Check The Discography: Has-Lo

It’s time to feature another artist’s discography and who better to showcase this month, other than Has-Lo?

In my mind, it’s originality and his introspective nature that allows people to connect to Has-Lo’s music but what people may not know is how much music the man has available.  You can find these releases strewn across the web (most of them on his bandcamp site) but I thought I would showcase his body of work here for you to easily check them out.

Also, many may know Has-Lo as the accomplished emcee but may not be aware of his various production credits.  Here you can listen to his original production and some of his remix work.

As is always the case with these ‘Discography’ posts.  I am not intending to post every track Has-Lo has ever been on, just showcasing his major works!

Some of the releases below are are offered for FREE download and others are purchasable.  Bottom line is support an artist like Has-Lo who really embodies the spirit of what hip hop is all about.  Also feel free to connect with Has-Lo his social networking sites:

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Zilla Rocca – Full Spectrum 2 (ft. Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle) (Video)

I was just commenting last week on innovative Zilla Rocca and Has-Lo are on the mic device.  They aren’t typical or standard and they continue to push the art forward.  You add Open Mic Eagle to this track and it just becomes downright revolutionary.  This my friends is the intricacies of concept and the human language.  Enjoy…

You can also check out the OG Version and the various remixes of the track by visiting HERE.

Single You Out: PremRock and Willie Green – Radio Dial Remix (ft. Has Lo)

Here is the first single off of PremRock and Willie Green’s remix album entitled PremRock & Willie Green: ReassembledThe original album made my Top 10 Albums Of 2011 list and I am thinking the ‘rearranged’ version of the album has the same potential. The remix here is done by Blockhead.  This sounds a little more upbeat than the original version.  I could almost tell this was a Blockhead production without seeing the credits.  I really like this version. It’s a fun joint.  The remix album drops March12th.

PremRock & Willie Green – Self-Titled (2011)

Artist: PremRock & Willie Green

Album: Self-Titled

Source: Artist


1. You Love My Intro (ft. DJ Addikt)
2. Diary Of A Dreamer
3. How’d You Get So Fresh (ft. DJ Addikt)
4. Had To Be Me (ft. C-Rayz Walz, Soul Khan, DJ Addikt)
5. The Sound
6. Move
7. Kill Your Idols
8. Jogger (ft. Open Mike Eagle)
9. Johnny Rotten (ft. DJ Addikt)
10. Radio Dial (ft. Has-Lo)
11. You Can’t Go Home Again


Yeah, I am feeling this album from PremRock and Willie Green.  My first impression from the album was how well produced it was.  There is such diversity in rhythm, sound, and tempo that the album always had my attention which was of course helped by the fact there was only eleven tracks on the effort (which I like).  The album also flowed very well for being so diverse.

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Single You Out: P.L.O. – The Heat (American Language Remix) ft. Has-Lo, Zilla Rocca, and Curly Castro

The Heat (American Language Remix) Cover Art

I am still getting caught up and a lot of dope music that was in my inbox when I was without a computer and fixing my music library.  This maybe the illest track that I missed out on.  This is several weeks old and probably made it’s rounds on the blogs already, but that’s not the point.  It really deserves some shine.  This is a remix to an overseas project and is being used to showcase some of the talent that the US has.  It serves as an ode to the Smoothe Da Hustler and Trigga Da Gambler 1990s classic, Broken Language.

I for one think they did a great job.  The beat is ill and the wordplay and chemistry between the three emcees is second to none.  Zilla Rocca is one of my personal favorites, but Has-Lo and Curly Castro are really equal to the task.  They each drop dope lines over and over again.  Too many in fact to mention, but a big shout out for the “Billy Baldwin” line.  That was funny.  Check it out below and look for these artists’ material.  They have plenty of material out there.