Interview: L*Roneous (2011)

L*Roneous blessed me with an opportunity to share a part of his journey both musically and personally.  L*Roneous has been someone I respect more so as a fan than any other role I play.  He was putting out music at a time in my life when perhaps it mattered most.  His intelligence, voice, and consciousness resonate with me today in both former and current projects.  I hope you all get an opportunity to listen to this emcee’s exceptional talent through his equally important message.  I recently reviewed his latest album, Notes Of The Righteous Outlaw, and it certainly is one of the best 2011 has to offer.  This interview has been a long time coming, so without further ado…

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L*Roneous – Notes Of The Righteous Outlaw (2011)

Artist: L*Roneous

Album:  Notes Of The Righteous Outlaw

Source: Itunes


  1. The Notes (ft. DJ Cue) (Prod. By Gennessee)
  2. Outlaw (ft. Haze Of 40 Love) (Prod. By Miko)
  3. My Name (Prod. By Rick D)
  4. The Message (Prod. By Essence)
  5. Full Metal (ft. DJ Bizkid) ( Prod. By Russel Fong)
  6. Saks Piff Avenue (ft. Great Muta) (Prod. By Freshchuck)
  7. The Sound Of Color (ft. DJ Troubleman) (Prod. By Def-1)
  8. Happiness (ft. Gigio) (Prod. By Dren Doh)
  9. Gas (ft. Spank Pops) (Prod. By All_Key)
  10. Righteous (Prod. By Def-1)
  11. No Titulo (Prod. By Equal)
  12. Complexity (Prod. By Static Elastic)
  13. Ducking The Dogs (ft. Flight27) (Prod. By Static Elastic)
  14. Evrybody (ft. Subverse and Equipto) (Prod. By Cozmo)
  15. Beat Sing (Prod. By Scienz)
  16. Fade Away (Prod. By Russel Fong)


You need this in your life.  You need to listen to this release right now!  Is that direct enough?   This is one of those albums that has massive replay value.  I could listen to it again and again.  There are no weak tracks and there are certainly some bangers.  Lyrically, L*Roneous  has complex and sometimes abstract wordplay, with  a lot of message to back it up.

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