the content and the way it is delivered on cuts like Sell Me A Dream and The Devil’s Own, shows both depth and skill.





#9 Premrock x Fresh Kils: Poet’s Payday

Poetical execution with soul is what you get anytime Premrock drops a project and he does it again with Poet’s Payday with producer Fresh Kils.  The man really has a way with words that is unlike his contemporaries, making tracks like Fetnayl, Bad Sign, and Time Change among some of the most distinctive this year.





#10 Chuck N Lock x Farmabeats: Farm To Table

Damn.  Farmabeats just knows how to create outstanding music and has produced some real gems, among them is Farm To Table with Chuck N Lock.  The creative juices here a perfect mingling.  Lyrically, the emcees flip not only some clever lines but also some extremely clever themes.

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