Sean J – The Ego Egg Mixtape

Artist: Sean J

Album: The Ego Egg Mixtape

SourceSean J Website


  1. Lonely (prod. by Nine Six)
  2. Unstoppable (prod. by Soy Is Real)
  3. The Ode To An Assassin (prod. by Soy Is Real)
  4. Elevate (prod. by Unselftitled)
  5. Devil In New Denim
  6. Talk About (She Says) (prod. by Soy Is Real)
  7. Exhibition
  8. FTW (Big Bulge Music) (prod. by Soy Is Real)
  9. Deadly Medly (ft. Tzarizm and Midaz The Beast)
  10. Parallel (Snippet) (prod by. Mental Abstracto)
  11. The Sh*t (prod. by Soy Is Real)


I heard Some Sean J material earlier this year and I have not stopped listening to him since.  I knew this project was dropping soon but it caught me unawares when I saw the link go live earlier this week.  The Ego Egg Mixtape is a great window for hip hop fans to look through to see what kind of artist, Sean J actually is.   Lets just say he is the one with a ton of talent.   It seems with each project he shows and proves his merit.  I personally like each and every project he has put out and this one is near perfect.

Every cut is above par, but one cut in particular just had me hitting repeat four or five times in a row.  I was bringing my cohorts over to the computer and having them check the cut, Talk Abut (She Says) produced by Soy Is Real.  This joint is crazy dope.  Here you listen to Sean J tell the story of particular relationships and how they function or are in dysfunction.  His flow is so crisp as he narrates his thoughts on his relationships in and out of his life, using basketball as a clever euphemism at one point.  Check the chorus:

She says we don’t talk no more / but there is nothing to talk about, so you can just stop it now/ There’s a thin line between this / I’m going to mark it out/So keep it moving baby girl and just walk it out

The production by Soy Is Real is simply put, ridiculous.  Some of the freshest production I have heard this year has come from this man.  On Talk About (She Says) his drum pattern is a head nodder, the chimes drop on point, and the vocal sample he utilizes for the chorus is the straw the broke the camel’s back.  This joint is a sure shot when coupled with Sean J’s clever lyrics.

Another joint to check for is the posse cut, Deadly Medly, which of course uses the beat first crafted for Black Milk’s project.  The beat we all know (or should know) is beastly and Sean J, Tzarizm, and Midaz The Beast prove deserving of serving verses over it.  Each of the emcees deliver on this track making it certainly on par with the original three emcees.

Sean J is one of the emcees  in independent hip hop that one can build a label around.  He has the “it” factor when it comes to skill as an emcee and the ability to make songs that I think anyone can enjoy.  The Ego Egg Mixtape is an excellent way for people to get to know him and segue into his previous releases, A Tree By Itself and the Who The Flip Mixtape, each of which is incredible in it’ s own right.  You can download them all from the bandcamp link listed above.  And if you don’t do anything else, you must listen to aforementioned Talk Abut (She Says). I am adamant about that.

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