Single You Out: Starvin B – Hazard Lane (ft Tesla’s Ghost) (prod EyeDee)

More Starvin B’? Yes sir! I honestly can’t get enough of his music. This track has a grimy yet haunting vibe to it, while Starvin’ kills it yet again bar by bar. I just need another album at this point. Production comes courtesy of Eyedee.


M-Dot – Chrissy (Video)

There are no shortage of dope songs off of M-Dot’s album, egO anD The eneMy. But there are also no shortage of powerful songs either, and that’s what we have here with M-Dot’s latest video single, Chrissy.

M-Dot narrates the story of young woman’s life that goes spiraling out of control to a very tragic ending. It’s a difficult story to watch for some, because someone you know may have wrong-routed like this. It’s deep and personal and sure to heighten emotion.

Hex One – Peep The Steeze (ft. Skyzoo) (Video)

If you aren’t feeling this…don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. Hex One and Skyzoo are serving up a delicious meal of verses over some neck snapping drums from Planet Ragtime.

His new album, Words Worth a Thousand Pictures, is dropping in a couple of weeks, and by all accounts, this will be a must have.

Single You Out: Blak Flag – They Don’t Know

You can ABSOLUTELY bet that when this guy releases some music, we are going to be posting it. Blak Flag has dropped some of the hardest cutz we have heard over the course of the last couple of years. Shit just knocks. Sherm Larock is again the mastermind behind the boards.

At this point, I needed a Blak Flag album like yesterday. This track is short, sweet, and dope.

Single You Out: Kyle Hubbard – Point Of Life

I have been an avid Kyle Hubbard supporter since the beginning, and you best believe I take great pride in that fact. In my mind, he’s one of a dozen or so artists that really connects me to his music. I listen to his previous work all the time.

When you listen to a Kyle Hubbard record it’s almost like you are having a conversation with a friend, and he’s just dropping experience and life on you. You are going to hear that in this song, Point Of Life, and on his new album, All Good Things Come. I highly recommend you do yourself the service of checking it out.