Serge Severe – The MC (2018)


Artist: Serge Severe

Album: The MC


  1. Left You
  2. No Debate
  3. La Voz
  4. Say Nothing
  5. Giant
  6. Passport
  7. What The Sayin’
  8. Spat Energy
  9. New Generation
  10. Treat H.E.R. Right
  11. Stay Alive
  12. The Vigil


Serge Severe is back in the lab making music, after a sabbatical of sorts. It’s a pleasure for all of us to see him back in the studio, doing his thing, and creating an album of this caliber. The skills and talent that made him a staple on this site for years are still evident and shine greatly on his latest release, appropriately entitled, The MC.

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Single You Out: Al-One – Legends Of The Fall (ft. Illmaculate & Theory Hazit)

This song is sharp. It’s got everything you need in a hip hop cut for 2017. The bars from Al-One, Illmac, and Theory Hazit are all primo quality. And the beat from Rey Holliday is pretty special in it’s own right. It’s got some soul, funk, and boom bap wrapped inside.

Al-One’s, Sharptongue, drops next week, and I am pretty sure it’s going to be special. Stay tuned.

Cas Metah – Forget About It (Theory Hazit Remix) (Video)

Cas Metah dropped his latest album, Second Wind, a couple of weeks ago, and it’s about time we showed some love. The track, Forget About It, is remixed by Metah’s compadre Theory Hazit, and the sound embodies that of the entire album. Metah is putting all the naysayers on notice when folks might say that he’s too old to be doing his thing. Hip Hop is the Fountain Of Youth and he’s going to continue drinking until the water runs out!

Dope cut!

Jermiside & Danny Diggs – Quiet As Kept (2013)


Artist: Jermiside & Danny Diggs

Album: Quiet As Kept


1. How I Feel (ft. Destruments)
2. Book Of Rhymes (ft. Theory Hazit, K. Sparks, and DJ Mayhem)
3. Never
4. Bloodline
5. Life Lessons (ft. I-EL and DJ Mayhem)
6. The Depths
7. The Innocent
8. Thank You (ft. L-Marr the Star and Ill Poetic)
9. Victory Is Mine
10. Be Forever
11. Victory Is Mine (The Expert Remix)
12. Bloodline (Illustrate Remix)


When was the last time that you positively impacted by an album?   Never?  Months?  Years?   Well, I felt pretty damn good after I finished the first few listens of Jermiside and Danny Diggs’ new album, Quiet As Kept. Jermiside litters the album with introspection, insight, personality, and positivity.   He blends a dose of real world pragmatism with an optimistic nature, while Danny Diggs keeps the music very organic and in more than one case…therapeutic.

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OnlyOne – Cult Classic (2012)

Artist: OnlyOne

Album: Cult Classic

Source: Sandpeople


1. Motion Picture
2. What I’ve got To Say (ft. Theory Hazit)
3. About Where I’m From
4. Scheming (ft. Illmaculate and Epp)
5. Sit Down
6. American Psycho
7. The Nightmare (ft. Onry Ozzborn)
8. Skrillionaire (ft. Illmaculate and Cool Nutz)
9. Follow A Dollar (ft. IAME and Goldini Bagwell)
10. Too Late
11.Open Book
12. Murder
13. Mario Bros.
14. White Republican
15. Zales
16. I Love Chronic
17. G-Shit (ft. JFK)
18. Blood Money


By now, everyone should know that I feel the music from the Sandpeople.  And while my favorite album from the collective is Goldini Bagwell’s, Chainsmoke, my favorite member is OnlyOne.  I am impressed by the way he puts together his rhymes and controls the pace of each track.  He never seems rushed, no matter the tempo of the song.  He always sounds comfortable rocking the mic.  It’s never complex, but rather unique.

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Pass The Mic (ft. Serge Severe, Theory Hazit, Jon Belz, Luck One, Quiz Zilla, Mila Gordana, Cassow, and Braille) Produced by Terminill (Video)

I had already known about 2/3 of the emcees on this posse cut.   They all killed it.  Serge Severe, Theory Hazit, Luck One, and Braille I am very familiar with.  I own projects from each of these emcees.  Outt of the other emcees, only one really had me wanting to check more of his material.  That’s Jon Belz.  I liked his flow.  Best verse has to go to Braille… It also bears mentioning that Terminill’s beat was pretty standout.