It’s time to feature another artist’s discography and who better to showcase this month, other than Has-Lo?

In my mind, it’s originality and his introspective nature that allows people to connect to Has-Lo’s music but what people may not know is how much music the man has available.  You can find these releases strewn across the web (most of them on his bandcamp site) but I thought I would showcase his body of work here for you to easily check them out.

Also, many may know Has-Lo as the accomplished emcee but may not be aware of his various production credits.  Here you can listen to his original production and some of his remix work.

As is always the case with these ‘Discography’ posts.  I am not intending to post every track Has-Lo has ever been on, just showcasing his major works!

Some of the releases below are are offered for FREE download and others are purchasable.  Bottom line is support an artist like Has-Lo who really embodies the spirit of what hip hop is all about.  Also feel free to connect with Has-Lo his social networking sites:

Tumblr         Twitter        Facebook

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