50 Best Songs Of 2022

Lists of this magnitude are tough to do and I take a great deal of pride in crafting. I think the first ten to fifteen are easy to distinguish and then after, I think the places can be somewhat become interchangeable. All great tracks, where the pecking order becomes less discernible. So many artists could have been included multiple times on this list, but then we lose depth. Artists like Mickey Diamond and Jay Royale could have had multiple entries. As it stands only one emcee, Ransom, got two tracks selected for this list.

In the end, this is a testament to the strength of hip hop in 2022. We can agree to disagree on many points but maybe you will find something dope you hadn’t heard or a new artist to support. This is my hope.

Thanks for your time and readership!

-Stef aka thathiphopguy

#1 – Done M-Dot & Apollo BrownThis is the track that sets the tone for the entire year and this is what M-Dot and Apollo Brown typify: Hard work and talent!
#2 – Unruly Vandal & NottzA song that gets caught in the head and does not let go. It is a personal anthem.
#3 – Power Nap Nicholas Craven & Boldy JamesBoldy and Craven is a beautiful union and nobody makes me crave a little rest like this cut. Beautiful music.
#4 – A Most Dreadful Symphony Ransom & V DonThis song’s whole vibe gives me chills.
#5 – Chain GretzkyMickey Diamond & Big GhostNo song went harder than this in 2022.
#6 – War I BringSherm LaRock & MidazNo song went harder than this in 2022…except above
#7 – Area 57 (ft. Skyzoo)J57Dope rhymes. Fluid flows. A Change Up. Perfect.
#8 – QtnaDefcee & BoathouseFrom the best album of 2022, you would expect a Top 10 song.
#9 – Highly Favored (ft. Bub Styles & Mickey Diamond)Ty Farris & Slim OneIt’s raw hip hop with a fantastic producer and three consummate emcees.
#10 – Linchpins (ft. Prince Po)Guilty SimpsonThe strings are glorious and the rhymes abound.
#11 – Everywhere I Go (ft. Muja Messiah, Guilty Simpson, and Copywrite)Dub SonataThe connections and cohesion on this joint are unparalleled. So clever!
#12 – Paint Pictures (J.Rocc Remix)XP The MarxmanHip-Hop holds true to it’s purest form on this joint.
#13 – The Most ExaltedIAMGAWDPen game is strong with this one. Glorious.
#14 – 3xMadhattan & NVPied Piper type smooth. Follow the flute and dope flow.
#15 – Sal’s Pizza 38 Spesh & Harry FraudSpesh and Fraud are an elite combination, and you can hear it here.
#16 – Why BitchStarvin B & DustyVibesStarvin B is a regular on these lists and this year is no different.
#17 – No Time To Waste (ft. Jadakiss)Apathy & Stu BangasIf you love sick lyricism this is the joint for you.
#18 – Cancel Myself Ren Thomas & Brutal CaesarYou make a mockery of hip hop so Thomas and Caesar make a mockery of you.
#19 – Immortals (ft. Casual)Lunar HeightsGreat track and the Casual cameo is spot on.
#20 – Keeper Of The FlameMooch & Oh JaySmooth track and crisp flow.
#21 – Gunsmithz (ft. Phat Kat, Asun Eastwood, Recognize Ali)Ol’ Man 80zzzAnother track in 2022 that knocks harder than most.
#22 – Stuck In Our Ways (ft. Rigz, MAV, Mooch)Real Bad ManIt’s Da Cloth!!! Flames!
#23 – Carlito & KleinfeldJay Royale & Kool G RapIt’s that certified street shit featuring a legend with one of today’s strongest.
#24 – Bone TomahawkSpit GemzThis is an intro to Gemz project and packs a lot of heat in a minute’s time.
#25 – Fire Slingers (ft. Snak The Ripper)N.B.S.Yeah. This track stays true to the namesake. They are spitting flames on here.
#26 – Scud MisslePlanet Asia & SnowgoonsLegends unite to give you this heat rock. These guys are at the pinnacle of their craft.
#27 – Roar Of The LionsEl GantAnother track that just “feels” like hip hop. It gets you hype to be a fan.
#28 – SlayJohaz & NottzNottz does it again this time taking you to church with Johaz.
#29 – Dis Could Be BadMAVIt could be bad, but MAV is oh so good.
#30 – Raekwon’s Table Ullnevano & God Sense BeatsNot all are worthy to sit at Raekwon’s Table. But these artists show and prove.
#31 – Lo PanTeek HallTeek Hall is name you should know and when this song gets caught in your head, you’ll remember.
#32 – Hans Gruber (ft. Lil Fame)Wais P & Pete TwistBruce Willis may not approve but the hip hop community agrees this is a banger.
#33 – Diamond Backs (ft. Daniel Son)Maze OverlayNorthside and AZ link up over some Farma heat.
#34 – CompromisedRansomRansom is too talented to not make this list twice.
#35 – Guerrero (ft. Westside Gunn)Benny the ButcherThe power and talent of Griselda is undeniable. This joint feels like it was actually made in a lab.
#36 – Triple Threat (ft. RIM & Frankky Smaccz)Eddie KaineFlamethrower bars over some production from the talented Hobgoblin.
#37 – Both SidesThe TangiersEvery time this cut comes on, my head nods instantly. Drops heavy.
#38 – One Bridge (ft. Fashawn & K-Prez)SnowgoonsThe organ that drives this track is the perfect set up. And the emcees give such great energy!
#39 – Bars After BarsFatt Father & DJ Jewels BabyThe Wu-Tang flip is insane and the bars and flow speak for themselves.
#40 – Museum Piece (ft. Torae)Napoleon Da Legend & Just Music BeatsThis song has the necessary hype and talent equivalent to make the list. Lyricism for days.
#41 – Hamster Wheel LocksmithOne of the most authentic artists in hip hop delivers a virtuoso performance.
#42 – TyrantShabaam Sahdeeq & John Jigg$Two of my favorites link up for some lyrical gold here.
#43 – Dudesovadere (ft. Dro Pesci)Mic HandzThis project is full of bangers and needs to be heard. This is just one of those harbody tracks.
#44 – Too ConvincedNelson Dialect & BigBobThis joint is just so melodic. It honestly should be higher on this list but what’s done is done. Incredible track.
#45 – Queens GambitShaz Illyork & Buon AnniSo good to hear Illyork over these banging beats from Buon Anni.
#46 – Big Coffins (ft. Mickey Diamond and Pro Dillinger)SnottyIt’s The Umbrella posse cut that bodies the competition.
#47 – Bill and Fame (ft. Tone Spliff)The Bad SeedA tribute of sorts to M.O.P. and no one is more set to do it properly than Seed!
#48 – RiotDaniel Son x Futurewave x 36 CypherYes. This joint could easily cause a riot. Everything is intense on this cut.
#49 – It’s Like That (ft. DJ Grazzhoppa)Supreme CerebralSupreme Cerebral slays tracks and he takes this rock infused beat and wreaks havoc.
#50 – Gawds Wrath Massacre (ft. Don Streat x Rico Blox x J Fliz x Jae Hussle x Street Da Villain)Slik Jack & Kng Bondalero)I needed to set off the list with this ill posse cut because this beat by Bondalero is an anthem.

Single You Out: Ullnevano – Raekwon’s Table

Yeah, I’ve been sleeping on the music of Ullnevano, and every once and a while I need to be reminded how dope an artist is. And here is that reminder I am sharing with you all. Raekwon’s Table, is just the track to showcase Ullnevano’s dexterity on the mic over the heavy drums of God Sense Beats. Showing you that only a few are allowed to break bread at the table of legends.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. This single, while ever so dope, isn’t even my favorite track off the album, The Ghost Of Reggie Lewis, which you should check out now!

Single You Out: Ullnevano x MANHE – fight club pool table


Ullnevano teams up with MANHE for a project named after one of the best names in collegiate sports, God Shammgod, a Point Guard from Providence with the ill handles.   And that’s what this project represents, the ability to control your craft like a ball on a string.

My favorite joint from the project is fight klub pool table, which incidentally is another GREAT name for a track.  MANHE laces a laid back but dusty vinyl vibe accompanied by a cascading harp,  for Ullnevano to proliferate his lyrical skill with.  And you really need to listen hard, because he’s got a lot of built in ill wordplay that you might miss if you’re not paying attention.

Check out SHAMMGOD.

Single You Out: Ullnevano x Illen Rosewell – 12’s over the wire

Ullnevano is one of those emcees whom I believe does not get the credit he is due. A few years ago he dropped a project with Logic Marselis that just oozed with dopeness, entitled The Protocol. Now he is back with a new project accompanied by the production of Illen Rosewell that again rises to the talent level of our emcee. Rosewell does a sensational job utilizing samples and dropping some soul into the music. I strongly suggest you check the project! For now…check the last cut from the EP, 12’s over the wire.

Top 50 Songs (2013)

Disclaimer:  It is hard and challenging to pick 50 tracks from the thousands upon thousands that dropped this year.  It is merely an attempt to list my favorite cuts of 2012.  Click the links to listen to the song!  I think it’s a great list.  There were a lot of great songs crafted this year and I know I left off some good ones.  I listened to 5,000+ tracks from 2012 alone this year, so as an artist, if you made this list you know you are on the forefront of my iTunes!

1. Said BeforeGoldini Bagwell

2. Rhyme Of The YearNino Bless

3. BelieversMayday

4. Outlive, Outshine Theo3

5.  WarStryfe and Marc Byrd

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ullnevano x logic marselis – PROTOCOL (Video)

This is the best ullnevano track I have heard to date.   This is something I could easily leave on repeat and not grow tired of.  It seems like Logic Marselis is on some ‘I-Am-Going-To-Make-The-Beat-Of-The-Year‘ type shit.   Wow,  The production really is some of the best work I have heard in 2013.   Sometimes I take for granted the music made by some of the more established HHD artists and this is a lesson learned.  Just as soon as you think they hit the pinnacle, they drop some next level music for your ears!

Friday Feature: illMEASURED – Thought You Knew (w/ UllNevaNo)

illMEASURED is a producer out of the DMV area that I have been checking for since DAY ONE.   Ever since I heard some of his production off of the Rome Cee album, The Grey Area, I new that this guy was hidden talent that just needed more exposure to his craft.  The man can create productions that range from jazzy and laid back to those boom-bap bangers we all  know and crave.  He is as exceptional as he is diverse.  So every Friday throughout the month of September we are going to be looking at new and old and projects from this producer to showcase his talents.

For this week’s installment, I present to you a recent cut illMEASURED produced for another HHD mainstay, UllNevaNo.   The cut is called Thought You Knew.  This song is a great demonstration of how illMEASURED intermingles so many different sounds to create the perfect track.  The horns, the vocal sample, and the scratching is a definitive hip hop moment.  It’s easy to hear why he is being featured here in just under four and a half minutes.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that UllNevaNo more than owns up to his end of the bargain by dropping bar after bar of heat.



Single You Out: UllNevaNo – Week 3 #ijustwannarhyme


I know what you are thinking:  Week 3?  What happened to weeks one and two?  My email ate them, that’s what happened, but UllNevaNo kindly reshot this over to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He’s really able to showcase his skills over this instrumental and I think you will agree that it gets top billing. Maybe if I can find the first two weeks I will add them to the post…