Friday Feature: illMEASURED – Thought You Knew (w/ UllNevaNo)

illMEASURED is a producer out of the DMV area that I have been checking for since DAY ONE.   Ever since I heard some of his production off of the Rome Cee album, The Grey Area, I new that this guy was hidden talent that just needed more exposure to his craft.  The man can create productions that range from jazzy and laid back to those boom-bap bangers we all  know and crave.  He is as exceptional as he is diverse.  So every Friday throughout the month of September we are going to be looking at new and old and projects from this producer to showcase his talents.

For this week’s installment, I present to you a recent cut illMEASURED produced for another HHD mainstay, UllNevaNo.   The cut is called Thought You Knew.  This song is a great demonstration of how illMEASURED intermingles so many different sounds to create the perfect track.  The horns, the vocal sample, and the scratching is a definitive hip hop moment.  It’s easy to hear why he is being featured here in just under four and a half minutes.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that UllNevaNo more than owns up to his end of the bargain by dropping bar after bar of heat.



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