Artist: SGT Over

Album: Uncut Diamonds

Source: Artist


1.The Quest (skit)
2.64 Bar Assassin
3.Take Aim
4.Concrete Roses ft Just Putt
5.Death Strike ft King RA x Pryme Prolifik
7.Good God ft Just Putt
8.The Reckoning (skit)
9.Heartless ft Joe Clark
10.Kung Fu ft Crisis
11.Martial Arts ft Physical Grafitti x Earl Grey
12.Game Of Death ft Profane
13.Solomon’s Temple ft Just Putt
14.Who’s Real ft BlackDan
15.The Journey Begins (Skit)


This is a collection of tracks assembled by SGT Over as a sampler of his material before his next album, Precious Jewels drops on November 13th.  I have been a big fan of the Dead Poet Society member ever since I heard their self-titled EP.  In my mind, his music keeps getting better and better with time.

64 Bar Assassin, Heartless, and Game Of Death are some of my favorites on a project full of bangers.  You are going to like this!


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