Single You Out: Rome Cee – The Foundation (ft Ellis & Pascal) (prod. illMEASURED)



Rome Cee’s Earthside album is real.  It may even top my previous favorite in his discography, Grey Area.  illMeasured (good to hear from you my man) hit me with this gem and trust me when I tell you that this joint is indicative of the effort of the entire album.  Really superb material.  The beat and the verses meld into a pot of greatness…enjoy.

Single You Out: Minlus & McCracken – Wait A Minute (prod. by and cuts by illMEASURED)


I put illMEASURED among the most talented producers in the game.  His talent as a beatsmith really is unparalleled.  He certainly is the most slept on.   He sent me this joint that he produced for Minlus & McCracken (yeah, I didn’t know those names either) and it’s just more ear candy for the day.  The emcees hold the fort down with good exchanges and a dope chorus.  I am not sure where this track will wind up so get it while the getting is good!

Single You Out: Kojo – Fuck Swagg (prod. by illMEASDURED)


illMEASURED’s Friday Feature may be over but that doesn’t stop him from sending over some new hotness for us to listen to.  Kojo brings some tough lines and a gruff delivery while our producer friend provides hard-hittin’ rhythms.  Both the verbals and the beats give a good riddance to those still talking about their swagger…Old Spice sissy boys…

You can pick up Kojo’s new mix tape Mr. Annapolis 2


Friday Feature: illMEASURED x Lam & Grins – Be Careful (ft. R.A. the Rugged Man)

Alright, here we are at the final installment of this month’s Friday Feature with illMEASURED.  If you missed out, just backtrack and check out what this man has to offer hip hop fans.  But as the old adage goes, we saved the best for last for our readers.  illMEASURED produces an absolute monster for emcees Lam & Grins.  Not only that but you see who joins that duo on the mic…none other than R.A. The Rugged Man.   And that feature may draw you in, but this beat by our featured artist keeps you there.  The dark bass line and the guitar licks, accompanied by the expert chopping up the MOP sample make sure that this joint bangs in your system for a while.

Make sure you keep in tune to what this man it doing.  Email him for a beat for your project.  Follow him on Twitter. Like his Facebook Page.  Big things are afoot.

Friday Feature: illMEASURED x ill Conscious – The Essence

I was specifically saving this track for this feature.  This was originally released about a month ago as, ill Conscious’ title track from his forthcoming album that goes by the same name.   This is also the perfect illustration for why I am featuring illMEASURED in the first place.  His places samples are in succinct timing for this uptempo banger.  I also really enjoy how the production is very vibrant.  There is something very alive with this track that is certainly accentuated by ill Conscious’  dope flow and lyrical content.  He is a really talented emcee.   Great debut for him as well as being the perfect continuation of our September feature for illMEASURED.  This is indeed the essence of hip hop…

Friday Feature: illMEASURED – The Instrumental Version (Updated!)

For this week’s installment of the Friday Feature, HHD brings you illMEASURED beats in their purest form…INSTRUMENTAL ONLY.   If you are purely a fan of hip hop, check out these beats and vibe out.  If you are an emcee looking for a producer who has a great deal of versatility, with a rock solid foundation in hip hop fundamentals, and a knack for the boom-bap  Reach Out To Him…

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Friday Feature: illMEASURED – Thought You Knew (w/ UllNevaNo)

illMEASURED is a producer out of the DMV area that I have been checking for since DAY ONE.   Ever since I heard some of his production off of the Rome Cee album, The Grey Area, I new that this guy was hidden talent that just needed more exposure to his craft.  The man can create productions that range from jazzy and laid back to those boom-bap bangers we all  know and crave.  He is as exceptional as he is diverse.  So every Friday throughout the month of September we are going to be looking at new and old and projects from this producer to showcase his talents.

For this week’s installment, I present to you a recent cut illMEASURED produced for another HHD mainstay, UllNevaNo.   The cut is called Thought You Knew.  This song is a great demonstration of how illMEASURED intermingles so many different sounds to create the perfect track.  The horns, the vocal sample, and the scratching is a definitive hip hop moment.  It’s easy to hear why he is being featured here in just under four and a half minutes.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that UllNevaNo more than owns up to his end of the bargain by dropping bar after bar of heat.



Single You Out: Rome Cee – Makes Me High (ft. 810)

Rome Cee is an artist that has recently come to my attention, we recently featured his video, Something Beyond.  I think the man is impressive behind the mic, so I am going to keep pushing his music in hopes of you getting the picture.  This beat is also really well done.  We owe that to a producer who goes by the name of illMeasured (update your Twitter pic man, haha).

Rome Cee’s album, The Grey Area, is dropping next week.  Ready or not…