Artist: Laelo Hood

Album: Fuck The World

Source: Inner Loop Uncut


  1. Fuck The World (prod. by DJ Soundtrax)
  2. Nah Joe (prod. by Hec Dolo)
  3. Where I Belong (ft. XO and Alison Carney) (prod. by Coldboy and Grussle)
  4. Hooked On You (ft. Mamouna Youssef) (prod. by Decompose)
  5. Fooling Myself (prod.  Bad Abbot)
  6. Trust Nobody (ft. Muggsy Malone) (prod. by Bad Abbot)
  7. Where’d I Go Wrong (ft. K-Beta)  (prod. by Coldboy)
  8. Family Ties (ft. Midian) (prod. by J-$crilla)
  9. I.L.S.O. (ft. T.E.F.L.O.N. and Sketch) (prod. by Grussle)
  10. The Crucible (ft. The Package and Kokayi) (prod. by Theory)
  11. Concrete Jungle (ft. Draus and K-Beta) (prod. by Theory)
  12. Assasin (ft. Akir and Mr. Hakwins) (prod. by Decompose)
  13. Blood On The Walls (prod. by Soulful)
  14. Take A Hit (ft. Bear Witnez) (prod. by Kobayashi)
  15. High (ft. Jai Blazin and Claudette Monet) (prod. by Terry B)


I first came across Laelo Hood when he leaked the cut, Trust Nobody, for this very project.  When I heard that joint, I hit repeat at least three times and then determined that I had to get in touch with Laelo Hood and get some more information on this man’s music.  He told me that in a few weeks that he would be releasing, Fuck The World.  I am about a week late in copping, but better late than never.

Fuck The World, seems like man’s discontent set to music.  Laelo Hood lets loose tracks that touch on topics and emotions like addiction, unfaithfulness, mistrust, anger, politics, and social commentary.  He has the musical talent to address all these topics and feelings and still sound incredibly dope.  When you hear a track like, Trust Nobody, you always have the thought in the back of your head that this might just be a one-hit wonder.   But this is certainly not the case with Laelo Hood.

And since Trust Nobody is at the forefront of my mind, let’s talk about it.  It has that grimy, 1990s feel too it.  The joint is an anthem.  I can shout that hook word for word right now.  The lyrics are predicated on avoiding the snakes in the grass, watch your back, and do for yourelf because there is no one else you can rely on.  The beat by Bad Abbot is definitely on point.   The drums bang as Laelo Hood and Muggsy Malone spit their bars.  Trust Nobody is the kind of song that becomes an anthem because it taps into everyone’s insecurities of dealing with other people.  Check the chorus:

I don’t expect shit from no one so I;m never disappointed/ Live by the rule: If it comes easy I don’t want it / Struggle’s just  a part of me, the hustle n’ the heart of me / Question everything…Trust Nobody

The illness doesn’t check out there.  This album is complete with more than just a few bangers.   But in addition to those more traditional bangers, on the track, Family Ties, Laelo Hood shows that he can tell an ill and detailed story.  Now this story is twisted on so many levels, and it’s something that you just need to listen to.  The story really fits in with the schematic of the album. It is that skeleton-in-the-closet joint that oozes depravity.  The point is that Laelo Hood has that rare hip hop talent of being able to tell a story.  I could listen to ten more albums and not hear one artist even attempt a story.  This is just dope.

Assasin and Blood On The Walls are two other tracks that are perfectly dope but  for different reasons.  The former has political overtones and features Akir.  It’s joints like, Assasin, that not only make hip hop entertaining but also educate.  The latter track, Blood On The Walls, is just scary.  It has Laelo Hood seeing visions and hearing voices. It’s like a horror film in musical form.  Laelo Hood makes you feel this track as he narrates his demented story.  The chorus is also one that you will remember.  It just sticks in your head.

As is when I do any review on this blog, I am recommending this album.  But I want to go the extra step, and say that Fuck The World, while not being unique in title, is a very special project.  As a listener you get so much diversity in these sixteen tracks.  Laelo Hood is someone I can see going incredibly far in hip hop.   His talent borders on words like remarkable.  He is the consummate emcee, showing throughout this project that he can spit on any topic and pull off any style.  He can tell these stories.  He can drop the hot metaphor.  And most importantly, he can make the dope song.  So when I say this is a must cop project for 2011, take those words on face value.

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