Single You Out: PremRock – Fetanyl (ft. billy woods x Vekked)


We’ve talked about it before, but let’s make mention of it again:  PremRock is clearly an innovator when it comes to making hip hop music.  His lyricism is slick, crafty, and has a tendency to get those synapses firing in that brain of yours.

His new project with Fresh Kils, Poet’s Payday, is an extension of the previous comment.  This project again illustrates that creativity that we all love.  Fresh Kils  cooks up a delicious avant garde production, while billy woods adds his own innovations via a complimentary sixteen.

I am sure that hip hop lovers of all ilks will love this track and the project as a whole.


Fortunato – I’m That One (produced by Fresh Kils) (Video)

Fortunato is an artist that I hadn’t featured here before but after watching this video I feel he is a natural fit for our line up.  He’s got a nice delivery and the beat is on point.  This video single is lifted from his forthcoming album (can’t find it online so I am guessing it’s not out yet), Unseen Armada.  Be on the lookout for that.