Lord Willin x Swann – Songs From The Battlefield (2013)

Songs From The Battlefield Cover

Artist: Lord Willin x Swann

Album: Songs From The Battlefield EP


1. Emerging From The Shadows
2. Crush Crews
3. The Struggle
4. Hellbound Artists
5. Pavement Thoughts
6. The Butcher’s Hands (ft. 40 Dash 1 & Constantine The G)
7. Shark Attack
8. Across The Map
9. Bullet Tooth Tony
10. Malicious Intent (ft. Adlib)
11. Serious
12. Smashin Out (ft. NBS)
13. Sour 16


HHD is proud to premiere the new project from Lord Willin (Providence) and Swann (Toronto).  I had heard some music from Lord Willin before and I liked his style, but I was not as familiar with Swann.   When this project was presented to me with the opportunity to debut it today, I wanted to go about it cautiously. I wanted to give it a complete listen.   I only want to promote material that I can back 100%.  Well, needless to say (since you are reading this) Songs From The Battlefield has my whole-hearted endorsement.    This is a project that knocks from beginning to end that features strong production and dope cameos.  If you have enjoyed the boom-bap that I have posted here on the regular, undoubtedly, you are going to enjoy this.  (Click the link above)

Grey Sky Appeal x Qwel – Occam’s Razor (2013)


Artist:  Grey Sky Appeal x Qwel

Album: Occam’s Razor

Source: Twitter



Two notable forces have collided to provide you with the project, Occam’s Razor.  One is noted Chicago lyricist Qwel, and the other is underrated New York based group, Grey Sky Appeal. I have been a fan of both, but Grey Sky Appeal is one of those groups I wish more people knew about.  Their skill is unheralded but really merit notoriety as they can spit with the best of them and have a knack for dope production.

It seems that this project started with Qwel rocking over some unfinished beats from GSA’s producer Taj during a tour in New England.   Grey Sky Appeal then took to build upon Qwel’s work, add their verses, and finish the production to create Occam’s Razor.  It’s not your typical EP.  You are really going to have to pay attention to the intricate lyricism or these bars could easily pass you by.

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Goldini Bagwell – Secondhand Smoke (X​-​Ray EP) (2013)


Artist: Goldini Bagwell

Album: Secondhand Smoke (X-Ray EP)

Source: Artist



The most unique member of the Sandpeople crew, Goldini Bagwell, has finally released the sequel to his criminally slept on Chainsmoke album.  And while not as deep in terms of the number of tracks on the project, it’s equal in it’s artistic potency.

Once again  the production is fielded by Pmpee Beats out of Finland (I think, no for sure.   He’s from Finland).   The cohesion between producer and emcee at this point is seamless.  They now have two projects under their belts and  the two are always on time and in sync throughout the course of each song.

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Nutso – I Plead The 5th (2013)


Artist: Nutso

Album: I Plead The 5th

Source: Artist



Listen.  I am going to make this easy to understand.  If you like that raw, grimy, New York boom-bap, then Nutso is that dude.  I don’t know if there is a doper delivery in the Rotten Apple than his.  Sure there are people who have clever rhyme schemes and intricacies but when it comes to straight flow and emotion, Nutso  has got it on lock.

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Serge Severe & 5th Sequence – Boom Bap & Bars (2013)

Serge Severe & 5th Sequence - Boom Bap & Bars Vol. 1

Artist: Serge Severe & 5th Sequence

Album:  Boom Bap & Bars Vol. 1

Source: Artist


1. Strong Coffee
2. Hold It Down
3. It’s Like That
4. James Worthy
5. French Toast
6. No Love
7. Don Draper


Serge Severe is not about just sitting on one particular sound.  Over the course of the last eighteen months, Severe has solicited the talents of a variety of producers.   Boom Bap & Bars is the end result of building with the producer 5th Sequence.  The project initially comes off as perhaps jazzy and mellow but there’s also an underlying boom bap that exists in the sound.

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Al-One – Shallow Al (2013)


Artist: Al-One

Album: Shallow Al



Sandpeople in full effect today!  I copped both OnlyOne and Al-One’s projects this morning and got listen to both.  They are both very short but solid projects.  OnlyOne’s is a bit more grimey, while Al-One’s involves more debauchery.  But both are worth your loot for sure.   In particular, my favorite  off of this short project is the lead track, Walter White.  If you are going to be the boss, you’ve got to play your part and Al-One does this amply.

Give it a listen, and if you enjoy, contribute the necessary $5 and add this to your collection.  That’s exactly what I did…

OnlyOne – OnlyOne x Furtado Yuen Vol. 2 (2013)



Artist: OnlyOne

Album: OnlyOne x Furtado Yuen Vol. 2



I hate to beat a dead horse here but when are people going to fully appreciate what OnlyOne can do on the mic?  To quote from his previous project with Furtado Yuen…he’s “so professional”.  I am not going to do a full review of this EP, but I did want to let you know that it dropped and hit some highlights.

Furtado Yuen and OnlyOne have cooked up some good chemistry in the lab and it’s only natural that they breathe life into another musical endeavor.  Yuen’s style is based on a lot of electronic rhythms and bass.  It comes across really powerful with OnlyOne’s deliberate cadence and delivery.  His pen game is exceptional. I like the whole EP, but the first three cuts are the strongest with the aforementioned Monster’s Ink being the showstopper.

The project is free but if you like good music, you should contribute.  Let artists know that you appreciate their efforts.  I say drop $5 in their pockets and let them know that Hip Hop Dependency sent you.



Swerve & SYG – Pay Day EP (2013)


Artist: Swerve & SYG

Album: Pay Day EP

Source: Artist



This is a compilation of tracks from Swerve & SYG’s Pay Day series.  I am glad that they compiled this together so folks can get it all in one swoop.  I am not equipped to speak on particular songs but wanted to get this up on the site so you guys could get to it.

Hopefully you have all seen my previous posts on Swerve & SYG.  If you have then you already know how highly I think of their music.  So from here I am going to let their Press Release spell out the nuts and bolts:

The ‘Pay Day EP’ is the 3rd project released by Swerve & SYG, the previous one being only a couple months prior with Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2. The ‘Pay Day EP’ was created to wrap up a Swerve & SYG series titled ‘Pay Day’ which happen to drop on the 1st & the 15th each month. The two have been releasing solo songs alternate of each other twice a month since January of this year. They have added 3 entirely new Swerve & SYG songs as well as remixed previously released Swerve songs like ‘No Lifeguard On Duty‘ & ‘Somethings Gotta Give‘ to include SYG. Find out more info on Swerve & SYG by going to www.swerve916.com.

Note: The Pay Day EP is a “name your price” release. You can become a supporter by entering in a price of your choice or, If your price is free, simply enter 0.00 for the free download. 

Peet Caliber x LuvJonez – LoadedPencilsz (2013)


Artist: Peet Caliber x LuvJonez

Album: LoadedPenilsz

Source: TheHipHopHead



We featured Peet Caliber’s music a few months ago.  Peet let me pilfer his Soundcloud and by chance (or not) most of the tracks I picked featured production from LuvJonez.  So it’s no surprise that they release this collection of tracks and although I have heard some of the tracks it’s still nice to have them in one compilation.

If you are a fan of the raw-raw and boom bap flavors the sounds of Peet Caliber and LuvJonez will definitely appease that appetite.  Peet in particular is in the cross hairs as an emcee I know who has the certified material to continue making a splash in this industry.  Enjoy…

Supastition – The Blackboard EP (2013)


Artist: Supastition

Album: The Blackboard EP

Source: You Could See This Coming A Mile Away


1. The Blackboard (ft Faust & Shortee) (Prod. by Rik Marvel)
2. Daydream (Prod. by Veterans)
3. Indestructible (ft Faust & Shortee) (Prod. by M-phazes)
4. Rejoice (Prod. by Veterano)
5. Best Worst Day (Prod. by Dirty Art Club)
6. Yada Yada (Prod. by Marco Polo)
7. Expectations (Prod. by The Mighty DR; Scratches by Shylow)
8. Perfect World (ft Dominique) (Prod. by Croup)


I remember when I was told that Supastition was retiring as an emcee.  I was demoralized.  I thought to myself that he was a casualty of an unsupportive audience got tired of not being paid for the quality of his work.  I was fed up with “fans” of hip hop.    It was at that point that I started working more vigilantly on getting this blog started.  I wanted to promote dope hip hop artists and push the fan base to contribute to the art they so love and enjoy.  In essence Supastition is literally a major factor as to why I am typing this now.

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