Top 5 Mixtapes (2012)

Here are my Top 5  Mixtapes from 2012.  Click the pics to be taken to the appropriate download links.


Spit Gemz – Welcome To Hellzgate

If war came in your headphones, this is what it would sound like.   Spit Gemz is the quintessential street poet of our generation.  This man combines  the highest level of intelligence and wordplay making this the best street album/mixtape this year.

Red Eye

Red Eye – St. Fatrick’s Day

Red Eye definitely has an argument for the best mixtape of 2012.  This mixtape is tough.  Really tough.  The beats are big and the rhymes are raw.  There are also tons of dope guest shots on this project as well. Lots of replay value on this joint.


Juan Deuce – No Sweat

Juan Deuce’s first project, No Sweat, is a winner.   Juan Deuce is an artist all unto himself and can not be duplicated.  This project is absolutely unique.  And ‘unique’ in this instance means…fresh.


DMP – Live From Early Street

DMP offers the most traditional of mixtapes in this year’s awards.   Lots of short but dope cuts on this project from a group of Virginia emcees back by Nottz behind the boards.  Good music to saturate your eardrums in.


OnlyOne – Cult Classic

Do you want a mixtape to bang and knock in the whip?  Our Sandpeople brethren brought you some ill music in 2012 and perhaps none more sick than OnlyOne’s Cult Classic.

OnlyOne – Cult Classic (2012)

Artist: OnlyOne

Album: Cult Classic

Source: Sandpeople


1. Motion Picture
2. What I’ve got To Say (ft. Theory Hazit)
3. About Where I’m From
4. Scheming (ft. Illmaculate and Epp)
5. Sit Down
6. American Psycho
7. The Nightmare (ft. Onry Ozzborn)
8. Skrillionaire (ft. Illmaculate and Cool Nutz)
9. Follow A Dollar (ft. IAME and Goldini Bagwell)
10. Too Late
11.Open Book
12. Murder
13. Mario Bros.
14. White Republican
15. Zales
16. I Love Chronic
17. G-Shit (ft. JFK)
18. Blood Money


By now, everyone should know that I feel the music from the Sandpeople.  And while my favorite album from the collective is Goldini Bagwell’s, Chainsmoke, my favorite member is OnlyOne.  I am impressed by the way he puts together his rhymes and controls the pace of each track.  He never seems rushed, no matter the tempo of the song.  He always sounds comfortable rocking the mic.  It’s never complex, but rather unique.

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