K.A.A.N – The Good Book (Video)

Good music is good music whether I noticed a month ago when it dropped, or just today. And I am big on the talent of this man, K.A.A.N. This guy has gone under your radar and has been extra prolific with his unique brand of hip hop in the last two years. He drops meaningful and introspective bars and has a unique ear for production. Exhibit A: The Good Book.

Take a listen, and check out his new album, Vivid Canvas, which is out now, among many others.

Single You Out: Memphis Reigns – Lightspeed (ft. Hypoetical)

One of my most popular posts in the decade and a half that I have been doing this blog is the interview I did with Memphis Reigns. He had such a cult following that people constantly check for him. It makes me quite proud to have been able to continue to share and showcase his talent because he is STILL making great hip hop music!

He has a recent release on Bandcamp called, The Arcade Avengers, where he uses what seems to be like old Atari sounds and uses it as the crux for this project. It’s really dope. And even though I wish the vocals were turned up a little bit on this track…Lightspeed, featuring Hypoetical is my favorite!


Homeboy Sandman – Waiting My Girl (Video)

Homeboy Sandman has one of most unique flows and styles in hip hop. His flow, voice, and cadence are easy to differentiate from his contemporaries. But what it is also easy to distinguish is his creativity, his ability to dissect topics, and his marvelous sense of humor. Waiting On My Girl is awesome on so many levels, not the least of which is how relatable to some of us it might be. And the visuals for this track are nothing short of outstanding. Another great video to showcase today. Quelle Chris on the production which again is top notch.

Check out Sandman’s new album, Don’t Feed The Monster, out now!

The Quakers – This Station (ft. Jeremiah Jae) (Video)

Came across this dope video single from The Quakers, which features the rhyme prowess of one Jeremiah Jae. First off it’s one of the most captivating animated videos I have seen a long time. The architect of this creation should be very proud. I was entranced in the visuals and the rhythm. They both went hand in hand.

I had heard of The Quakers previously but just didn’t really grasp what the project was and time didn’t allow me to check it. That’s my fault because this production sounds incredibly refreshing and provocative. It’s a step outside the norm and Jae crushes his verses by breaking and fighting the system through art.

The Quakers have a new project available on Stones Throw, Quakers II: The Next Wave. Check it out if you are feeling this!

Single You Out: Born Allah – Jabril (Let The Horns Blow) (ft. Rakaa)

Born Allah links up with Rakaa for his single, Jabril (Let The Horns Blow). And the results are powerful. Zpu-Zilla laces those heavenly horns and lets the funk go in epic fashion, while these two west coast legends let us relish in the talent, each dropping appropriately ill bars.

This is from his project, Analog Baby, that is due out on January 7th.

Single You Out: Cousin Feo x Lord Juco – Los Traficantes b​/​w Bodies In The Hudson (prod. by Big Ghost LTD)

Cousin Feo and Lord Juco get it moving again over some production from highly acclaimed beatsmith, Big Ghost LTD. And this single is billed as advertised, same dope results that you get whenever these emcees link up, with the exception that you have the genius of Big Ghost behind the boards. When you purchase this joint you get the original tracks and a remix for each. All of them equally dope. Check this out!

Single You Out: Dueling Experts – Revolve Around Sciences

Dueling Experts (Verbal Kent and Recognize Ali) are back for another round of dopeness with the impending release of their sophomore project, DE2: Sand The Floor. These artists sound really good together with commanding voices and flows. Very complimentary skill sets. And this beat by Lord Beatjitzu is incredibly strong and anchors the duo well.

Make sure you check the album when it drops on December 11th.

Wes Nihil – Catch A Body (ft. Pacewon (Outsidaz) (Video)

Damn. This joint is tough from Wes Nihil and Pacewon! Bersurke on the beat and he formulates a heater for these two emcees to exchange their sixteens over. I love the various instrumentation he is using here. Nihil and Pacewon dispense with the weaker and less talented emcees.

This cut is to be featured on Wes Nihil’s forthcoming project, The Wes Side Story which will entirely be produced by Bersurke. Check for that come December.