L*Roneous and Gennessee are indeed Double Life. And if you’ve been listening to independent hip hop for as long as i have, you are probably going to recognize the name. These artists were at the forefront of music scene we see today…they released their vinyl single, Revolutions, in 1997. That was literally at the precipice of the independent movement as I know it. But as it looks now, Double Life stands the test of time. These guys sound brilliant together. L*Roneous captivates me with his wordplay every time and I stay waiting for him to drop some new music. He is simply unique and his style stands out effortlessly. And Gennessee has a more raw delivery and owns his sixteens from beginning to end. The two sounds really nice together.

To be honest….I couldn’t even make it passed the third cut on the album before I was determined to make this post. This isn’t just good…this is superior music. I am not sure how many of the songs were in the vault, or how many are new, but the energy and quality are on full display. Check out the album, SHANTARAM, and peep the cut, Return Of The Kings, below….you will NOT regret this recommendation.

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