Artist: Nutso

Album: I Plead The 5th

Source: Artist



Listen.  I am going to make this easy to understand.  If you like that raw, grimy, New York boom-bap, then Nutso is that dude.  I don’t know if there is a doper delivery in the Rotten Apple than his.  Sure there are people who have clever rhyme schemes and intricacies but when it comes to straight flow and emotion, Nutso  has got it on lock.

This EP is appropriately produced entirely by 5th Seal.  I had never heard of him before this but if his productions are consistently like this, we are going to be hearing a whole lot more of him on HHD after this.  He’s encapsulated the streets in the body of his production throughout the EP. Sidewalk Talk for instance brings in some deep uptempo funk which is very appropriate when you invite Wais P the pimp on the track!  This is certainly a cut you and your entourage can play on blast when you are making your way into the urban nightlife.

On Blood & Bones, Nutso and 5th Seal roll with none other than Kool G. Rap and Mic Geronimo.  And when KGR flows it’s as if he just keeps getting better with time.  His verse is just pristine.  And if Sidewalk Talk’s beat made you want to party downtown, Blood & Bones’ production will make you want to catch a body.  5th Seal uses cascading strings and horns, neck snapping drums, and expert chopping of classic hip hop samples.  This is a joint you will remember for a long time.

The coup de grace of the album is the cut PAIN.  I  just posted the video for the track last night and when watched you will have those images etched into your mind for quite some time.  The cut starts off with Nutso bringing you the story of a young girl who has a stepfather that sexually assaults her when no one is around.  She tries to tell her mother, but she doesn’t believe her.  The power in the story is the fact that things like this happen on an every day basis.  I am going to let Nutso tell it:

This is a story of a young girl that got her mind, body and soul molested by this cruel world / A child molester and pedophilers / She was ten years old poor girl couldn’t think wiser / Her step-pops’ and ex-cop that downs Budweisers /  She told her moms about it but she called her a liar /She had nobody to turn to / Her little brother don’t know what’s going on, he just turned two / Grandma died, real pops is gone /She don’t tell nobody at school, she’s ashamed, her heart’s torn / She leaves her crib every day, doesn’t want to come back / Nightmares of step-pops caressing her back / At night time ma dukes is fast asleep / She goes under the covers hoping he don’t creep / Another day of more pain  and more suffering / She wants to take her life away, she still ain’t recovering

Probably one of the powerful moments in hip hop happens on this short EP showing people that you don’t need to be emo to drop effectively powerful music.

I have listened to every project that Nutso has put out to the public in the last few years and I have to say that this is one of his brightest moments. It’s only six tracks long but every joint is an A+.  5th Seal laces his partner with banger after banger, while Nutso delivers his lines like a heavyweight prize fighter.  This is every bit the hip hop project we, as hip hop fans, need.

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