Rome Cee – Grey Area (2012)

Artist: Rome Cee

Album: Grey Area

Source: Artist


1. The Dual
2. Nightfall (ft. Jay Mastermind)
3. For The People
4. Black Ring
5. Double Think (ft. R.A.H.)
6. Illusion Love (ft. Wisdom and R.A.H.)
7. Bout To Blow (ft. Rickie Jacobs and Scarlette)
8. Makes Me High (ft. 810)
9. Moment To Sine (ft. Boy Blesst)
10. Virtue
11. Cold World
12. Something Beyond
13. Koole (ft. Pascal and Jay Mastermind)


Sometimes you just happen to wander into a gem.  And that’s really how I came across Rome Cee…by musically wandering.  I first caught wind of him on UllNevaNo’s project, The Color Brown Part II.  Then after that, I would see these videos pop up, after that I knew this artist was making the music that I like.  He is an intelligent lyricist, with a good turn of phrase, and he surrounded himself with some other very talented individuals.

You don’t have to look far to catch a glimpse of his talent and that of those whom he chooses to work with.  The Dual features some really dope board work from Jay Mastermind.  The production is dark, yet vibrant.  Mastermind utilizes piano keys during the verses and varies up the instrumentation on the hook.  It almost has a horror film appeal to it as the listener can never really get settled in, always anticipating the next move.  Rome Cee builds on that anticipation by dropping bars like the following:

…don’t buy the ticket, I don’t need the money / I’m taking this craft more serious, I don’t see it as funny / This my lifeline, at the right time / It could all just go down / Like boom-chick-blocka-blocka let the choppa blow around / It sound better than applause any day saying I don’t need the attention of these frauds anyway just to be honest with ya….

On the next track, Jay Mastermind joins Rome Cee on the mic and S-Geezy handles the production.  The music has a similar vibe to the previously mentioned joint.  It’s a little eerie, yet captivating.   This time the track has a little more soul much in part to the vocals on the chorus by Sam-Yule. At any rate both Cee and Mastermind rip their verses suitably for the masses.

The album proves musically interesting for the most part.  For The People has a definitive funky feel to the track and Double Think has a more uptempo pace. The latter also uses more synthesized production than you will find on the rest of the album. It has a commercial quality and  the chorus is pretty infectious.  Regardless, it certainly is a track to nod the head to.   I am particularly fond of  the chorus on the track.

You know what it is even when it’s me / I got razzle and dazzle with me /  I do magic on the beat / I call it Double Think, 40 lashes for fucking with me!…

I really feel that there was only one song that was stagnant throughout the course of Grey Area and that was the posse cut, Bout To Blow.  And while Rome Cee and company certainly come with dope lyricism, the production was, well, stale.  The track goes on for over five minutes and the beat does not change enough for me.  It just drones on, making it too monotonous for more than one listen.  I feel is the album’s lone blemish.

Music Makes High on the other hand is perhaps the most vibrant track off of the album.  We featured the video here earlier and for good reason. The vocal sample, the drums, all the way to the scratching at the end, make this song sound sonically good to the ears.

Overall, Grey Area,  shows off Rome Cee’s talents very well and help separates him from the rest of the pack. He is a versatile writer and emcee who is able to demonstrate those skills over (for the most part) superior production.  I think hip hop fans will find his style very accessible and the album a very enjoyable listen.  Definitely do yourself a favor and give Rome Cee and company a chance to entertain in your headphones!

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