Single You Out: Chase Moore – Ozark

Chase Moore is an exceptional producer. His work behind the boards has always been exceptional. But he’s not only that, he’s an accomplished emcee. I listened to his new project and found it to be a really dope listen especially when bumping in the whip. My favorite track of the project is the closing one, Ozark. So give it a listen and if you are feeling it, be sure to check the album, Sweet Aromatic.


M-Dot – Parisian Nights (prod. by DJ Brans) (Video)

M-Dot and Effiscienz?   Yes, please!   M-Dot is legit at the peak of his game and Effiscienz is THE label right now.  It has an outstanding habit of dropping outstanding albums every year.    And you know what it did a week or so ago?  It dropped the appropriate titled, Out Of Nowhere, that features some of the best doing it right now.   DJ Brans on the boards for this one which gives this cut certified status.  Enjoy the duo’s music as they run through Paris like nobody’s business.

Kyle Hubbard – Last Bow (ft. Without A Face) (Video)

Kyle Hubbard is the connector of audiences and people.   He speaks the music of the community.  Just one of my favorite artists since I have been running this site.  His music just speaks to me on that human level.    This song has that unplugged, acoustic vibe, brought to you by Without A Face (ironic, ain’t it).

At any rate, watch the video, share…and cop the album, All Good Things Come.

Single You Out: Gary Rue – Creatures Of Habit (ft. K-Beta)

Gary Rue

Yo!  I purchased this Gary Rue album, Every Shrink’s Wet Dream, and it is teetering on fantastic!  The production which is vastly handled by Sultan Mir is on point and Rue can spit some fire.  If I was to give an album, a numeric rating,  which I very well may start doing we may be looking at an 8.5 out of 10.   It’s that good.

To represent this album, I chose the cut Creatures Of Habit because not only is it a fire track that represents hip hop to the fullest, but also features K-Beta.  I love Beta.  I always have.  It’s good to hear him on the mic.

Check this album out!  It won’t disappoint!

Single You Out: Cashus King – What The World Made


I think I may have mentioned this before but Cashus King (f/k/a Co$$) is one of my favorite artists, period.  The way he weaves personality, soul, hip hop, social commentary, and a kind of spiritualtity is just something to behold.  No one is doing what he is doing with the mic.  He is in a league of his own.    All of the above qualities and skills can be found in this song, The World Made.   And that track can be found on his new project, Figure 8, which dropped last month…and dropped FREE OF CHARGE.  But be kind and drop some coin on it…I guarantee it’s worth it’s weight.

Single You Out: A.L. Laureate – A Cold Day (ft. SoulSeeker)


A.L. Laureate reached out to me a week or so ago to share his new project, Precautionary Measures with me.  What separates Laureate from the pack is that he just bends the language differently from the rest.  There’s a lot of depth in his music that may not be captured on first listen, which gives his music great replay value.  So consider his new project a break from the mundane and a neuro-stimulus package.  Enjoy…and check my favorite track from the project,  A Cold Day, featuring SoulSeeker.

Frank B. – Brooklyn Vs. All (ft. Rock) (Video)

I am late to the game with this track…very late….but I am STILL going to push it because this guy has had a song that I have listened to for years without really knowing who flipped the rhymes.  The Frank B. track was off of Shuko’s The Foundation, and called What Happened?  I listen to this track HEAVY still to this day.

And it seems like he is still bringing this type of heat to this day and will drop his WAY OVERDUE album, Let Me B Frank.  That’s due out soon…I hope.   This track features Rock and is bound to turn some heads.

Pull The The Fuckin’ Trigger – Until Its My Time To Die (prod. by Sutter Kain) (Video)

Well…well…well…DJ Bless and the team are back it again and delivering nothing but music to murk to.  This joint is more than just a little vicious.   It’s really hard to put into words a description of the production, other than it’s intense.  And that fits Donnie Darko and Appollo Valdez’s styles just fine.  It’s aggressive and a ‘take no shorts’ approach to music and I expect nothing less from this camp.

Self Titled album drops on January 15th.  You have been warned!

Single You Out: Skillz – Murda Gram

Haha.  Skillz took exception to a shot fired on Uncle Murda’s 2017 Wrap Up song and this is what happened.   It’s pretty amazing,  that Skillz doesn’t even really drop music anymore, but was able to come out and assassinate a man in a couple day’s time.

Listening to this should remind hip hop fans of two things…1) Skillz is STILL a remarkable lyricist.  2) Don’t poke a sleeping lion, cuz they are listening.