The man, Zilla Rocca, hit me off with these singles from Curly Castro’s forthcoming album, Winston’s Appeal.  That should be dropping later this week, on January 28th I believe.  You can keep your eyes peeled on his Bandcamp site.  It should be uploaded there.

Eulogy To L is a “tribute” to the way LL Cool J used to represent on the microphone and  Castro’s lament to what he has become.  Zilla Rocca is responsible for the production, crafting his own rendition of the Booming System.  It’s dope in concept and in realization.

The B-Side is a classic posse cut.  Any time you get 15 emcees together on a track, you are taking a chance, but these men (and lady) kill their bars.  Some rhymes and  flows are better than others, but there are indefinitely some ill quo tables and nobody detracts from the track.  The beat by LastWord is a classic banger.  It’s definitely ill, and something I can see bumping for a long time to come.

Just click the pic and you can listen and download if you so choose!


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