Single You Out: Zaza God – Heard You (ft. Pro Dillinger & Grea8Gawd) (Prod. Irie-1)

This song is THE joint right now. Wow. I really feel this jazzy boom bap beat from Irie-1. It really hits hard, yet has a melodic appeal. Zaza God, Pro Dillinger, and Grea8gawd all drop some stellar sixteens, but the opening verse (Is this Zaza God? I am guessing so) is a superlative introduction to this artist. From the jump, after I heard him flip the word “king” I was sold.

This is flames.

Lord Juco & Finn – Gift Of Gab (Video)

Lord Juco and Finn crafted one of my favorite albums of 2021 in Details. It has such a melodic and conversational vibe and you can definitely hear that with the diner talk on Gift Of Gab.

The album is an opus to me in that it’s very unique in concept and in the talent demonstrated. I think it will stand the test of time and people will revisit this album with an “oh wow” perspective. Don’t sleep.

Planet Asia x DJ Jay-Ef – Steel Drums (prod. by Evidence) (Video)

Planet Asia and DJ Jay-Ef have a new album that dropped last week entitled, Cash Or Caskets. And we ALL know (don’t pretend) that anything Planet Asia blesses is certified material. The man has never dropped a wack bar in his life, and his presence on the mic is versatile on so many beats, this time flipping over something mellow from Evidence. This man has lyrics in abundance.

I’m too old to give a fuck about your self-centered suffering

That’s not just a bar, but a life mantra!

Double A.B. – Black Ice (ft. Eto) (Video)

So, I have been a Double A.B. fan for a while, since he was doing work with producer Dub Sonata. I think he’s incredibly talented as an emcees. Well, he’s been on hiatus from making music (at least known to me) for a few years, but he has resurfaced with a new album, Demons, that demonstrates that incredible talent to make dope art remains.

On Black Ice, he joins Eto on site in Rochester, showing that he can continue to spit that slick shit. He has a commanding voice and when paired with Eto’s distinctive verbals, you have a definite winner. Make sure you cop the album!

Ruste Juxx – But For Now (Video)

Ruste Juxx and DJ Views link up for a strong street banger, with the video single, But For Now. And Juxx always asserts a powerful mic presence no matter the beat he is riding, and he’s been doing that time and time again. The definition of ill consistency. Here DJ Views links him up with something quite heavy. Elite talent showing out in timeless fashion. I hope this is the first single for a bigger project between two.

Single You Out: Comet – Closed Door Meetings

Comet is back with a single (that I missed), Closed Door Meetings, from his upcoming album, Authentic Kloth, with production from Swab. It’s that uncut realness that we would come to expect from Comet. Dope beat, samples, scratches, along with the lyricism give this track those hardened street edges that we love here.

And actually, you can cop the CD from Bandcamp right now and this will hit DSPs in about a week.

Single You Out: Planet Asia & Snowgoons – Metabolism (ft. Flash (N.B.S.)

Planet Asia and The Snowgoons have an album dropping? This is the second single? Well, hell yes! Great combination. One of the best emcees to ever do it teaming up with one of the most influential production units of their time! Metabolism is more of a downtempo joint that allows the listener to focus on the wordplay of guest emcee, Flash (N.B.S.) and PA Medallions. Dope material as to be expected, and excited to see what these legends concoct by way of an album.