Single You Out: K-Beta – My Name Is K-BETA


Another personal favorite of mine is back to making music.  Over the past few years there have been a few sightings of K-Beta dropping a verse or two but now it seems he is engaged in a full resurgence which is great for us hip hop fans, because the man is supremely talented.

Here’s is his self-produced reintroduction to the masses. The man has bars!  Check back here for new music from K-Beta as it arrives.

Single You Out: Gary Rue – Creatures Of Habit (ft. K-Beta)

Gary Rue

Yo!  I purchased this Gary Rue album, Every Shrink’s Wet Dream, and it is teetering on fantastic!  The production which is vastly handled by Sultan Mir is on point and Rue can spit some fire.  If I was to give an album, a numeric rating,  which I very well may start doing we may be looking at an 8.5 out of 10.   It’s that good.

To represent this album, I chose the cut Creatures Of Habit because not only is it a fire track that represents hip hop to the fullest, but also features K-Beta.  I love Beta.  I always have.  It’s good to hear him on the mic.

Check this album out!  It won’t disappoint!

Single You Out: Sketch McGuiney – Knuckleheads (ft. K-Beta & Cuban Link) (prod. !llmind)

!llmind lends a banger to Sketch McGuiney and his comrades K-Beta and Cuban Link.  It’s music like this that lets you know that hip hop is alive and well and when placed in the right hands can still stimulate ear drums.   This joint really goes incredibly hard and I am so glad to hear K-Beta on a joint again.  I also love the little subtleties in the track such as the line from The Usual Suspects integrated into the verses.

If you are not up on Sketch and this song has piqued your interest, check his joint from a few years ago, Virginia Tec-9.  He’s got a new mix tape dropping entitled, Handle Bars.  Don’t sleep!

Sketch – Virginia Tec-9 (2011)

Artist: Sketch

Album: Virginia Tec-9

Source: So Much Promo Hard To Tell

1. Lil Bad Mfer
2. IDK
3. Tommy Gunz (Ft. K-Beta)
4. Believer (ft. Midian)
5. Chain Smoking
6. St. Ides (Skit)
7. D.R.E.A.M.
8. VT-9 (ft. DJ IDEE)
9. Nuclear Alcoholic Beverage (Skit)
10. Nuclear (ft. Bloodsport)
11. Nightmarez (ft. Nipsey Hustle)
12. Porno
13. The Connect (ft. K-Beta, Uptown XO, Nickelus F)
14. Call It A Gift (ft. K-Beta)
15. Pain Killer
16. My Life, My Love, My Blood (ft. Akshun)
17. Chain Smoking Remix (ft. Roc Marciano, Reef The Lost Cause)


Here is another album where I thought that the release date would never come. The lead single and title track dropped all the way back in May, but just last week we got ourselves the full length.  The album is seventeen tracks in length with a couple of skits thrown in .  In those fifteen actual songs there is a lot of dope rhymes and beats provided by Sketch and J-$crilla respectively.

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Interview – K-Beta (2011)

I recently had the opportunity to ask some questions to an artist from the DMV who I think released one of the best album thus far in  2011.  K-Beta has been paying dues in hip hop and in life.  His album, Inglorious Beta, is a must listen for any hip hop fan.  As an emcee, his skill knows no bounds.  As a man,  he resides in the same struggles and successes that we do.  I encourage you to check out the album and also check out what the man has to say about music, the DMV, and life in general.

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