Artist: Imakemadbeats x MidaZ The Beast

Album: The Nighlight EP

Source: Bandcamp


  1. Nighlight Sunset
  2. Flyers
  3. Freedom (ft. TzariZM)
  4. Subliminal Diss
  5. Word Of Mouth (ft. TzariZM and MURDOC)
  6. The Response
  7. 7 Years
  8. Nighlight Sunset


This project was released in conjunction with the sister project, The Daylight EP, that featured Butta Verses.   Both of the projects are a prelude to IMAKEMADBEATS’ self-titled album which is dropping, next week on January 18th.   I didn’t comment on the Daylight project mostly because I was involved in the end of the year business but I also must say that I prefer the darker side of things.

The beats on this project are grimey and MidaZ is the perfect emcee to rip over these tracks.    He has the voice, flow, and delivery to turn these dope instrumentals into hip hop gold.

The first song, Flyers, is an ode to the “promoters who can’t spell the name right“.    The snare drum snaps across the track and the synth backdrop leads the way for MidaZ’s vocals.   This is the perfect introduction to the crew known as Blakout.   Midaz goes in hard about how show promoters have no idea who they have on their bill and get sloppy with the spelling.  His gruff demeanor on the mic almost sounds like he is chewing somebody out personally.   Maybe he was…

I had never heard the original song, Freedom, which is the second track off this EP.  I had heard, however, several years ago, the remixed version featuring Supastition.   I dare you to find better production in 2011.   This track is fire.   I loved the remixed version and I love the original just as much. MidaZ gets some hard bars on this track.  It’s Blakout versus the world and MidaZ and IMAKEMADBEATS have been backed into a corner, and this cut is them coming out going for broke.    IMAKEMADBEATS  uses horns and drums to carry the track, but his selection of the vocal sample that loops throughout really makes the track special.  The voice echoing “…it makes no difference” comes in on perfect timing.

The Daylight/Nightlight EPs are all about contrast.  They are there to show you how diverse this beatsmith can be.  Again,  I tend to like production on the darker side, so I am speaking on Nightlight in particular, but don’t discount the ability to make dope production that’s a little lighter in style.  IMAKEMADBEATS is about to get his due.  He has a solid resume, and next week you will get the full course meal when his album drops.  Below I have included links to both projects, in addition to you can also stream his new album to get the whole vibe before it drops.  Be sure to support!

Album Sampler

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