Single You Out: Sauce Heist & Jamal Gasol – Blood Thicker Den Water (prod. by Dirty Diggs)

Gasol Sauce

I wanted to share some of this music from the Gasol Sauce project by emcees Sauce Heist, Jamal Gasol, and producer Dirty Diggs.   I was pretty skeptical about dropping 18 bones on a project of this length.  But what the tracks lack in length, they make up for in quality.

This is really good music!  Blood Thicker Den Water is my favorite track as Diggs uses this violin sample to perfection as it wraps around and intertwines between Heist and Gasol’s tough sixteens.

I think you’ll agree with me on this one.  Check out the track and consider copping the album if you are loving.

Single You Out: Jedi Mind Tricks – You Have One Devil But Five Angels

The latest single from Jedi Mind Tricks’ forthcoming release, The Bridge & The Abyss could be their best yet.   Stoupe’s piano laced rhythm provides that dark landscape for Vinnie Paz to lace tailor-made hard bars for the occasion.

This album is shaping up to be among the hardest of the year.  Every track has been hella tough.

Def3 – El Fin Del Mundo (ft. Ramon Fernandez) (Video)

I have to tell you all that I love Def3’s 2017 album, Small World.   It really is amazing music.  It has such an easy vibe and the day this video dropped, I was actually listening to the album.

El Fin Del Mundo, if you can’t tell by the name, has a very latin flavor introduced by producer Late Night Radio.  This joint is festive and like most of the album, features introspective lyricism from Def3.  He is another artist that really can connect with listeners.

Check out this album!

Single You Out: Elucid x Dumhi – No Redemption


Elucid teams up with producer Dumhi for some jazzy boombap flavor.   The music is interesting, intelligently written and delivered,  and really just unique.  I am really enjoying this cut, as it represents something sincere and refreshing.

If you are digging this, they just released a new project entitled No Edge Ups In Uganda, that I am bound to check out in it’s entirety.

Single You Out: Blak Flag – Rainy Nights

Blak Flag

Enough already!   Someone get me a Blak Flag x Sherm Larock album…stat!!!  This is one hell of a combination any time they get together and make a record…they just don’t do it enough for my liking.  These guys have the chemistry and skill to create an AWESOME if not CLASSIC album.  The dark production and fire lyricism flow and voice make this a hell of a cut.  I could listen to this all night.

M-Dot x DJ Nelson – Tedium (prod. by Zoom and Rectape) (Video)

Well what do you know…it’s another M-Dot sighting on a dope record.  Fancy that.  As redundant as I sound, if M-Dot is a part of your project, it’s going to be good.

On Tedium, M-Dot goes in over a Zoom & Rectape production discussing the issues and circumstances in our lives that cause us to teeter on the edge.   Musically, this song has a lot going for it with snapping drums and ill scratched from DJ Nelson.  Lyrically, you know M-Dot is going to do more than just hold it down…he excels over the rhythm.

This cut can be found on Zoom & Rectape’s album, Delivery.

Nelson Dialect x Must Volkoff – Storm Boy (Video)

This song is illy of the best kind!  I am really loving the vibe.  The production from Must Volkoff is almost like taking an auditory vacation.    It lets the mind drift a little, while the lyrics from Nelson Dialect keep you guided on the journey.    It’s just beautiful hip hop being made.

Really enjoying this so I am probably going to enjoy the album Magnetism when it drops on June 22nd.

Australia representing!!!