Single You Out: Double Life (L*Roneous x Gennessee) – Return Of The Kings

L*Roneous and Gennessee are indeed Double Life. And if you’ve been listening to independent hip hop for as long as i have, you are probably going to recognize the name. These artists were at the forefront of music scene we see today…they released their vinyl single, Revolutions, in 1997. That was literally at the precipice of the independent movement as I know it. But as it looks now, Double Life stands the test of time. These guys sound brilliant together. L*Roneous captivates me with his wordplay every time and I stay waiting for him to drop some new music. He is simply unique and his style stands out effortlessly. And Gennessee has a more raw delivery and owns his sixteens from beginning to end. The two sounds really nice together.

To be honest….I couldn’t even make it passed the third cut on the album before I was determined to make this post. This isn’t just good…this is superior music. I am not sure how many of the songs were in the vault, or how many are new, but the energy and quality are on full display. Check out the album, SHANTARAM, and peep the cut, Return Of The Kings, below….you will NOT regret this recommendation.

L*Roneous x 2Bers – Utopian Blues (2014)


Artist: L*Roneous x 2bers

Album: Utopian Blues


1. Modify
2. Soul Clap
3. Second Sun
4. Wishing Well
5. Small Town
6. Tech
7. Espionage
8. Zombie Fingers
9. Help Me


L*Roneous had told me that he had some new music coming soon and to my pleasant surprise Bandcamp sent me an email a couple of weeks ago that one of my favorites had dropped another project.  This time the project, Utopian Blues, is a collaborative effort between L*ron and 2bers. I was skeptical at first because sometimes these pairings can go terribly wrong.  L*Roneous is a high level emcee and not knowing who 2Bers was left me a little incredulous.  So many times you get a high caliber artist who reaches below his skill level in a collaboration.  That’s really not the case here.  This is more of a blending of strengths rather than a disparity in talent.   It’s actually one of the most melodic releases I have heard in a while.

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Top 10 Albums (2012)


#1 – (Apollo The GreatHennessy Diaries) –  I know what you are saying right now…”What is he thinking?”   But you probably haven’t even heard this album.  I have listened to it at least 10 times in preparation for this list and I have come to the same conclusion every single time.  It is the best.  Now I haven’t even had the time to review the album in it’s entirety but I hope this accolade prompts you to listen to it.  This is going to sound like large praise indeed, but listening to this was similar to listening to Illmatic.  Now before you get your panties in a bunch…I said like.

This is a great album.  The beats are incredible and Apollo the Great is a superb lyricist.  There is not one skippable track on the entire project.  It is great from the alpha to the omega.  Above The Sky, Liquor Talk, and Bad Ones are all some of my personal favorites off of this joint.  Each joint is well done but the flow of this album is on point as well,   It’s an extremely fluid release


#2 – (OddiseePeople Hear What They See) – This album dropped in June and for no apparent reason I listened to it and moved on.  But upon revisiting this project, I too can see it’s brilliance.  Many people know Oddisee as the producer but people are getting more and more exposure to his lyricism.  He’s very introspective and delivers powerful performance after powerful performance.


#3 (PremRockMark’s Wild Years) – Man, for two years running Premrock has cracked this list.  I guess that should come as not surprise as he is probably the most innovative artist on this list.   I mean combining Tom Waits and Hip Hop is no easy feat in my mind but he brought so much life and vibrancy to hip hop with this release.  I hope people will give this album a chance in their rotation.  I think you will enjoy.  Premrock gives the term ‘artist’ all the more credibility in hip hop culture.


#4 (Ruste Juxx x The Arcitype –  VIC) –  I had never heard of The Arcitype prior to this release and for shame on me.  This gentleman gave Ruste Juxx the perfect auditory canvas for his verbals.   VIC not only knocks to a higher rhythm, but Ruste Juxx showed incredible versatility making this joint shine bright for 2012.


#5 (SwerveThe Barrelhouse)  Here’s another one you all might be shaking your heads at, but I will not back down from this choice.  The Barrelhouse is silky smooth and Swerve just has “it”.  His lyricism, flow, and the ability to morph a turn of phrase really separates him from the pack to me.  I am determined to get this man’s name more shine in 2013 because his 2012 was criminally slept upon.   The highest caliber of emcee.


#6 (Apollo Brown x OC – Trophies) – I know the majority will have this higher on their lists.  It’s a great album.  Everything Apollo Brown is touching these days appears to be golden.  But truthfully, when was the last time you heard OC come off like this? He sounds tight on the mic device.  This album is loaded with dope tracks and a must have in your stash.


#7 (MaLLy x The Sundance KidThe Last Great) –  This is a great emcee and producer combo!  I felt like this project took forever to come out.  I was asking and anticipating and it finally arrived.  When it did, it did not disappoint in the least.  MaLLy doesn’t just rock mics…he commands them!  He just has incredible presence.  The Sundance Kid also is gifted behind the boards creating interesting blends of boom-bap and synth.  Check this!


#8 (LocksmithLabyrinth) –  Some of you forgot about this one, didn’t you?  Locksmith is tenacious with his spit game and filled with angst.  This is another album that is loaded with great tracks. My two favorites are Illuminati and Little Bunny Rabbit.


#9 (Reks x NumonicsRebelutionary) – This is an artistic union that any fan or blog should be able to get behind.  Reks (in my mind) already has one classic album under his belt with, Grey Hairs.  Numonics has been cranking out some of the dopest production in the last couple of years.  The two sound really great together.   This album knocks hard and has edgy lyricism for the masses.


#10 (LRoneousLgorithms) – LRoneous has been the epitome of consistency.  Last years’ Notes Of The Righteous Outlaw really caught my attention and Lgorithms just holds that captive audience and builds upon it.  He is one of the finest wordsmiths doing it right now and deserved to be recognized as much.  Lots of great cuts on this but perhaps none greater than his dedication to Mike Dream.

Lgorithms 3P (2012)

Artist: L*Roneous

Title: Lgorithms 3P

Source: Artist


1. Drift Away
2. Melody
3. Apartment D

Here’s a little something extra for those of you who caught Lgorithms album earlier this year.  It’s obviously quite short but I guarantee you would rather cop three tracks from L*Roneous than a 16 track album from 95% of other ’emcees’.

All three of these tracks are harmonious and have a soulful vibe.   My favorite track of the bunch is Melody.  It just has a very optimistic outlook on life that I want to relate to.  I connected with that joint, though the samples on Apartment D are also quite memorable.

Give it a run…

L*Roneous – Lgorithms (2012)

Artist: L*Roneous

Album: Lgorithms

Source: Artist


1. Lgorithms (Intro)
2. Tell A Vision
3. Clear vision
4. Sound Clash
5. Formulated Methods
6. The Get Down
7. Sunrays Midtro
8. 1984
9. The Method
10. The Unusual
11. Feelin’
12. Man’s World
13. Static
14. Dante
15. Black Cloud (Outro)


L*Roneous is back at it again.  That is he is back at twisting the english language for the listener’s amusement or amazement (which ever comes first).  I make no secret about the artists that I like and the reasons that I like them, but L*Roneous appeal should be universal.   It shouldn’t take more than a couple of listens to recognize his immense talent.

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