SGT Over – Uncut Diamonds (2012)

Artist: SGT Over

Album: Uncut Diamonds

Source: Artist


1.The Quest (skit)
2.64 Bar Assassin
3.Take Aim
4.Concrete Roses ft Just Putt
5.Death Strike ft King RA x Pryme Prolifik
7.Good God ft Just Putt
8.The Reckoning (skit)
9.Heartless ft Joe Clark
10.Kung Fu ft Crisis
11.Martial Arts ft Physical Grafitti x Earl Grey
12.Game Of Death ft Profane
13.Solomon’s Temple ft Just Putt
14.Who’s Real ft BlackDan
15.The Journey Begins (Skit)


This is a collection of tracks assembled by SGT Over as a sampler of his material before his next album, Precious Jewels drops on November 13th.  I have been a big fan of the Dead Poet Society member ever since I heard their self-titled EP.  In my mind, his music keeps getting better and better with time.

64 Bar Assassin, Heartless, and Game Of Death are some of my favorites on a project full of bangers.  You are going to like this!


Single You Out: 4th Assassin – Reservoir Dogs (ft. Faez One, Pryme Prolifik, Absoulut Karnage, Big O, Tha Soloist, and INF with cutz by DJ Madhandz)

4th Assassin posted this on his Twitter feed and I knew this was going to be nice.  The guitar sample and piano keys are the perfect back drop for this posse cut. The samples chopped in are just icing on the cake.  I am not sure if this joint will wind up on any project so be sure to enjoy it now.

Single You Out: Shadow People – Cypher Lords

Over 8:00 minutes of grimy hip hop!  Yes, that’s a little long, but lyrically these emcees come correct over an understated Vherbal beat.

Here’s the list of emcees as they appear on the cut:

Danegurous, Darren G, Absoulut Karnage, Infinite 7 Mind, Pryme Prolifik, Subconcious, Marcanum X, Big O, Vherbal