Artist: Ill Bill x Vinnie Paz

Album: Heavy Metal Kings

Source: Itunes


1. Keeper Of The Seven Keys (Produced by C-Lance)
2. Eye Is The King (Produced by Junior Makhno)
3. Impaled Nazarene (Produced by Grand Finale)
4. Children Of God (Produced by ILL Bill)
5. Blood Meridian (Produced by Gem Crates)
6. Oath Of The Goat (Produced by Vherbal)
7. King Diamond (Produced by ILL Bill)
8. The Vice Of Killing featuring Reef the Lost Cauze and Sabac Red (Produced by Sicknature)
9. Devil’s Rebels featuring Crypt the Warchild (Produced by Shuko)
10. Age Of Quarrel (Produced by Jack of all Trades)
11. Metal In Your Mouth featuring Q-Unique and Slaine (Produced by Jack of all Trades)
12. Terror Network (Produced by C-Lance)
13. Leviathan (The Spell Of Kingu) – (Produced by DJ Muggs)
14. The Crown Is Mine (Produced by C-Lance)
15. Splatterfest (Produced by C-Lance)
16. The Final Call (Produced by ILL Bill)


I have been waiting for something of this audible velocity to hit my ear drums.  Heavy Metal Kings is intelligent, sadistic, and raw.  Most of the songs found there within will hit you like a bullet train.  With that being said, I understand why this release may not be for everybody.  This is not the album that you are going to get good vibes from.  This is not something you are going to chill to.  You are not going to rock this at a party. This is something for your senses to devour.

My first observation is that I really like how Vinnie Paz sounds on this album.  I can really appreciate his performance.  It has been a while since I have heard him flow on an album so consistently.  Usually, I find a few verses that I like, and then move on, but with Heavy Metal Kings he brings back that intelligence, perspective, and rawness that I appreciate.  When he puts all three together, Paz is unstoppable.

Both Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz attack their verses throughout Heavy Metal Kings.  There is nothing subtle about their lyrics and deliveries.  It all can be taken at face value. They are not pretending to be someone they are not. They are  both unabashed and go for the throat when they spit, which makes them a great tandem. They seem to thrive off of each other’s energy. Every line is a decisive shot of adrenaline in my opinion.

My two favorite songs are Impaled Nazarene and Children Of God.  Both of these tracks are high on rhyme content and the production is flawless.   The two tracks dabble in perceptions of history, religion, and politics.  They actually make you think about the way you understand society and religion, and at the very least peer into a different level of understanding.

On Impaled Nazarene, Vinnie rips a verse that I haven’t heard from him since the first JMT album, The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness.  Over a Grand Finale beat that features a somber string sample, Vinnie goes in on such things as the missing seventeen years of Jesus life. Where was he during the time?   Whether you agree with Vinnie’s assumption of what was going on or not is a non-factor.  Verses like this go above and beyond the typical.  They make you digest information and reflect.

Digesting information” is the perfect segue to Children Of God.  This joint is chocked full of not only knowledge, but incredible flow.  This song is self-produced by Ill Bill, so he kills it on both ends of the spectrum.  This cut has more of a rock feel to it, and it bangs in the system.  But more important than the production, is the verses, in particular, Ill Bill’s.  The flow on this verse is one of the best of his career.

Never doubt your god, children singing songs about jihad / Explosions that blow cars over buildings from afar / We the children of a bloodstained / Revolution gun bang / Forever shoot and run fam / Get your Uzi love thing /Retribution Timberland boots, leather gooses /
In the undisclosed black bulletproof with the extra shooter / Bought a box of banana clips from these anarchists / Like Tim Osman commanding the ship on dialysis / More pain more gain, 9/11 was a war game  / More enemies, more friends, more fame / Listen to propaganda cock the hammer / We can stop a man but how do you destroy an army that’s a phantom? / How do you kill a militia that’s invisible? / Mystical, peep what official pistols do, kid we invincible / How do you stop the unstoppable, unkillable? / The salvation of God, now sit back and listen to the song y’all

There are so many deep verses and cryptic references throughout the album. They constantly get the mind moving.  Maybe I am the curious one.  I want to know what these artists are talking about.  This album, in large part, takes on territory that few artists are willing to travel.   It’s not necessarily foreign subject matter, but it’s the depth to which they delve that is impressive.  The production is top notch with head nodding beats and a variety of different samples give the album the contrast it needs to be entertaining.  Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz engage the listener with dope flows and delivery.   They want to push their point across and do so in exceptional fashion.  Heavy Metal Kings is not for the faint of heart.  It is for those of us who want something more out of our music than just gimmicks.  It gives us enduring substance.

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