Single You Out: Pawz One x Shanty Gallos – Seppuku

Creative Juices seems like it is back to releasing some new music and I couldn’t be happier. This is one of my favorite labels as they always seem to innovate and blend talents so very well. And IDE is back under a new monniker, Shanty Gallos. Here he produces a dark soundscape for the talented Pawz One to spit his code of honor over.

I chose morals over money, that’s the moral of the story

Look out for more from the label, and you are defnitely going to see more of Pawz One very shortly. That guy is always working!

Recognize Ali – Why (Video)

Recognize Ali let’s the mind spray with an assortment of questions with his single, Why. Produced by DJ Malefactor, this song has a soulful vibe, but also hit’s hard, much to do with Ali striking on a lot of key points and offering thoughtful inquiries. This artist is a beast on the mic, and this is one of his best if you ask me. He keeps on impressing. This song is a major win.

You can hear this and more when his new album, Recognize Tha Light, drops on July 30th.

BP – Gunsmoke Remix (ft. RJ Payne x E Class) (Video)

BP remixes one of the best songs from last year and this one sounds just as good, with a completely new feel. The vocal sample he uses gives this track a soulful vibe along with a hard edge. And RJ Payne and E Class drops some amazing bars on this one. The flows are are sick.

And unbeknownst to me, BP, remixed the WHOLE project and I can not wait to check that out because he’s been in a league of his own as of late with his work with John Jigg$ in addition to this.

P General – Hard Hittin’ (Video)

You can not go wrong with the Bankai Fam! That’s a team that embodies what HHD is all about. And P General represents that. You’ve got some dark instrumentation to compliment the hypeness of the track. The flow is deliberate and concise, making sure you catch every point. The produciton comes from Abraham Lilson, and you can find this joint on the General’s recently released, Spawned From Legends.

Madhattan – Canal St (Video)

Madhattan is one of my favorite artists right now. I really felt his last project, Brown Water Bible, and all of his features have been on point. Here on Canal St, we get Icrerocks produced heat, while Madhattan details what the street life is like in his neighborhood.

His new album, Sink Or Swim, is out now. I have given it a couple of spins, and it’s dope from the jump to the conclusion. Make sure you check that out.

Single You Out: Whatson – Neck Tie Remix (ft. Conway x M-Dot x Nutso)

We got new flames from German producer Whatson! You have a true trifecta of emcees here with the heavily venerated Conway, coupled with the oft mention and supremely talented M-Dot, and that fire laced from the streets with Nutso. It’s a heavy banger to say the least. Different mic styles that mesh for a dramatic head nod effect. Whatson crafts a really complex and appealing beat here wielding, vocal samples along with banging snares, sublime scratches, and cascading strings.

This is not for the faint of heart.

K.A.A.N. – Decadence (Video)

K.A.A.N. is such a unique talent and I love his skill set. A unique flow, intelligent lyricism, and a diverse artistic mind when it comes to crafting songs. This track has this fun and fresh vibe to it that is sponsored by Smuff Tha Quiz. It harkens back to the sound of 1990s Souls Of Mischief or Pharcyde to me…or if you are on this level MadKap.

At any rate….I believe there is a new project from K.A.A.N. dropping on July 9th. This man is always working. Be on the look out.