SGT. Over – School Of Hard Knoxx (2013)


True to my commitment to post more projects on HHD (minus the lengthy review) I bring you the newest EP from SGT. Over, School Of Hard Knoxx.  This project is short coming in at under 15 minutes but it’s really meant as a teaser for what is yet to come.   What that is, is his forthcoming album, Big Music, from which we have already showcased cuts featuring, Ras Kass and Ransom.  That album is going to be fully loaded and will drop in early 2014.  But in the meantime enjoy this moment in time produced by Knoxx.   The whole thing is certified but I am especially feeling the track, Sarge.  That one really sets the tone for what I think SGT Over is about.

SGT Over – Uncut Diamonds (2012)

Artist: SGT Over

Album: Uncut Diamonds

Source: Artist


1.The Quest (skit)
2.64 Bar Assassin
3.Take Aim
4.Concrete Roses ft Just Putt
5.Death Strike ft King RA x Pryme Prolifik
7.Good God ft Just Putt
8.The Reckoning (skit)
9.Heartless ft Joe Clark
10.Kung Fu ft Crisis
11.Martial Arts ft Physical Grafitti x Earl Grey
12.Game Of Death ft Profane
13.Solomon’s Temple ft Just Putt
14.Who’s Real ft BlackDan
15.The Journey Begins (Skit)


This is a collection of tracks assembled by SGT Over as a sampler of his material before his next album, Precious Jewels drops on November 13th.  I have been a big fan of the Dead Poet Society member ever since I heard their self-titled EP.  In my mind, his music keeps getting better and better with time.

64 Bar Assassin, Heartless, and Game Of Death are some of my favorites on a project full of bangers.  You are going to like this!


Single You Out: Just Putt – Kazama


Just Putt from one of my favorite crews, Dead Poets, dropped this off a couple of days ago and this was my first opportunity to check it out.  It’s definitely worth the download.  He has a slick flow and raw lyricism.  This track is one that kinds of lulls you into a slumber only to leave you in a body bag.  Smooth production…tough lyrics.

If you are liking this track, be sure to look out for his upcoming The Superman Judah project.